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Ebola Virus Quarantine in Liberia Sparks Unrest | Ebola Videos

Ebola Virus Quarantine in Liberia Sparks Unrest

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Liberian soldiers fired into a crowd of young men who were trying to escape a quarantined ebola-stricken neighborhood. Wednesday’s clashes reflect an emergin…

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Hunter Ziegelmann says:

West africans use to call ebola a rumor, right?

Falcon Lover says:

I think the viras would get so bad it would evolve to effect the brain
Wink wink

Cyberat Rodent says:

Ebola is a lab made virus, modified and perfected by scientists over the
last 30-40yrs. as a biological weapon. It probably has 2 strands, one
detectable one undetectable. It was released by The Bilderbergs, the
richest people in the world, to cut down the population of the globe, for
fears they are losing control and the only chance for world domination. So
far patients have reached: England, France, Austria, Germany, New Zealand,
USA, Canada. Detect a pattern yet ? If the patients died or were “cured”
the mission is still accomplished.

Jamie Bullman says:

Holy shit it’s in Ireland and it hit a place like a 15min drive from my
house :(

fEARLESS S-B says:

If there is Ebola on my side…I would never get out of my bathroom in 5

Cherie Ward says:

Be sure to understand that there are psychopath paid trolls on this comment
board spewing racial slurs trying to insite moral outrage. Dont fall for
their tricks. The ywant to incite you to revolution in your own country.
They are similar to the revolutionaries of pre communist Russia. Communism
is horrible. You dont want it in America.

John C says:

Where are the White people to blame for this?

FueledByPopSicles says:

This is getting ugly. I wonder what kind of extreme measures will be taken
next. I’m sure that the authorities in Africa know by now that this can’t
be stopped with the normal protocol. Ebola is way more contagious than the
media says. It’s being spread through contact with infected sweat. Also,
there are too many animals that can carry the disease.
Maybe it’s a good thing that mankind invented the NUKE….

Amanda Midkiff says:

It frustrates me immensely that the people of this area aren’t
understanding that the “scary men in suits taking their family members
away” are really just scientists and doctors trying to help, trying to
prevent this from spreading. It frustrates me that this will continue
killing people because many of the proper measures to take to avoid it
spreading, like the cremation of the corpses of those who died from the
disease, seeking help for those showing even mild symptoms, and avoiding
eating contaminated food are not being implemented because the people there
are scared and quite superstitious. It also upsets me that people are not
treading through these things with more tact…obviously firing into that
crowd was not an appropriate response, however, the people needed to also
understand that no one is out to get them, they’re merely trying to help
prevent this from spreading across the globe and killing more and more

I’m also unbelievable angry at my country (the US) we spend an unbelievably
large amount of money on out military, more than is necessary, we could
easily cut a percent of a military budget and use it to literally feed,
cloth, and provide clean water for the entire fucking world, and STILL have
the most powerful military in the world! But we don’t…..We throw away,
just plain out dispose of around half of what we produce agriculturally
most years…! We could provide safe food and water for these people to
prevent them from resorting to diseased food…we could fund better medical
support and better treatments….we could do so fucking much…but we

I genuinely wish this does not spread any further, and that we find a way
to stop it in it’s tracks before this turns ugly…but that requires people
to work together…and from the looks of it, that won’t be happening any
time soon.. If I believed in a god I’d be praying…but really, what kind
of an asshole of a god would create something like this? 

Tamia Rawling says:

They r never gonna get rid of ebola cuz they still eat bats n chimps and
they touch the body’s!! Also people with the virus are being looked after
by their family’s instead of getting them proper treatment so it will keep
spreading to others but i prey that it will go away and that these poor
people pull through and that they do learn their lesson. Stop eating bush

What? says:

There’s no helping these people with their backwards way of thinking. They
will continue to perish.



Sean Sutherland says:

that ‘news’ report was veritable carnival of color-coding–red with blue &
purple with yellow(the new black)

C Martel says:

Watch the Vice News report about this slum and “shit beach”. These people
can’t even dig a latrine. They shit on the beach or in the street and walk
around in it. Maybe they are waiting for a foreign aid worker to dig a
latrine for them. Ebola will become endemic in Liberia like Cholera, AIDS,
TB and every other disease spread by filth and ignorance.

RonSafreed says:

What is so pathetic is the irrational thinking of these Liberians &other
west Africans! They don’t see the extreme need for isolation & how serious
ebola can be! The fact that doctors & health care workers are being
atttacked for doing their job & some taking sick ones home? Also wanting
the dead bodies for funerals & during funerals the people lining up to
hug&kiss the dead & they cannot see how ebola from a dead person can
infect&kill them! Ebola offends the touchy/feely-kissy aspect that needs to
be put aside but it never will!!!!!

commandoslayer says:

They should take all the healthiest, well educated and civilized people of
that country put them into quarantine áreas heavily guarded with a shoot to
kill policy and let the rest of the stupid ignorant people of that country
die slowly and painfully and after that burn the dead bodies and start all

Jure Horvat says:

Is it realy that hard to breed chickens or cows.They just dont get it even
if they do stop the plague for now its going to reaper again soon
because they are going to eat the monkeys again…… 

Richard Read says:

If Ebola is such a serious problem, why doesn’t the media cover it. I Just
turned on the news, and Ferguson dominated all the major news stations. I
think if ebola was the next big pandimic, then the media would keep us up
to date. 

Boris Pleskovic says:

Always water the wrong topic, the topic is how to stop the disease, who is
to blame for the disease should be examined when the Ebola destroy. Poor
people, I’m very sorry and hard to watch ..

Tamia Rawling says:

he did not die from ebola lol. 

Curtis Neilson says:

Ebola comes from eating monkey its akin to cannibalism because monkeys are


Do you guys remember that movie where we put Scotland in like total
quartine by putting huge walls surrounding the country? If it does get out
of hand me might have to do that to places with Ebola outbreaks….

GoodieMike says:

Keep sending them aid, keep letting them breed. I’m sure within a year or
two they’ll “contribute” an airborne ebola like virus that will take out
this planet. 

Timothy Huff says:

Do ya personal believe that someone started this disease because this never
happened ever until 2014 we never heard about this disease until now
something is very strange about this very and why in africa I think someone
meant gor this to happen in my opinion people are crazy these days god help

Curtis Neilson says:

Horrible placr

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