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Ebola Virus infection | Ebola Videos

Ebola Virus infection

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Ebola Virus, Ebola Virus infection, ebola virus video, ebola virus disease, ebola virus documentary Over 90 people have died so far in West Africas Ebola outbreak, which Doctors Without Borders…

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Paper News TV says:
Lindsey harris says:

There is a cure. The two labs that found a cure for it want big money! But
our government is going to force them to make it.

Camelia Sunny says:

*Ebola and The Future Disaster*

Currently ebola is a disease that only found in animal, but now it be able
to infect humans.

And the scarier things of that, ebola disease now mutated and can be
transmitted from human to human. Until now, dostors have not found a cure
for this ebola disease. Ebola disease is currently spreading in Africa,
but it is feared that the disease could spread across the country.

And this is the future world disaster…

#ebola #ebolavirus

Rhonda clark says:

Close US border also illegals carry non drug restiant TB into USA
millions will die Democratic news will not tell you 

Hannah Tallant says:

like if you hate ebola 

john thompson says:

Fucking Africa always bringing the worse diseases and viruses to America

Ali Jaff says:

This voice reminds me of the youtuber: Pelodophian



Joshua Howard says:

Which one is it…is it air borne or not? now we have someone in
hospitals in newyork…sounds they are not sure…what do we do?

SomeTrollishGuy90 says:

Hm… What if that guy who went on the U.S Airliner with Ebola was a Spy
from some other country? Just a thought, not meant to be taken seriously.

Racbir Singh says:

information on spread is wrong, as doctors have caught it. im sure you can
catch it with being in the vicinity through the air

GCWayMusic says:

HEY!!!!how about we just kill every EBOLA patient in the world including
the animals…………………-.- i have no other idea on how to stop th

Kiara Johnson says:

Everybody listen up!!!!! That includes all race. Okay yall are saying that
black people are going to kill everyone since Ebola started in Africa? I
mean common really? Africans do not fuck animals that’s not how they got
Ebola they probably got Ebola by touching animals because I know alot of
Africans who like to touch Animals. What you people are saying about black
peoole is very cruel what do you need to hate on them for? It’s not their
fault they got it. I swear some of yall are just some racist bitches who
need help. Yall are wishing they could die.. like really are you guys gonna
wish thay on other people? Just because they got ebola? And for your
information, God is real. You guys think since ebola is spreadimg now it’s
gonna kill everybody in the entire world. Aaaah, I hardly doubt it. All of
you need to calm down & stop hating on the blacks just because they brought
it to texas I mean seriously, were all gonna die at some point in our lives
whether your ready or not. You never know it just happens,. I know this
ebola shit is scary, but it’s in texas I’m sad about the people who got
Ebola I hope they survive, but I hardly doubt it since Ebola kills you. And
if Ebola spread to any of you guys state you know what to do, buy a mask,
buy hand sanitizers, don’t touch anyone. You guys really need to stop
hating on the black for no reason it’s not their fault. Were all human
beings in this world. Racism should have stopped by now, but no its still
going on in this world. I am on the black side because I know what they
feeel many people do hate on black for no reason people are just so damn
ignorant. All I came here to say is that, there’s no need to be hating on
black just because they brought it to Texas. I understand some of you might
be mad because some of yall families live there, but please don’t hate on
the blacks. Were all human beings here no need to start World War 3.

Rico Dioquino says:

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aravindan elangovan says:

be careful guys 

tom ryan says:

Right ppl the truth about Ebola is that it is an airborne virus it travails
in pockets it the sky although they don’t last long go far they still
contaminate planes and everything 

Sergio Juarez says:

What did create Ebola

Ediz Yildiz says:

I muss better play resident evil

judy kamau says:

Pray that the spread of ebola stops and for complete healing of all who are
infected. Amen

AgentCreeperTV says:

