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EBOLA ZOMBIES SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/user/themrkatt420 http://youtu.be/Ot7XS8rm_rc Thursday, October 2, 2014 October 2nd, 2014 11/2/14 11/2/…


Michael Stroup says:

elleana johnson
Flu is airborne, and can transmit fast. It kills alot of people each year.
Ebola is said not to be airborne, however they brought Dr Kent brantley(s?)
into america with Ebola, and I asked “Why?”
Then a man comes to america with Ebola, and then TWO Nurses get Ebola while
wearing hazmat suits.
The one flys to Cleveland, and back to dallas while being symptomatic of
Ebola, and the CDC told her “Go ahead and fly.”
After Thomas Duncan died, I said, Others in America will catch it.(I was
Now I am saying tthat in due time they will say: “Ebola has mutated to a
SOMEWHAT Airborne form.”
Not totally like the flu, but where it can become airborne.
I stand on these comments. I think thats the way it will go down.
thanks for the cvomment.

Michael Stroup says:

Thanks for commenting!
I think like you do on this, however, I dont believe it will be a zombie
shit will go to hell within a year, but it will likely be from an ISIS
attack on american soil that starts it off.
I am in full agreement with you on the rest of it.
have Guns, have ammo, do NOT drink flouridated water, and have grounds
ready for hunting and fishing.
when shit hits the fan, those prepared will survive.
others will be in FEMA camps.
thanks again for viewing. :)
stay safe

JimmyJ2 says:

I think Ebola was created by someone, on purpose.

And its kinda creepy, that we’ve found a man, having Ebola, in Texas.

Michael Stroup says:

Kurt Smith
Ok, then if I look so bad as to not be trusted then I take it all back!
ZOMBIES ARE REAL! And Ebola is less likely to hurt people then the Flu.

Richard Gredwulf says:

marijuana. warning: Not a healthy substitute for science. 

crnlsnts says:

I’m gonna need weapons and vehicle to survive because I’m freaking the fuck
out man!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! I better sleep with one open!!!!!! OMG!!!! I
can’t calm down for a second!!!!! for cry sake!!!! 


CAN’T BE STOOPED!!!! WERE DOOMED WERE ALL DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TomnMikey says:

I honestly dont think The outbreak will reach 1.4 or whatever million
because siera Leone and the other infected countries are keeping it pretty
well contained and we will hopefully have the cure by next year

Michael Stroup says:

People were reporting this 2 months ago. and I was smoking a fat one then
Thanks for viewing

Juice says:

Geez go smoke some more pot loser dude in his 50’s. The Walking dead is
not real btw.

Battlefield Engineer says:

Amazing video great theory keep up the good work sir.

Micah Sarver says:

+Michael Stroup Have you considered that maybe the CDC is lying? I don’t
believe Ebola is in America just because they say it is, and I don’t
believe it is airborne because I highly doubt there is that many people
dead from it. I think the real agenda here is to get everyone vaccinated. I
don’t think they would use something as risky as Ebola on a massive scale
like that. More and more of us are waking up to what’s happening so maybe
this is their solution to keep us from actually taking some action. What I
believe needs to happen is for the smartest members of our cause to come up
with a plan of exactly how we can overthrow them & finally cut the head off
the snake. I’m ready to join along side you and anyone else even if it
means my death because it is for the most important thing to humanity at
this point in history. We have to put an end to this now before technology
progresses even further. We need to break free from this evil system. I
think once it gets started, more and more people will join and more will
wake up to what they can’t ignore.

Este tipo says:

Waste of time.

