Ebola Virus: Public Perception and Misconceptions

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All of the students enrolled in Core 1 of the McMaster Demystifying Medicine Course took part in a presentation demonstrating the various perceptions held by the public on the matter of the Ebola virus.

The topics discussed range from the pathophysiology/symptoms of Ebola to its etiology and prevention of spread. The overall presentation aims to deconstruct the misconceptions around Ebola and highlight some important facts to increase knowledge and understanding of the disease.

Students who are involved in the creation of this video include: Branson Chen, Jaipaul Dhaliwal, Pavithra Parthasarathy, Rod Rodjanapiches, Mark Tenn, Nawabzada Alam, David Hanna, Shavaiz Malik, Susie Son, Matthew Wong-Pack, Philipp Kolb, Alon Coret, Babak Nouhi, Christopher Chiang, Warren Viegas, Yalda Karimi, Vaibhav Manohar, Simranpal Dhanju, Sharnpreet Kooner and Radwa Elsharawi

About McMaster’s Demystifying Medicine Seminar Series
This series enables viewers from various backgrounds to become familiarized with current research within biomedical sciences. Presentations discuss patients, innovations in diagnosis and therapy, and many other topics relevant to current diseases. The seminars are Continuing Medical Education-accredited. For more information, please visit http://demystifyingmedicine.ca


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