Ebola Virus Outbreak,Symptoms and How to not get ebola | How to prevent Ebola from spreading

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Ebola Virus Outbreak,Symptoms and How to not get ebola | How to prevent Ebola from spreading http://youtu.be/ctXfUyKTAJs

Ebola is one of the deadiest Viruses known to man,with no Specific treatment or vaccine till today.
First identified in 1976 in Demogratic republic of Congo,the current outbreak started in Guinea in march before spreading to liberia & sierra leone
Arround 1,850 cases diagnosed since discovery
1,200 people have died
Till the day we published this video.Ebola Deaths rise to nearly 4555 as
WHO Warns Cases Will Increase to 10000 per week
Particular species of fruit bats are considered possible natural hosts for Ebola virus
Infected bats are thought to transmit the disease to Humans,or indirectly through other animals wich are hunted for their meat.
Preventative Measures :
– Stop Contact with Infected Animals & the Consumption of their meat
– Isolate the Sick
– Prompt disposal of victims’bodies
– Disinfect homes of the dead and the sick
– Protective clothing for health care workers
– Trace those who had contact with infected
Ebola is spreading faster than all the expectations.
all what we can do for now is taking preventative measures and let all the people arround us know about this virus and what we can do to prevent it .
How to prevent it from spreading?
– Avoid physical contact with people showing signs and symptoms
– Do not Shake hands with persons
showing signs of Ebola
– Keep away from bats ,monkeys,baboons,and dead animals
– Avoid eating bush meat,Cook all food very well
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Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014 – WARNING

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