Hey guys, feel free to use the DNA below to get the Ebola virus at home!!!
Just wait a few years until bio-printing is avalible and you’re all set!
1 cggacacaca aaaagaaaga agaattttta ggatcttttg tgtgcgaata actatgagga
61 agattaataa ttttcctctc attgaaattt atatcggaat ttaaattgaa attgttactg
121 taatcacacc tggtttgttt cagagccaca tcacaaagat agagaacaac ctaggtctcc
181 gaagggagca agggcatcag tgtgctcagt tgaaaatccc ttgtcaacac ctaggtctta
241 tcacatcaca agttccacct cagactctgc agggtgatcc aacaacctta atagaaacat
301 tattgttaaa ggacagcatt agttcacagt caaacaagca agattgagaa ttaaccttgg
361 ttttgaactt gaacacttag gggattgaag attcaacaac cctaaagctt ggggtaaaac
421 attggaaata gttaaaagac aaattgctcg gaatcacaaa attccgagta tggattctcg
481 tcctcagaaa atctggatgg cgccgagtct cactgaatct gacatggatt accacaagat
541 cttgacagca ggtctgtccg ttcaacaggg gattgttcgg caaagagtca tcccagtgta
601 tcaagtaaac aatcttgaag aaatttgcca acttatcata caggcctttg aagcaggtgt
661 tgattttcaa gagagtgcgg acagtttcct tctcatgctt tgtcttcatc atgcgtacca
721 gggagattac aaacttttct tggaaagtgg cgcagtcaag tatttggaag ggcacgggtt
781 ccgttttgaa gtcaagaagc gtgatggagt gaagcgcctt gaggaattgc tgccagcagt
841 atctagtgga aaaaacatta agagaacact tgctgccatg ccggaagagg agacaactga
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1021 gatacaatat ccaacagctt ggcaatcagt aggacacatg atggtgattt tccgtttgat
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1141 gcatgatgcc aacgatgctg tgatttcaaa ttcagtggct caagctcgtt tttcaggctt
1201 attgattgtc aaaacagtac ttgatcatat cctacaaaag acagaacgag gagttcgtct
1261 ccatcctctt gcaaggaccg ccaaggtaaa aaatgaggtg aactccttta aggctgcact
1321 cagctccctg gccaagcatg gagagtatgc tcctttcgcc cgacttttga acctttctgg
1381 agtaaataat cttgagcatg gtcttttccc tcaactatcg gcaattgcac tcggagtcgc
1441 cacagcacac gggagtaccc tcgcaggagt aaatgttgga gaacagtatc aacaactcag
1501 agaggctgcc actgaggctg agaagcaact ccaacaatat gcagagtctc gcgaacttga
1561 ccatcttgga cttgatgatc aggaaaagaa aattcttatg aacttccatc agaaaaagaa
1621 cgaaatcagc ttccagcaaa caaacgctat ggtaactcta agaaaagagc gcctggccaa
1681 gctgacagaa gctatcactg ctgcgtcact gcccaaaaca agtggacatt acgatgatga
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2161 aattaacgaa gaggcagacc cactggacga tgccgacgac gagacgtcta gccttccgcc
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2281 cgccccaccg gctcccgtat acagagatca ctctgaaaag aaagaactcc cgcaagacga
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2461 tgttttgtat tatcatatga tgaaggatga gcctgtagtt ttcagtacca gtgatggcaa
2521 agagtacacg tatccagact cccttgaaga ggaatatcca ccatggctca ctgaaaaaga
2581 ggctatgaat gaagagaata gatttgttac attggatggt caacaatttt attggccggt
2641 gatgaatcac aagaataaat tcatggcaat cctgcaacat catcagtgaa tgagcatgga
2701 acaatgggat gattcaaccg acaaatagct aacattaagt agtcaaggaa cgaaaacagg
2761 aagaattttt gatgtctaag gtgtgaatta ttatcacaat aaaagtgatt cttatttttg
2821 aatttaaagc tagcttatta ttactagccg tttttcaaag ttcaatttga gtcttaatgc
2881 aaataggcgt taagccacag ttatagccat aattgtaact caatattcta actagcgatt
2941 tatctaaatt aaattacatt atgcttttat aacttaccta ctagcctgcc caacatttac
3001 acgatcgttt tataattaag aaaaaactaa tgatgaagat taaaaccttc atcatcctta
3061 cgtcaattga attctctagc actcgaagct tattgtcttc aatgtaaaag aaaagctggt
3121 ctaacaagat gacaactaga acaaagggca ggggccatac tgcggccacg actcaaaacg
3181 acagaatgcc aggccctgag ctttcgggct ggatctctga gcagctaatg accggaagaa
3241 ttcctgtaag cgacatcttc tgtgatattg agaacaatcc aggattatgc tacgcatccc
3301 aaatgcaaca aacgaagcca aacccgaaga cgcgcaacag tcaaacccaa acggacccaa
3361 tttgcaatca tagttttgag gaggtagtac aaacattggc ttcattggct actgttgtgc
3421 aacaacaaac catcgcatca gaatcattag aacaacgcat tacgagtctt gagaatggtc
3481 taaagccagt ttatgatatg gcaaaaacaa tctcctcatt gaacagggtt tgtgctgaga
3541 tggttgcaaa atatgatctt ctggtgatga caaccggtcg ggcaacagca accgctgcgg
3601 caactgaggc ttattgggcc gaacatggtc aaccaccacc tggaccatca ctttatgaag
3661 aaagtgcgat tcggggtaag attgaatcta gagatgagac cgtccctcaa agtgttaggg
3721 aggcattcaa caatctaaac agtaccactt cactaactga ggaaaatttt gggaaacctg
3781 acatttcggc aaaggatttg agaaacatta tgtatgatca cttgcctggt tttggaactg
3841 ctttccacca attagtacaa gtgatttgta aattgggaaa agatagcaac tcattggaca
3901 tcattcatgc tgagttccag gccagcctgg ctgaaggaga ctctcctcaa tgtgccctaa
3961 ttcaaattac aaaaagagtt ccaatcttcc aagatgctgc tccacctgtc atccacatcc
4021 gctctcgagg tgacattccc cgagcttgcc agaaaagctt gcgtccagtc ccaccatcgc
4081 ccaagattga tcgaggttgg gtatgtgttt ttcagcttca agatggtaaa acacttggac
4141 tcaaaatttg agccaatctc ccttccctcc gaaagaggcg aataatagca gaggcttcaa
