Ebola: What it is and how to avoid it

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Over 3,400 people have died as a result of the ongoing Ebola outbreak, according to the World Health Organization. With the virus now spreading to more countries, including the US, many are searching for answers about how the disease works and just how deadly it is. RT’s Manila Chan offers a primer on the potentially deadly virus and what can be done to avoid it.

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Rookie says:

NUKE AFRICA its the only way

Also every other country that has it…
Its the only way

Roaster From hell says:

Wow iam of to mars please NASA get me out of whis world for ever

Arturo Castro says:

Talk about paranoia :/ 

Addie Hildebrand says:

The most appropriate way to avoid it is to close borders, because we have too much illegal immigrants coming here.. and to stop selectively giving vaccine to infected Americans. It's not a good way to prevent the Ebola outbreak.

YouMockMe says:

1:22 …does anyone know what those types of hoods are called?

Sharkie Holland says:

Sweating, fatigue, headaches, vomiting and diarrhea, I have that too this morning. Possible I came into contact with too much of Jack Daniels fluids…
Hi mom

Monsterbaby says:

Then why have so many doctors contracted the virus using the proper clothing and techniques? Some one with Ebola sneezes people inhale it and now they get it.
Have you ever saw someone sneeze with a bright light behind them? It's incredible how much moisture get aerosolized during a sneeze. And that just what you an see, I'm sure it's much worse on a microscopic level.

CogitoErgoCogitoSum says:

Why dont we call in more NSA and TSA agents to gang rape us in airports. That looks like RT America's solution.

newlistenerguy says:

Uh, why not stop all civilian passage to and from Liberia?

TwisterChrisable says:

Colloidal silver is good against it

harveybirdmannequin says:

People freaking out over ebola really are dupes. What is Murica's response to ebola? Send soldiers to Africa where there is ebola. First, I know Muricans love guns and all but do guns kill ebola?
Second, if ebola is so infectious and contagious why are you sending soldiers to African countries with ebola? Those soldiers are going to have to come back at some point so won't they be infected? They evacuated soldiers from Japan because of Fukushima.
So yes you are all a bunch of idiots.

Brulluhman says:

Don't touch African.
Safety comes… 
Better safe than… touching African. 

Briony Troxel says:

Soon all of our problems will be over. Ebola is a blessing.

Money Mac says:

Coughing and sneezing can transmit Ebola…also touching something an infected person has touched…the media is lying to you

vladimer1991 says:

We should trains wolves to keep them at airports and have the find any diseased person trying to leave the shit hole we call Africa, wolves r designed to detects the diseased

Bigsteelguy4 says:

It's all staged, don't believe the Ebola scare BULLSHIT!

GMS Rouse Him Up says:

mahaaaahaha you people are gonna die

Mark Kempton says:

So I shouldn't get pregnant during the ebola outbreak? Good to know….

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