Ebola – What is it?

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Ebola is a serious viral illness with a very high death rate. Since its discovery in 1976 there have been over 20 Ebola outbreaks in Africa. However, the one currently affecting the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has been the largest outbreak ever.
This video is an overview of the virus and the disease it causes.

More information about Ebola virus is available on these websites:


Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only and you should talk to a health professional for specific health advice. Given the volume and changing nature of the evidence, information may not be complete, accurate or up to date.


Jjaro V says:

CDC also said it was air borne… then they removed it after an order from the administration, because christmas was coming up they wdidnt want people to stay inside and them not get their money…. why would ebola need hazmat suits that are required for Tuberculosis (air borne) makes you wonder. we all know the news is not a good source for "truth" or actual happenings. do your own research, someone saved that cdc article, go look for it! reddit id say is the best bet´╗┐

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