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Ebola Virus Secretly Airborne!!? U.S Government Hiding The Facts? Ebola Disease | Ebola Videos

Ebola Virus Secretly Airborne!!? U.S Government Hiding The Facts? Ebola Disease

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The Ebola virus or Ebola Disease is no joke as it is something very fatal. For those of you who do not know of Ebola it is a terrible hemorrhagic fever cause…

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Trey Lo says:

it’ll spread quickly just like the plague in europe long time ago.

Vmann12378 says:

From what i have head, that a research facility in Canada has confirmed it
was airborne. And ebola is treatable if you catch it early and take proper
fluids and medicine. The reason its and issue in Africa is because they
dont have the proper medicine and facilities to take care of it. 

Yula Know says:

unless they can market the vaccine and make a Ton of Money it will fade
away. if they Can cash in it will be Everywhere.
Maybe they will just Crash/Trash the company and its stockholders and have
No epidemic. either way they control it

DCD Chango says:

It’s like Plague Inc. all over again… But in all seriousness this is
fucking terrifying. If there’s something that throws the world into a
burning, desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland in the next 5 or so years,
this is it right here. 

Carlos Valenzuela says:

Nah they wouldn’t hide it from us, that would be, and excuse my language, a
fucking retarded thing to do, considering how deadly the desease is and how
contagious it is, they could cause a pandemic, and maybe even a desease
apocalypse. I really doubt that they are hiding it, and I hope that if they
are, that they open their eyes and see what the consequences will be.

carriellbee says:


Club Ebola: CDC Globalists caught with their UN pants down

Irene Walsh says:

I am in Atlanta and agree with you… it may be airborne. I said this back
in June based on the spread pattern, which did not seem right. Many
friends laughed that off, initially, but here we are. What is FACT, is
that droplet tranmission has been proven. (Coughing, sneezing, etc.) That
is not information being communicated to the general public. Also,
several Countries, including the US, have either “isolated” or
“quarantined” suspect cases, but are not releasing details. Nigeria seems
to be the most forth coming with information, but what they are
distributing is disturbing. Keep in mind, the Scientific Community has a
different definition of “airborne” than that of the general public. To
define the outbreak as “airborne” is possibly inaccuarte. HOWEVER, to deny
the public the information that droplet transmission (which even the CDC
has acknowledged could occur within 3 feet of TALKING to an infected
person) is heinous. Keep up with your research and continue to update!
Best to you and yours! 

Trevon Hamlin says:

I think it is airborne but they aint saying shit about it because people
would get to worried about it but i really think this is going to get out
of hand and start affecting more countries and probably even come over here
in the U.S. And cause obama or whatever government official to declare a
state of emergency which will shutdown most stores and cause people to be
scared, worried and panic all at the sametime.At the sametime we need to be
prepared for this

rockstarMileyCyrus says:

Hey TOOL why do you use a pyramid symbol??? HMM?

Sally Ann says:

Nah. Ebola originally comes from bats… it’s like the same ancestors of
rabies. It’s not airborne it can only spread by fluids. 

Raul Hernandez says:

i’m worst, for me looking at the numbers the virus outbreak is fake like
H1N1. have to wait some more time but i don’t now yet.

burnoutfan11 says:

I’ve never heard of Ebola and I hope it’s not airborne and if it is the
government better tell us it is and if it is I’m staying inside as always.


That would be like hiding the fact of HIV being airborne! I don’t think so.
It’s just bodily fluids. Everyone needs to relax.

Lisa Heinemann says:

Just the fact that itnis more virulent than aids, is reason to worry

SBliminal9 says:

lets hope its just a theory.I would not want that to be ariborne

zombiefreak935 says:

just what i needed to hear i have half of these things for a week

ellisbud222 says:

Maybe it’s the true Simian Flu…

Postal Mayhem says:

the cdc has already admitted it

look at the science and the mutations

nikkie scott says:

I believe they tested humans

Jacob Olsen says:

Dude u dont know wat ur talking bout u should prly stop this is y ppl think
this ebola virus outbreak in the us is bs 

A Bannana says:


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