Ebola virus reaches Guinea's capital Conakry

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The highly-contagious ebola virus has spread to the capital of Guinea. One person had died and another four are in quarantine in Conakry. Since the start of the year, more than 60 people in rural areas have been killed by the disease. Al Jazeera’s Erica Wood reports.


Gift Economy says:

Those who would like to be saved, need TO LEAVE big cities and GO TO ISOLATED PLACES – young families have to live for some time for to save children – do not trust their scientifics, who patented ebola and own the genom as a proprety (=bioweapon!) – you have to save yourselves alone – plant FREE fruit trees -create FREE FOOD – SHARE & GIFT – BE FREE – do not let them kill and enslave you again – you have to be sovereign and strong! Love to Africa! 

cruelfunkwallet says:

kosher dietary laws prevent this mess!

efex2007 says:

i saw a roasted bat on an "extreme eat" video and it looks like the devil.

phantomofoaktown says:

useless eaters

Duncan Pinderhughes says:

Africa needs a TOS policy for all whites. Half of their problems wouldn't exist if they did.

Ntr Htp says:

It has already been confirmed that the virus has been created in a French bio-weapon laboratory!

R Davian says:

another man made crisis. willing to bet it was purposely injected into the bats and other animals.

Ran dy says:

Let´s hope it doesn´t evolve "airborne infection" anytime soon.

anonomos says:

banned of eating bats?? lol seriously 

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