4201 ctgctgaact atagggtacg ttacattaat gatacacttg tgagtatcag ccctggataa
4261 tataagtcaa ttaaacgacc aagataaaat tgttcatatc tcgctagcag cttaaaatat
4321 aaatgtaata ggagctatat ctctgacagt attataatca attgttatta agtaacccaa
4381 accaaaagtg atgaagatta agaaaaacct acctcggctg agagagtgtt ttttcattaa
4441 ccttcatctt gtaaacgttg agcaaaattg ttaaaaatat gaggcgggtt atattgccta
4501 ctgctcctcc tgaatatatg gaggccatat accctgtcag gtcaaattca acaattgcta
4561 gaggtggcaa cagcaataca ggcttcctga caccggagtc agtcaatggg gacactccat
4621 cgaatccact caggccaatt gccgatgaca ccatcgacca tgccagccac acaccaggca
4681 gtgtgtcatc agcattcatc cttgaagcta tggtgaatgt catatcgggc cccaaagtgc
4741 taatgaagca aattccaatt tggcttcctc taggtgtcgc tgatcaaaag acctacagct
4801 ttgactcaac tacggccgcc atcatgcttg cttcatacac tatcacccat ttcggcaagg
4861 caaccaatcc acttgtcaga gtcaatcggc tgggtcctgg aatcccggat catcccctca
4921 ggctcctgcg aattggaaac caggctttcc tccaggagtt cgttcttccg ccagtccaac
4981 taccccagta tttcaccttt gatttgacag cactcaaact gatcacccaa ccactgcctg
5041 ctgcaacatg gaccgatgac actccaacag gatcaaatgg agcgttgcgt ccaggaattt
5101 catttcatcc aaaacttcgc cccattcttt tacccaacaa aagtgggaag aaggggaaca
5161 gtgccgatct aacatctccg gagaaaatcc aagcaataat gacttcactc caggacttta
5221 agatcgttcc aattgatcca accaaaaata tcatgggaat cgaagtgcca gaaactctgg
5281 tccacaagct gaccggtaag aaggtgactt ctaaaaatgg acaaccaatc atccctgttc
5341 ttttgccaaa gtacattggg ttggacccgg tggctccagg agacctcacc atggtaatca
5401 cacaggattg tgacacgtgt cattctcctg caagtcttcc agctgtgatt gagaagtaat
5461 tgcaataatt gactcagatc cagttttata gaatcttctc agggatagtg ataacatcta
5521 tttagtaatc cgtccattag aggagacact tttaattgat caatatacta aaggtgcttt
5581 acaccattgt cttttttctc tcctaaatgt agaacttaac aaaagactca taatatactt
5641 gtttttaaag gattgattga tgaaagatca taactaataa cattacaaat aatcctacta
5701 taatcaatac ggtgattcaa atgttaatct ttctcattgc acatactttt tgcccttatc
5761 ctcaaattgc ctgcatgctt acatctgagg atagccagtg tgacttggat tggaaatgtg
5821 gagaaaaaat cgggacccat ttctaggttg ttcacaatcc aagtacagac attgcccttc
5881 taattaagaa aaaatcggcg atgaagatta agccgacagt gagcgtaatc ttcatctctc
5941 ttagattatt tgttttccag agtaggggtc gtcaggtcct tttcaatcgt gtaaccaaaa
6001 taaactccac tagaaggata ttgtggggca acaacacaat gggcgttaca ggaatattgc
6061 agttacctcg tgatcgattc aagaggacat cattctttct ttgggtaatt atccttttcc
6121 aaagaacatt ttccatccca cttggagtca tccacaatag cacattacag gttagtgatg
6181 tcgacaaact agtttgtcgt gacaaactgt catccacaaa tcaattgaga tcagttggac
6241 tgaatctcga agggaatgga gtggcaactg acgtgccatc tgcaactaaa agatggggct
6301 tcaggtccgg tgtcccacca aaggtggtca attatgaagc tggtgaatgg gctgaaaact
6361 gctacaatct tgaaatcaaa aaacctgacg ggagtgagtg tctaccagca gcgccagacg
6421 ggattcgggg cttcccccgg tgccggtatg tgcacaaagt atcaggaacg ggaccgtgtg
6481 ccggagactt tgccttccat aaagagggtg ctttcttcct gtatgatcga cttgcttcca
6541 cagttatcta ccgaggaacg actttcgctg aaggtgtcgt tgcatttctg atactgcccc
6601 aagctaagaa ggacttcttc agctcacacc ccttgagaga gccggtcaat gcaacggagg
6661 acccgtctag tggctactat tctaccacaa ttagatatca ggctaccggt tttggaacca
6721 atgagacaga gtacttgttc gaggttgaca atttgaccta cgtccaactt gaatcaagat
6781 tcacaccaca gtttctgctc cagctgaatg agacaatata tacaagtggg aaaaggagca
6841 ataccacggg aaaactaatt tggaaggtca accccgaaat tgatacaaca atcggggagt
6901 gggccttctg ggaaactaaa aaaacctcac tagaaaaatt cgcagtgaag agttgtcttt
6961 cacagttgta tcaaacggag ccaaaaacat cagtggtcag agtccggcgc gaacttcttc
7021 cgacccaggg accaacacaa caactgaaga ccacaaaatc atggcttcag aaaattcctc
7081 tgcaatggtt caagtgcaca gtcaaggaag ggaagctgca gtgtcgcatc taacaaccct
7141 tgccacaatc tccacgagtc cccaatccct cacaaccaaa ccaggtccgg acaacagcac
7201 ccataataca cccgtgtata aacttgacat ctctgaggca actcaagttg aacaacatca
7261 ccgcagaaca gacaacgaca gcacagcctc cgacactccc tctgccacga ccgcagccgg
7321 acccccaaaa gcagagaaca ccaacacgag caagagcact gacttcctgg accccgccac
7381 cacaacaagt ccccaaaacc acagcgagac cgctggcaac aacaacactc atcaccaaga
7441 taccggagaa gagagtgcca gcagcgggaa gctaggctta attaccaata ctattgctgg
7501 agtcgcagga ctgatcacag gcgggagaag aactcgaaga gaagcaattg tcaatgctca
7561 acccaaatgc aaccctaatt tacattactg gactactcag gatgaaggtg ctgcaatcgg
7621 actggcctgg ataccatatt tcgggccagc agccgaggga atttacatag aggggctaat
7681 gcacaatcaa gatggtttaa tctgtgggtt gagacagctg gccaacgaga cgactcaagc
7741 tcttcaactg ttcctgagag ccacaactga gctacgcacc ttttcaatcc tcaaccgtaa
7801 ggcaattgat ttcttgctgc agcgatgggg cggcacatgc cacattctgg gaccggactg
7861 ctgtatcgaa ccacatgatt ggaccaagaa cataacagac aaaattgatc agattattca
