Ebola virus outbreak: the impact so far in 60 seconds

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We give a definitive overview of the impact of the Ebola outbreak so far. Get the latest headlines http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ Subscribe to The Telegraph htt…


J05H-8 says:

Why don’t they burn the bodies?

saleem83 says:

I it goes airborne you better start praying

Bubba James says:

THE illuminati can’t kill the cattle off,quick enough, it was right in
front of our eyes, on the Georgia Guidestones. from 7 billion down to 500
million, the elites have to be able to control the Livestock, yes it
intentionally released on the world, with the elites having cures already
in hand, they are GODDAMN MURDERERS ,every fucking one of them, Don’t ever
forget. our whole species has been stabbed in the back, these Fuckers aint
Human to me,anymore, To hell with these luciferians, may Karma return to
them ,what they unleashed on us.

SuperNewf1 says:

Nothing in or out of west Africa. I hope Canada has enough sense to at
least quarantine anyone for 30 days after travelling there. Better still.
Don’t let them come back until the outbreak has completely stopped.

Minecraftpilot one says:

Dis is another epidemic 

MrRedskins0021 says:

I wonder which developed country is spreading the virus?


This is one scary S.O.B.

Ryazor says:

It’s nice that the UK (where i live) are taking this seriously. Always
prepare for the worst!

New Dimension says:

According to the table below, seems it’s is less spread, so, how come a
sudden outbrake? Strange isn’t it?
(numbers are as follow: Cases – Deaths – Case fatality)

Table: Chronology of previous Ebola virus disease outbreaks

Year Country Ebolavirus species Cases Deaths Case fatality
2012 Democratic Republic of Congo Bundibugyo 57 29 51%
2012 Uganda Sudan 7 4 57%
2012 Uganda Sudan 24 17 71%
2011 Uganda Sudan 1 1 100%
2008 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 32 14 44%
2007 Uganda Bundibugyo 149 37 25%
2007 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 264 187 71%
2005 Congo Zaire 12 10 83%
2004 Sudan Sudan 17 7 41%
2003 (Nov-Dec) Congo Zaire 35 29 83%
2003 (Jan-Apr) Congo Zaire 143 128 90%
2001-2002 Congo Zaire 59 44 75%
2001-2002 Gabon Zaire 65 53 82%
2000 Uganda Sudan 425 224 53%
1996 South Africa (ex-Gabon) Zaire 1 1 100%
1996 (Jul-Dec) Gabon Zaire 60 45 75%
1996 (Jan-Apr) Gabon Zaire 31 21 68%
1995 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 315 254 81%
1994 Cote d’Ivoire Taï Forest 1 0 0%
1994 Gabon Zaire 52 31 60%
1979 Sudan Sudan 34 22 65%
1977 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 1 1 100%
1976 Sudan Sudan 284 151 53%
1976 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 318 280 88%

Tommy Holiday says:

The African Government warned these people to stop eating HIV and Ebola
infected monkey meet which is called bush meet – OMG 700 people have died
in Africa let’s keep Africa in our prayers

Nicholas Ehring says:

Guys I think this is it for the World.

doug sullivan says:

These idiots should strap rockets to their backs and fly into Israel. God
bless Israel.

karmalevel says:

biblical plague

Juan Zavaleta says:

Ebola virus outbreak: the impact so far in 60 seconds

karmalevel says:

UK is cursed due to their Muslims

Durel Wiley says:

Ebola virus impact. A lot of stupid people get scared. You need a brain

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