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Ebola: What IS Terrifying | Ebola Videos

Ebola: What IS Terrifying

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In which John discusses the ebola outbreaks in the United States, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, and how best to deal with them. Sources and res…

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Ashley Meijer says:

I find that people are joking about this way too much as well. There’s this
kid at my school who is always running through halls and the cafeteria
screaming “I have Ebola!” And it bothers me that people are able to joke
about something so terrible, that isn’t even affecting us much. (Meaning,
we aren’t getting it) there are also people who say that they aren’t going
to use public bathrooms or anything because they are scared of Ebola. As
far as I know, there is no Ebola in Canada.

Shangori says:

Interesting question rises from your last statement, John:

Should we, or should we not enforce vaccinations? Do we allow some people
to opt out because of religious views or should we put our foot down for
the benefit of the health of everyone?

I personally say: yes enforce it.

FarFromFilm says:

Would anyone want to be friends? I want to make friends all over the world,
where are you from? I’m from England :)

Adam the Alien says:

Sometimes I wonder what percentage of Vlogbrothers videos (and perhaps even
Green brothers videos on other, related channels) are themed around the
lesson of “We are all one people; there is no us and them, only us.”

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It’s a great lesson that needs constant
reinforcement, as evidenced by the fact that many people still need to
learn it. And I think it’s a lesson that ultimately constitutes a
cornerstone of what Nerdfighteria should always strive to be, to live, and
to exemplify to others.

Saiar Ahmed says:

Wait im kinda sure ebola hasnt come yet in bangladesh…….
Btw…..(for the bangladeshis out there YAY ei beta bangladesher nam at
least to bolse AMRA FAMOUS!!!!!!)

vlogbrothers says:

In which +John Green discusses the ebola outbreaks in the United States,
Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, and how best to deal with them.
Sources and resources below:

This Economist story is a great introduction to where we stand with the

The WHO’s weekly situation report update:

Interview with Bill Gates I paraphrased:

Oxfam expresses concern that ebola could be “the definitive humanitarian
disaster of our generation.”

John Green says:

A new +vlogbrothers video: Ebola IS terrifying Ebola: What IS Terrifying

Jake Bolton says:

If only there were more people like you in the media John. Or like, actual
scientists that know what they are talking about.


If infection could surpass 50,000 cases per week why is money even an
issue? Just make the fucking beds and treat the patients and stop whining
about paying eachother with stuff that may have no value in the future,
surely saving the population of earth is more important than that Chevy
dream car that one health worker is saving up for…
This comment brought to you by A random guy on the toilet.

Nick condo says:

I can’t wait for the day people stop talking about it, including the
vlogbrothers. We get it, it’s bad, it kills. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT
ALREADY! With a million and a half things we could change in the world,
Ebola and another thing I won’t bring up are at the bottom of the list

TheNameNerd says:

What frustrates me the most is that our first reaction was “Oh no! Save the
50 people in my inner social circle!”, not “Oh no! Let’s help the thousands
of people in West Africa!” We are so incredibly selfish.

LeGioNoFZioN says:

closing borders is a rational response to this kind of an outbreak. this
is one of the tools employed by Senegal and Nigeria to eliminate their
outbreak. Many African countries have bans on travel from affected
countries. Even in the West Indies Jamaica, T&T, St Kitts & Nevis, and St
Lucia have limited bans in effect with stronger bans proposed in their
respective governing bodies. If America closed its borders to commercial
travel from affected countries, it could divert is resources from preparing
for an outbreak in the US, and instead bolster the efforts to control the
epidemic where it is worst.

EmoRainbow says:

I know it’s kind of irrational because there’s no Ebola in Canada and the
Ebola in the USA is very under control, but I’m still terrified. I know all
the facts that are supposed to be reassuring (ie that you can only get it
from repeated exposure to bodily fluids from someone who has Ebola, that
the survival rate in the US is around 80%, etc), but it really doesn’t help
me much. One of my friends kept talking about how terrible Ebola is during
English, and I kept telling her it bothered me, and she kept talking about
it, and I had to literally yell at her in the middle of class to get her to
stop. I especially worried that it will spread either to California (where
I’m going on a school trip this spring) or to Canada. I get the whole
“cutting off places effected by Ebola will just cause more Ebola” thing,
but part or me is still like “why can’t we just not let anyone into North
America who has been to Africa or had other exposure to Ebola?”