7921 tgattttgtt gataaaaccc ttccggacca gggggacaat gacaattggt ggacaggatg
7981 gagacaatgg ataccggcag gtattggagt tacaggcgtt ataattgcag ttatcgcttt
8041 attctgtata tgcaaatttg tcttttagtt tttcttcaga ttgcttcatg gaaaagctca
8101 gcctcaaatc aatgaaacca ggatttaatt atatggatta cttgaatcta agattacttg
8161 acaaatgata atataataca ctggagcttt aaacatagcc aatgtgattc taactccttt
8221 aaactcacag ttaatcataa acaaggtttg acatcaatct agttatctct ttgagaatga
8281 taaacttgat gaagattaag aaaaaggtaa tctttcgatt atctttaatc ttcatccttg
8341 attctacaat catgacagtt gtctttagtg acaagggaaa gaagcctttt tattaagttg
8401 taataatcag atctgcgaac cggtagagtt tagttgcaac ctaacacaca taaagcattg
8461 gtcaaaaagt caatagaaat ttaaacagtg agtggagaca acttttaaat ggaagcttca
8521 tatgagagag gacgcccacg agctgccaga cagcattcaa gggatggaca cgaccaccat
8581 gttcgagcac gatcatcatc cagagagaat tatcgaggtg agtaccgtca atcaaggagc
8641 gcctcacaag tgcgcgttcc tactgtattt cataagaaga gagttgaacc attaacagtt
8701 cctccagcac ctaaagacat atgtccgacc ttgaaaaaag gatttttgtg tgacagtagt
8761 ttttgcaaaa aagatcacca gttggagagt ttaactgata gggaattact cctactaatc
8821 gcccgtaaga cttgtggatc agtagaacaa caattaaata taactgcacc caaggactcg
8881 cgcttagcaa atccaacggc tgatgatttc cagcaagagg aaggtccaaa aattaccttg
8941 ttgacactga tcaagacggc agaacactgg gcgagacaag acatcagaac catagaggat
9001 tcaaaattaa gagcattgtt gactctatgt gctgtgatga cgaggaaatt ctcaaaatcc
9061 cagctgagtc ttttatgtga gacacaccta aggcgcgagg ggcttgggca agatcaggca
9121 gaacccgttc tcgaagtata tcaacgatta cacagtgata aaggaggcag ttttgaagct
9181 gcactatggc aacaatggga ccgacaatcc ctaattatgt ttatcactgc attcttgaat
9241 attgctctcc agttaccgtg tgaaagttct gctgtcgttg tttcagggtt aagaacattg
9301 gttcctcaat cagataatga ggaagcttca accaacccgg ggacatgctc atggtctgat
9361 gagggtaccc cttaataagg ctgactaaaa cactatataa ccttctactt gatcacaata
9421 ctccgtatac ctatcatcat atatttaatc aagacgatat cctttaaaac ttattcagta
9481 ctataatcac tctcgtttca aattaataag atgtgcatga ttgccctaat atatgaagag
9541 gtatgataca accctaacag tgatcaaaga aaatcataat ctcgtatcgc tcgtaatata
9601 acctgccaag catacctctt gcacaaagtg attcttgtac acaaataatg ttttactcta
9661 caggaggtag caacgatcca tcccatcaaa aaataagtat ttcatgactt actaatgatc
9721 tcttaaaata ttaagaaaaa ctgacggaac ataaattctt tatgcttcaa gctgtggagg
9781 aggtgtttgg tattggctat tgttatatta caatcaataa caagcttgta aaaatattgt
9841 tcttgtttca agaggtagat tgtgaccgga aatgctaaac taatgatgaa gattaatgcg
9901 gaggtctgat aagaataaac cttattattc agattaggcc ccaagaggca ttcttcatct
9961 ccttttagca aagtactatt tcagggtagt ccaattagtg gcacgtcttt tagctgtata
10021 tcagtcgccc ctgagatacg ccacaaaagt gtctctaagc taaattggtc tgtacacatc
10081 ccatacattg tattaggggc aataatatct aattgaactt agccgtttaa aatttagtgc
10141 ataaatctgg gctaacacca ccaggtcaac tccattggct gaaaagaagc ttacctacaa
10201 cgaacatcac tttgagcgcc ctcacaatta aaaaatagga acgtcgttcc aacaatcgag
10261 cgcaaggttt caaggttgaa ctgagagtgt ctagacaaca aaatattgat actccagaca
10321 ccaagcaaga cctgagaaaa aaccatggct aaagctacgg gacgatacaa tctaatatcg
10381 cccaaaaagg acctggagaa aggggttgtc ttaagcgacc tctgtaactt cttagttagc
10441 caaactattc aggggtggaa ggtttattgg gctggtattg agtttgatgt gactcacaaa
10501 ggaatggccc tattgcatag actgaaaact aatgactttg cccctgcatg gtcaatgaca
10561 aggaatctct ttcctcattt atttcaaaat ccgaattcca caattgaatc accgctgtgg
10621 gcattgagag tcatccttgc agcagggata caggaccagc tgattgacca gtctttgatt
10681 gaacccttag caggagccct tggtctgatc tctgattggc tgctaacaac caacactaac
10741 catttcaaca tgcgaacaca acgtgtcaag gaacaattga gcctaaaaat gctgtcgttg
10801 attcgatcca atattctcaa gtttattaac aaattggatg ctctacatgt cgtgaactac
10861 aacggattgt tgagcagtat tgaaattgga actcaaaatc atacaatcat cataactcga
10921 actaacatgg gttttctggt ggagctccaa gaacccgaca aatcggcaat gaaccgcatg
10981 aagcctgggc cggcgaaatt ttccctcctt catgagtcca cactgaaagc atttacacaa
11041 ggatcctcga cacgaatgca aagtttgatt cttgaattta atagctctct tgctatctaa
11101 ctaaggtaga atacttcata ttgagctaac tcatatatgc tgactcaata gttatcttga
11161 catctctgct ttcataatca gatatataag cataataaat aaatactcat atttcttgat
11221 aatttgttta accacagata aatcctcact gtaagccagc ttccaagttg acacccttac
11281 aaaaaccagg actcagaatc cctcaaacaa gagattccaa gacaacatca tagaattgct
11341 ttattatatg aataagcatt ttatcaccag aaatcctata tactaaatgg ttaattgtaa
11401 ctgaacccgc aggtcacatg tgttaggttt cacagattct atatattact aactctatac
11461 tcgtaattaa cattagataa gtagattaag aaaaaagcct gaggaagatt aagaaaaact
11521 gcttattggg tctttccgtg ttttagatga agcagttgaa attcttcctc ttgatattaa
