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Ebola Vs. HIV | Ebola Videos

Ebola Vs. HIV

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Welcome to Gleanix! My goal is to help you learn more about the universe around you, bit by bit. The topic of discussion today is VIRUSES. Which is more deadly? HIV or Ebola? Places to donate……

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The Anonymous Sexual Redditor says:

How in the fuck do you only have 150 subs?????? You’re channel is awesome!

James Smith says:

Oh John! You’re just my type!

Nick Sketch says:

Great job educating, then correlating the material to real life. After
viewing, I feel like I now have an opinion on a subject I was entirely
unaware of. Phenomenal presentation. I love you.

cooljgb says:

Great video man. My constructive criticism: Your use of the concept of one
virus being “worse” was a bit confusing. I think that summing it up at the
end by saying which one is worse in human terms, and which one is
worse/better in viral terms would clear things up and add a little more
continuity to the video. Also, I agree with you that people seem to be way
too concerned with ebola compared to HIV, but you are sort of leaving out
the whole HIV/AIDS awareness thing that started in the 1980s. I think a
short mention of the history of AIDS awareness would add to that section
and the video as a whole. Great job though, and I look forward to more of
your videos!

9beccabrown9 says:

Great video, John! Very informative. You’re also completely right. I know
see how crazy and terrible HIV is. It’s a shame that people are more upset
about Ebola rather than a virus such as HIV. They’re both bad, but if HIV
got the same attention as Ebola has in recent times, then we could be
closer to findings better way to fight it. Once again, great video and we
are all looking forward to the next one!

Lorenzo Mazzon says:

Loved it! very dramatic and I liked the drawings! 😛
If your ever stuck for a topic, I’m always intrigued by new unconfirmed
scientific theories? maybe you could do a top 10 or something :)
just suggestions, keep on doing awesome

Hana Zener Diode says:

Another awesome video! I think I need to watch this again when I’m not as
sleepy but I was wondering when you’ll post a video again!

HomeMADe Science says:

I really hope more subscribers will be coming to your channel, because your
videos are just phenomenal! I’ve learnt more than on my biology lesson.

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