Ruth Calendar says:

I had to listen to a report my idiot ethnocentrist classmate gave today on
current events and Ebola and why we should just cut ourselves (Americans)
off from going to Africa. As in, the entirety of Africa. Finally I had to
raise my hand and point out to him that Africa is NOT a country, it is a
continent, and that the whole of Africa is NOT riddled with Ebola. Even
more importantly, cutting ourselves off from the problem or hiding under a
blanket isn’t going to make the problem go away. My classmate just didn’t
get it. *sigh* In other news, he’s also against the marriage equality laws
that were recently passed in six states. And the problems in Ferguson
apparently aren’t a product of racism. *repeated violent headdesk*

Paige Winter says:

I’m calling BS on Ebola. Until I get it, then I’ll believe all the hype
that “Ebola is real” music. There’s a lot more going on in west africa that
isn’t widely known. Like how those publicly shown in videos to have ebola
(some) are later shown walking away with money in their hands.
If anyone stops for a few seconds and turn off the TV and take a moment to
dig deeper into the inter webs, there is a lot that can be found that makes
one suspicious.
I also like to know why there’s already a vaccine for Ebola and undergoing
human trials in Canada.


shivore says:

So your reasoning why not putting travel limitations in place for private
individuals from infected countries isn’t unbelievably stupid is… we
don’t want to impact industry. By placing limitations on individuals.

I’m sorry John, your liberal is showing. It’s okay, you just have to
realize that you don’t have to back up Obama’s terrible policies.

Abby Rosenberg says:

Watching this suddenly reminded me how we are making the history, this like
this can be in text books as it spreads, seeming how we can compare it to
the outbreak of polio. That history is being made. I don’t know what
overcome me, but it’s a nice thought

Mary Pilkinton says:

I am so sad that Australia is dealing with this issue so unmercifully. An
Australian nurse went to help with the effort and came back with Ebola
symptoms. It caused a fair bit of panic but it was quickly discovered that
she in fact did not have Ebola. That didn’t stop one of our ministers
calling her selfish (yes, SELFISH) for going to this part of the world to
assist and then return home. Meanwhile our government is doing hardly
anything to help the effort. Well done Australia, abusing our power as a
wealthy western country once again. 

Will Clow says:

John you’re lookin’ great with that beard… Do it for Wheezy.

Lumpyrox says:

I’m curious. If someone dies from ebola, is their body still contagious or
does it die with them?

Anne Warke says:

Did not know I came to this video so early. I have been discussing Ebola
with my brother and he told me it is a much different beast from malaria
and AIDS in that, to be contained, it requires complete isolation and
quarantine of the patient. The only reason it’s not working in the US is
because nurses are not quarantining effectively.

Elizabeth D says:

I’m dealing with illness right now, I’m not sure what it is, but the “She
has ebola” joke is getting really old. It’s rough enough dealing with this,
but having that added joke on top of it is really sucky.

Chris Were Digital says:

I don’t know if I’d use Argentinian beef as an example of a benefit of
globalisation. It’s neither high-quality nor good for the environment.

Rebbecca Robertson says:

you hacked my account

Chloe Donald says:

Would anyone want to be friends? I want to make friends all over the world,
where are you from? I’m from Scotland :)

Space1258 says:

My teacher call a girl ‘ms. Ebloa’ because she kept coughing

Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer says:

Quick question if only 3 people have been infected the United States how
can the survival rate be over 80% wouldn’t it be either one third two third
or 100%

Илья Найдов says:

На самом деле причина эпидемии Эбола – полный развал системы
здравоохранения в Нигерии, Сьерра-Леоне, Гвинее и Либерии, из-за тотальной
коррупции в правительстве…

Slpk says:

“Expensive Argentinian beefs in our Big Macs…”
What a sacrilege…

Kate Gallagher says:

Nigeria only had 23 cases and has been cleared. The US get’s 3 cases and we
freak out…I get it it can be scary, but unless you are one of the health
care workers I wouldn’t freak out too much. 