11581 atggctacac aacataccca atacccagac gctaggttat catcaccaat tgtattggac
11641 caatgtgacc tagtcactag agcttgcggg ttatattcat catactccct taatccgcaa
11701 ctacgcaact gtaaactccc gaaacatatc taccgtttga aatacgatgt aactgttacc
11761 aagttcttga gtgatgtacc agtggcgaca ttgcccatag atttcatagt cccagttctt
11821 ctcaaggcac tgtcaggcaa tggattctgt cctgttgagc cgcggtgcca acagttctta
11881 gatgaaatca ttaagtacac aatgcaagat gctctcttct tgaaatatta tctcaaaaat
11941 gtgggtgctc aagaagactg tgttgatgaa cactttcaag agaaaatctt atcttcaatt
12001 cagggcaatg aatttttaca tcaaatgttt ttctggtatg atctggctat tttaactcga
12061 aggggtagat taaatcgagg aaactctaga tcaacatggt ttgttcatga tgatttaata
12121 gacatcttag gctatgggga ctatgttttt tggaagatcc caatttcaat gttaccactg
12181 aacacacaag gaatccccca tgctgctatg gactggtatc aggcatcagt attcaaagaa
12241 gcggttcaag ggcatacaca cattgtttct gtttctactg ccgacgtctt gataatgtgc
12301 aaagatttaa ttacatgtcg attcaacaca actctaatct caaaaatagc agagattgag
12361 gatccagttt gttctgatta tcccaatttt aagattgtgt ctatgcttta ccagagcgga
12421 gattacttac tctccatatt agggtctgat gggtataaaa ttattaagtt cctcgaacca
12481 ttgtgcttgg ccaaaattca attatgctca aagtacactg agaggaaggg ccgattctta
12541 acacaaatgc atttagctgt aaatcacacc ctagaagaaa ttacagaaat gcgtgcacta
12601 aagccttcac aggctcaaaa gatccgtgaa ttccatagaa cattgataag gctggagatg
12661 acgccacaac aactttgtga gctattttcc attcaaaaac actgggggca tcctgtgcta
12721 catagtgaaa cagcaatcca aaaagttaaa aaacatgcta cggtgctaaa agcattacgc
12781 cctatagtga ttttcgagac atactgtgtt tttaaatata gtattgccaa acattatttt
12841 gatagtcaag gatcttggta cagtgttact tcagatagga atctaacacc gggtcttaat
12901 tcttatatca aaagaaatca attccctccg ttgccaatga ttaaagaact actatgggaa
12961 ttttaccacc ttgaccaccc tccacttttc tcaaccaaaa ttattagtga cttaagtatt
13021 tttataaaag acagagctac cgcagtagaa aggacatgct gggatgcagt attcgagcct
13081 aatgttctag gatataatcc acctcacaaa tttagtacta aacgtgtacc ggaacaattt
13141 ttagagcaag aaaacttttc tattgagaat gttctttcct acgcacaaaa actcgagtat
13201 ctactaccac aatatcggaa cttttctttc tcattgaaag agaaagagtt gaatgtaggt
13261 agaaccttcg gaaaattgcc ttatccgact cgcaatgttc aaacactttg tgaagctctg
13321 ttagctgatg gtcttgctaa agcatttcct agcaatatga tggtagttac ggaacgtgag
13381 caaaaagaaa gcttattgca tcaagcatca tggcaccaca caagtgatga ttttggtgaa
13441 catgccacag ttagagggag tagctttgta actgatttag agaaatacaa tcttgcattt
13501 agatatgagt ttacagcacc ttttatagaa tattgcaacc gttgctatgg tgttaagaat
13561 gtttttaatt ggatgcatta tacaatccca cagtgttata tgcatgtcag tgattattat
13621 aatccaccac ataacctcac actggagaat cgagacaacc cccccgaagg gcctagttca
13681 tacaggggtc atatgggagg gattgaagga ctgcaacaaa aactctggac aagtatttca
13741 tgtgctcaaa tttctttagt tgaaattaag actggtttta agttacgctc agctgtgatg
13801 ggtgacaatc agtgcattac tgttttatca gtcttcccct tagagactga cgcagacgag
13861 caggaacaga gcgccgaaga caatgcagcg agggtggccg ccagcctagc aaaagttaca
13921 agtgcctgtg gaatcttttt aaaacctgat gaaacatttg tacattcagg ttttatctat
13981 tttggaaaaa aacaatattt gaatggggtc caattgcctc agtcccttaa aacggctaca
14041 agaatggcac cattgtctga tgcaattttt gatgatcttc aagggaccct ggctagtata
14101 ggcactgctt ttgagcgatc catctctgag acacgacata tctttccttg caggataacc
14161 gcagctttcc atacgttttt ttcggtgaga atcttgcaat atcatcatct cgggttcaat
14221 aaaggttttg accttggaca gttaacactc ggcaaacctc tggatttcgg aacaatatca
14281 ttggcactag cggtaccgca ggtgcttgga gggttatcct tcttgaatcc tgagaaatgt
14341 ttctaccgga atctaggaga tccagttacc tcaggcttat tccagttaaa aacttatctc
14401 cgaatgattg agatggatga tttattctta cctttaattg cgaagaaccc tgggaactgc
14461 actgccattg actttgtgct aaatcctagc ggattaaatg tccctgggtc gcaagactta
14521 acttcatttc tgcgccagat tgtacgcagg accatcaccc taagtgcgaa aaacaaactt
14581 attaatacct tatttcatgc gtcagctgac ttcgaagacg aaatggtttg taaatggcta
14641 ttatcatcaa ctcctgttat gagtcgtttt gcggccgata tcttttcacg cacgccgagc
14701 gggaagcgat tgcaaattct aggatacctg gaaggaacac gcacattatt agcctctaag
14761 atcatcaaca ataatacaga gacaccggtt ttggacagac tgaggaaaat aacattgcaa
14821 aggtggagcc tatggtttag ttatcttgat cattgtgata atatcctggc ggaggcttta
14881 acccaaataa cttgcacagt tgatttagca cagattctga gggaatattc atgggctcat
14941 attttagagg gaagacctct tattggagcc acactcccat gtatgattga gcaattcaaa
15001 gtgttttggc tgaaacccta cgaacaatgt ccgcagtgtt caaatgcaaa gcaaccaggt
15061 gggaaaccat tcgtgtcagt ggcagtcaag aaacatattg ttagtgcatg gccgaacgca
15121 tcccgaataa gctggactat cggggatgga atcccataca ttggatcaag gacagaagat
15181 aagataggac aacctgctat taaaccaaaa tgtccttccg cagccttaag agaggccatt
15241 gaattggcgt cccgtttaac atgggtaact caaggcagtt cgaacagtga cttgctaata