Sally May says:

Wait…. you can’t get Ebola unless you have sex with a person that has it,

Joshua Vaughn says:

Don’t zombies eat people? And don’t they have no heart beat 

Heri Serran says:

Bullshit PEPOLE THINK, THINK FOR A SECOND! Im just 14 and what im hearing
its BULLSHIT Humans cant just rise from the dead like “Zombies” you cant
just be walking and shit if ur hearts not working,if ur hearts dosent work,
nothing else will,this is fake shit… OR possibly its that they DID came
back from dead (somehow)but since pepole are so dumb sometimes, maybe they
thought it was a Zombie, -.- gosh pepole think

fuckXtheXsystem says:

Haha the picture you claim is an Ebola zombie is a fake. Maybe you didn’t
know that because you’re a worthless burn out, but yeah, it’s fake. Stop
scaring people with false information you tweek.

Michael Stroup says:

jasmine hernandez
WHAOO,, Calm down some.
The World is a messed up place, l’ll you that.
But, dont throw in the towel.
If you die, and I know of it, Ill name the day October, 6th after you. :)
Everything will be ok.

Kevin S says:

I agree that this isn’t the kind of virus that is spread only by contact
with bodily fluids. This HAS to be a mutated form that is transmitted by
air. I feel it’s just one more part of the U.N.’s Agenda 21, part of which
calls for reducing the entire human population to 500 Million – Worldwide.
And, if this turns out to be a bust, like Swine Flu and SARS, the
government Frankensteins will put their noses to the grindstones and come
up with something nastier. Eventually, those demons WILL come up with the
virus they’re looking for.
My thinking is that Big Brother’s mad scientists either have or will soon
have a mutated form of Rabies that can (and likely WILL) be included in
some vaccine that will be given to everyone, literally at gunpoint. The
excuse will be that it’s for our own good. Now, for those who’ve never seen
an animal with Rabies, I’ll describe it. The animal behaves almost EXACTLY
like the Zombies in movies, except they move much faster. Humans will
behave in the same manner. So, if you put Rabies in a “vaccine”, make it
mandatory for the sheeple to take it, wait a couple weeks, then it’s ZOMBIE
Don’t anyone try to tell me that Big Brother wouldn’t do it. The Government
has done other things just as vile.

Javier187 says:

Fuck. I live in Dallas Texas. Why the fuck would they allow someone with a
highly contagious and dangerous disease into a well populated city? Can’t
they help them on a island or someone like that? I’m not trying to be rude
but if an outbreak happened in the USA than we’re all fucked. 

Cherokee Joe says:

haha king tut my dad cracks up at that song, miss old school Steve Martin

Richard Mcginnis says:

my god!!! i haven’t heard king tut in forever thanks. and by the way i
think you are 110% right on the subject of them wanting it here and wanting
us scared it is going to make a lot of people want to kill just “because he
looked sick”

Marti woodchip says:

Dude you really need to stop smoking so much dope because it certainly is
not improving your I.Q. which appears to be rather low as is…..maybe
equal to a 1st grader…..if that?.


Ebola Zombies?
u r an uneducated high old ass nigga

Drigo001 says:

RFID CHIPS will be used to keep people artificially alive even though
they’re dead. Therefore, a “zombie apocalypse” is certainly feasible. The
mark of the beast will promise people artificial eternal life. Th scary
part is that the technology already exists. Those whose names are not
written in the lamb’s book of life will be zombies.

EpicGamer Hd says:

By the way, you don’t need to thank everyone for commenting you dumbass

ben needle says:

Total bullshit. This idiot is such a dumbfuck. He’ll believe anything.
There are no zombies. If he knew anything about ebola, he would’ve known
that is one of the “stage two” symptoms. Anyone who thinks this is a hoax,
I would like to see you bitches go liberia, and go see for yourself. Maybe
if anyone bad two fucking brain cells, they would know that 1.3 million
people infected in africa is not a lie. Whoever made this fucking video,
way to fucking go, you dumbfuck. Not 1 legitimate fact. Its idiots like you
who are the reason that it is so severe. Spreading lies to curb donations
and volunteers. Congradu-fucking-lations.

Michael Stroup says:

Amanda Grace
He flew in from Liberia.
Thats where they have the large Ebola epidemic.
And he had ebola.

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