Kaija Schmauss says:

THANK YOU. I get so irritated whenever people tell me we should just cut
off all African people from America because, while I get where they’re
coming from, it seems incredibly xenophobic. It’s like saying we should
have booted all the LGBT people in 70’s/80’s because that community had the
highest AIDS rate. Even worse, I’ve seen people blaming Obama for all of
this, as if he had any control over it. People are dumb.

ClemtheRanter says:

Ebola is about as terrifying as AIDS which are diseases transmitted thru
bodily fluids. A person is more likely to die from a drunk driver than
Ebola. Real talk.

Daniel Mongan says:

Remember when swine flu was a thing?

Maria Styles says:

I’m actually terrified

Super Saiyan Kirby says:

I just want to make sure: How do you even get Ebola?

sarahimaggi says:

Hi I know this might be weird but I really hope you can help us just by (if
you can) talking about what´s going on in my country (Mexico). As you might
know the 26th of September mexican police disappeared 43 students and
killed 6 more in Ayotzinapa, well it´s been almost a month and
“authorities” haven´t found them, Well, how can you help us? I know that
the government wants to give an image of control, specially to other
countries, to let them know that they´re working in the case of Ayotzinapa,
and that this is their first priority but we all know that they´re full of
lies. Please I know that you can reach a lot of people not only from USA
but from a lot of parts of the world, please just take a little bit of time
to talk about this masacre, we as mexicans have had enough of the
repression and of the bad government. So PLEASE HELP US to let the world
know what´s going on here. Thanks a lot for reading this 

Joey S says:

How can you not be worried Nigeria dealt better with its outbreak of ebola
than America did. America’s response was piss poor at best. People in
America are not taking it seriously there have been countless cockups in
procedures and protocol. I think it will reach America and the UK soon and
at least to begin with there will be many people infected. 

The Lone Aesir says:

I think there is a difference between the notion of “cutting those areas
off” and inhibiting civilian travel between infected areas and non-infected
areas. As we have found the biggest obstacle to containing any outbreak is
human behavior. People who violate quarantine, people who travel after
being exposed etc… I am in favor of inhibiting travel from those areas to
our country, but in the context that we also send aid to attempt to contain
at the source. After All the best defense is a good offense. 

mikey gardner says:

Who is that a picture of on the wall and what is written on His Guitar?
(The Black and White Photo to Johns left?) 

Rachel Craig says:

I there was only 3 cases of ebola in the united states then how could their
be a survival rate of 80%? the only possible numbers are 0, 33, 67, or
100%. nice math john

Lucas Martins says:

Go cuba!

GlobalTruthNet says:

+vlogbrothers I know that this may be a bit of a grey area in terms of
validity, but I’ve seen a few google hits on some potentially bothering
ebola articles that I would love to get you guys’ opinion on. There’s some
people quoting a NIH study done some years ago that supposedly proved that
scientists we able to cultivate an airborne version of the ebola virus in
low temperature arid atmosphere, and that the reason ebola hasn’t evolved
towards this improvement is the hot climate in Africa. Then I see
fear-driving posts from media like ‘InfoWars’ that Ebola has been evolving
faster as it spreads through different climates.. Personally I think
something like this is a little unbelievable, but for some reason I have
memories of hearing this in class some years ago as to the reason ebola has
been stagnant in Africa cultures.
I would love a reply to myth-bust this and find the pieces of truth to this

Inucat says:

Can’t we, as the nerdfighter community, do something to help? Just remember
how much money we got together for water.org and the planes we chartered
for Haiti.

Kinan Radaideh says:

is there ebola in Dubai?

BF4_Beast27 says:

What’s actually terrifying is that the media will overreact to things like
Ebola and make it seem like it will be as bad as small pox and other
plagues that have wiped out thousands of people. Like when everyone was
freaking out about that one person that came back to life after they
supposedly died from Ebola, and they thought the zombie apocalypse was

John Raymond says:

learn from this? I think that unlikely. Have you seen any unhelpful
politicization of this outbreak? Have you heard anti-vaxxers thinking we
should work towards a vaccination? Fat chance. This country rarely learns
from its mistakes…and in fact seems to unlearn from its successes.

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