15301 aaaccatttt tggaagcacg agtaaattta agtgttcaag aaatacttca aatgacccct
15361 tcacattact caggaaatat tgttcacagg tacaacgatc aatacagtcc tcattctttc
15421 atggccaatc gtatgagtaa ttcagcaacg cgattgattg tttctacaaa cactttaggt
15481 gagttttcag gaggtggcca gtctgcacgc gacagcaata ttattttcca gaatgttata
15541 aattatgcag ttgcactgtt cgatattaaa tttagaaaca ctgaggctac agatatccaa
15601 tataatcgtg ctcaccttca tctaactaag tgttgcaccc gggaagtacc agctcagtat
15661 ttaacataca catctacatt ggatttagat ttaacaagat accgagaaaa cgaattgatt
15721 tatgacagta atcctctaaa aggaggactc aattgcaata tctcattcga taatccattt
15781 ttccaaggta aacggctgaa cattatagaa gatgatctta ttcgactgcc tcacttatct
15841 ggatgggagc tagccaagac catcatgcaa tcaattattt cagatagcaa caattcatct
15901 acagacccaa ttagcagtgg agaaacaaga tcattcacta cccatttctt aacttatccc
15961 aagataggac ttctgtacag ttttggggcc tttgtaagtt attatcttgg caatacaatt
16021 cttcggacta agaaattaac acttgacaat tttttatatt acttaactac tcaaattcat
16081 aatctaccac atcgctcatt gcgaatactt aagccaacat tcaaacatgc aagcgttatg
16141 tcacggttaa tgagtattga tcctcatttt tctatttaca taggcggtgc tgcaggtgac
16201 agaggactct cagatgcggc caggttattt ttgagaacgt ccatttcatc ttttcttaca
16261 tttgtaaaag aatggataat taatcgcgga acaattgtcc ctttatggat agtatatccg
16321 ctagagggtc aaaacccaac acctgtgaat aattttctct atcagatcgt agaactgctg
16381 gtgcatgatt catcaagaca acaggctttt aaaactacca taagtgatca tgtacatcct
16441 cacgacaatc ttgtttacac atgtaagagt acagccagca atttcttcca tgcatcattg
16501 gcgtactgga ggagcagaca cagaaacagc aaccgaaaat acttggcaag agactcttca
16561 actggatcaa gcacaaacaa cagtgatggt catattgaga gaagtcaaga acaaaccacc
16621 agagatccac atgatggcac tgaacggaat ctagtcctac aaatgagcca tgaaataaaa
16681 agaacgacaa ttccacaaga aaacacgcac cagggtccgt cgttccagtc ctttctaagt
16741 gactctgctt gtggtacagc aaatccaaaa ctaaatttcg atcgatcgag acacaatgtg
16801 aaatttcagg atcataactc ggcatccaag agggaaggtc atcaaataat ctcacaccgt
16861 ctagtcctac ctttctttac attatctcaa gggacacgcc aattaacgtc atccaatgag
16921 tcacaaaccc aagacgagat atcaaagtac ttacggcaat tgagatccgt cattgatacc
16981 acagtttatt gtagatttac cggtatagtc tcgtccatgc attacaaact tgatgaggtc
17041 ctttgggaaa tagagagttt caagtcggct gtgacgctag cagagggaga aggtgctggt
17101 gccttactat tgattcagaa ataccaagtt aagaccttat ttttcaacac gctagctact
17161 gagtccagta tagagtcaga aatagtatca ggaatgacta ctcctaggat gcttctacct
17221 gttatgtcaa aattccataa tgaccaaatt gagattattc ttaacaactc agcaagccaa
17281 ataacagaca taacaaatcc tacttggttt aaagaccaaa gagcaaggct acctaagcaa
17341 gtcgaggtta taaccatgga tgcagagaca acagagaata taaacagatc gaaattgtac
17401 gaagctgtat ataaattgat cttacaccat attgatccta gcgtattgaa agcagtggtc
17461 cttaaagtct ttctaagtga tactgagggt atgttatggc taaatgataa tttagccccg
17521 ttttttgcca ctggttattt aattaagcca ataacgtcaa gtgctagatc tagtgagtgg
17581 tatctttgtc tgacgaactt cttatcaact acacgtaaga tgccacacca aaaccatctc
17641 agttgtaaac aggtaatact tacggcattg caactgcaaa ttcaacgaag cccatactgg
17701 ctaagtcatt taactcagta tgctgactgt gagttacatt taagttatat ccgccttggt
17761 tttccatcat tagagaaagt actataccac aggtataacc tcgtcgattc aaaaagaggt
17821 ccactagtct ctatcactca gcacttagca catcttagag cagagattcg agaattaact
17881 aatgattata atcaacagcg acaaagtcgg actcaaacat atcactttat tcgtactgca
17941 aaaggacgaa tcacaaaact agtcaatgat tatttaaaat tctttcttat tgtgcaagca
18001 ttaaaacata atgggacatg gcaagctgag tttaagaaat taccagagtt gattagtgtg
18061 tgcaataggt tctaccatat tagagattgc aattgtgaag aacgtttctt agttcaaacc
18121 ttatatttac atagaatgca ggattctgaa gttaagctta tcgaaaggct gacagggctt
18181 ctgagtttat ttccggatgg tctctacagg tttgattgaa ttaccgtgca tagtatcctg
18241 atacttgcaa aggttggtta ttaacataca gattataaaa aactcataaa ttgctctcat
18301 acatcatatt gatctaatct caataaacaa ctatttaaat aacgaaagga gtccctatat
18361 tatatactat atttagcctc tctccctgcg tgataatcaa aaaattcaca atgcagcatg
18421 tgtgacatat tactgccgca atgaatttaa cgcaacataa taaactctgc actctttata
18481 attaagcttt aacgaaaggt ctgggctcat attgttattg atataataat gttgtatcaa
18541 tatcctgtca gatggaatag tgttttggtt gataacacaa cttcttaaaa caaaattgat
18601 ctttaagatt aagtttttta taattatcat tactttaatt tgtcgtttta aaaacggtga
18661 tagccttaat ctttgtgtaa aataagagat taggtgtaat aaccttaaca tttttgtcta
18721 gtaagctact atttcataca gaatgataaa attaaaagaa aaggcaggac tgtaaaatca
18781 gaaatacctt ctttacaata tagcagacta gataataatc ttcgtgttaa tgataattaa
18841 gacattgacc acgctcatca gaaggctcgc cagaataaac gttgcaaaaa ggattcctgg
18901 aaaaatggtc gcacacaaaa atttaaaaat aaatctattt cttctttttt gtgtgtcca

a13x1s ava10s says:

God, we please you to please,please take this ebola virus away. We are
scared and we don’t want the whole world to end with zomebies,so pleade
god, take away the Ebola virus away, AWAY for good. But we want no more
Ebola virus, God, please save your sons/daughters, your world with no
zombies and no Ebola, Amen.

Cintia Colla says:

the biblia said end of the time.lots sick.virus and war.bcz the people dont
believe god and unfortunaly the world will pay for this.

p.b. moss says:


Dee K says:

Ebola Virus infection: http://youtu.be/SLmESe9-7yg its 28.days… only dead
not zombies

该被污染的血液 says:

Ebola will end up spreading just like the Bubonic Plague.

Ropie65 says:

May the Owner be with Africa! Scientists who engineered this Ebola version
will all be in front of Jesus in his warrior’s uniform. It’s a terrible
thing to fall in the hands of the living God.
One thing. There has never been Ebola in Africa. Never. Never and never
before. The Frenches remember when they pissed Mobutu off at their first
ebola mistake in the Bandundu province in Zaïre. They contained it! They
fixed it!

In the campaigns of rubber( hevea) no such diseases was even recorded
instead European brought filthy sexually transmitted diseases that was not
there before. Never.

Why in Africa?
You have to understand that all high virus research are region oriented.
Absolutely. Because of the riskes it represent. Africans are paying the
bills of not regulating their countries because of the culture of

Africa is being artificially destroyed!

shahrukh shaikh says:

There is a cure for any disease,it is inside the “HOLY QURAN” please we
have to find too save the Humanity.

soukaina lyaoui says:
Markéta Grulichová says:

fuck ebola

Tyssan Brunier says:

1:51 :O

the magic man17 says:

this is a very weird video

Kauris Kask says:

and people should stop making dumb experiments like that and they throw
all sorts of stuff in the sea soon you see a giant crab big as a house come
out of the sea …

Blue Paw The Furry says:

Ppl always think ebola is the apocalypse but dont worry. All ppl who have
ebola in USA are just doctor who wented to africa. Actually No virus cant
make rage bec its just a normal virus whos dangerous. No its cant hit
Europe and America bec we blocked all the Planes for africa and finnally we
found an antidote who can help it but its too much expensive. P.S ebola
isnt airborne yet its take alot of time to mutate

Harvey Holloway says:

No matter here is the solution to Ebola.

I live in Canada and have leaned a combination of European and Western
herbal and have learned well. So well that here is a Ebola herbal program
that I believe will give up to a 100% survival rate as a herbal inoculation
for those that have at least three week lead time on this program, and up
to 90% ability to cure in early cases, with ever decreasing percentages,
linked directly too the severity of symptoms at admission. Early usage is

Understand that here in the west I am not respected because I am
exclusive, in my use of organic herbs to heal everything.


This is a massively powerful immune system building program and it is
herbal. I use this daily and it works.

Understand that in Africa there is already a near 30% survival rate now
with nothing being used but drugs. This rate can be greatly improved with
an optimum charged immune system.

NOTE: At only days from contamination until death, Ebola is so fast acting
that it it is difficult to prepare the bodies defenses after infection.
This makes waiting until you are ill to do something a very bad decision.
It is highly recommended that you prepare well in advance, strengthening
the immune system, to the point it becomes between very hard and impossible
for any disease to invade. I am personally doing this daily. Here is how.

Use Pure Water

By this I mean chlorine free, such as distilled, natural mineral, or RO
water . This is to be used for cooking, making drinks, drinking, or even
to brush your teeth. For the very best results I highly recommend going the
next step, and that is usage of the
water purification unit. It is the best that I know of right now and is
available online only. The alkalinity and re-mineralization of water
filtered through this unit is great for the body, keeping cells alive and
healthy for years longer. I also found that my immune system is greatly
strengthened as well, this being the reason I use it.

Note: I have been told by herbalists and water specialists that for every
point your body is alkaline your immune system becomes stronger and more
reproductive while diseases become sick and sterile. On the other hand for
every point of acidity, this becomes the exact opposite, with the immune
system itself becoming ever more sick and sterile, while diseases flourish
and reproduce. Stop buying any drinks at local corner stores. They are all
acidic every one.

To improve upon the alkaline water even more, add a product called cell
food http://www.luminahealth.com/ at 8 drops per liter. It massively feeds
your body all the minerals, trace elements, and amino acids needed for its
daily intake at between 24 and 40 drops per day depending on your age. The
effect will be greatly strengthen your very cells against invasion. Buy
online at least in Canada.


For bathing, laundry, sinks, etc, please put in a water softener if you
can. This total removal of chlorine is so important. Buy this locally
where water softeners are sold.
If softening is not for you there are full DE-chlorination filters that fit
on the main line in, available at many water stores. This will filter the
whole house just as a softener will. Buy these also locally.

If this is out of the question then please get
brand filter for all the sinks, and showers. These DE-chlorinate the water
quite well if the filters are changed as recommended. These can be
purchased online.

Some filters may need to be bought at local water stores. Please beware of
Britta as its own literature states that it does not fully DE-chlorinate.
Use Santievia or Rain-shower brands, for filters you buy locally. They work

What most people do not realize is that 70% of the daily intake of chlorine
happens as it soaks in through the open pores of your skin in the shower.
In my personal life the total removal of chlorine has resulted in much
better breathing, along with the restoration of my histamine balance and
immune system. Chlorine can destroy up to 50% of the immune system in
general, allowing a lot more diseases to invade the body. Pure water is
this important.

Additional Water Info

For garden hoses where the filters do not work, use rubber gloves and a
rubber apron to prevent the chlorine from getting into your body. Buy these
at at local lawn and garden or grocery stores.

Remember also to take lot of pure water to drink when you are out.

Must Use herbs!

Take the maximum dosage daily of this immune system building herbal
combination. This product is the most important in creating internal
strength against disease. It regulates the immune system to totally normal
and optimum and with continued usage keeps it there.

This is the cornerstone product for immunity.

Buy Straussherbco.com. Wonder Tea Original Formula The Miracle. Use three
teabags per day. Make a pot of tea in the morning and drink it between
breakfast and supper. Add nothing to the tea as it has a pleasant taste, as
it is as well as being a balanced nutritional formula, licensed in Canada.
Steep the tea for 30 min minimum before drinking. Steeping all day will not
hurt it and it can also be drank as an iced tea.
This product generates massive homeopathic immune system responses and also
gives me energy to burn. Buy locally or ask how from their site.

This is extremely important !!!

If you are already ill, then please add the usage of the Chinese Immune
System building herb Astragalus. Use it at the rate of three every 15 min
at the very first signs of problems or at any stage. Do this for one hour,
then go to three every three hours on top of the other herbs, until the
disease is gone.

Astragalus is like using nitrous to get a power boost in a race car. Use it
as such then discontinue it when not ill.

The wonder tea is optional when not threatened by disease but many people
keep taking it for many other fine benefits on top of immune system

Keep the mushroom extract in full time usage for life, and live in great
health as I do.

Buy and live organic only, including none chlorinated soaps and personal

The reasons for this are as follows: First by changing your cleaning
chemicals, soaps, etc. your immune system will jump in strength by up to
20%. Now add to this the roughly 28% extra nutrition from every bite of
organic food and the body becomes stronger, more energetic, less likely to
become diseased. For your health this is win win win. Now add the up to 50%
increase in the immune system strength and internal cellular cleansing from
the use of pure water and proper feeding with cell food. I am sure you can
see, this is a huge part of the road to never catching diseases, and to
subsequently great long term great health.

On these instructions alone without any other knowledge, anyone anywhere on
earth can have a massive immune system boost causing a much greater, (up to
and including possibly total), resistance to this disease.

Think, there is already about a 30% survival rate without any immune system
strength building. How much more will a strong healthy, properly charged
immune system do, Enough I think.

Harvey 35 years of working with herbs and natural medicines.

xXJackoSkullXx says:

nature can be a b*tch sometimes…..

Leszek Piechowski says:
Patrick Bevis says:

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

What's up lizy says:

Ebola did not come from Africa

Kevin Cux says:

My class makes fun of ebola,because they think its funny.

زهرة الربيع says:

الله يرحمنا امكن يكون السبب في هذا ذنوبنا

Mary A says:

And also banned entry of their nationals into the USA ? SIMPLE – Obama
doesn’t want to offend his “power base” of Blacks and Liberals in the
States. So, he will continue spouting the “party line” that ebola is
treatable, and we have the health care system that can “contain” any
breakout. LIES & MORE LIES !

Gerard Mccormick says:

It’s just so sad

Aaliyah Cooper says:

Wtf this is nassty

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