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Ebola Virus In Dallas Texas NOW And Planes From Western Africa Keep Flying Into U.S. | Ebola Videos

Ebola Virus In Dallas Texas NOW And Planes From Western Africa Keep Flying Into U.S.

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Planes From Western Africa Keep Flying Into U.S. And Now Ebola Virus In Dallas Texas Ambulance that transported ebola patient in Dallas kept in service for t…

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Nichole Vaughn says:

Just so you know, there were two patients that came in with symptoms of
Ebola . One was this guy in Dallas, the other was taken to a lab/ govt
treatment facility .. No main stream media has said a thing about the 2nd
person.?? Also, them continuing to fly people in from Africa was NO
accident, they aren’t ignorant, or stupid.. This is exactly the plan they
have – they know exactly what they are doing. Just wait.. They are going to
come up with a mandatory vaccine – then we will be in trouble! One last
thing, listening to you makes me smile, cause halfway thru Your video i
have to giggle at every time you say Ebola .. It’s “Ebola VIRUS”. Not Ebola
– it’s the Ebola virus. Haha. I’m not making fun, it’s just funny, thx for
the smile. Anyways, research a little more into the plan for population
control and you’ll see why we are going yo continue to fly people in- and
it will only get worse, unfortunately.. Thanks for your videos, stay safe. 

MUTT N.C. says:

Charles, Many of us know the Government is doing this intentionally! They
feel they are immune to what they are doing to this our Country! I will
state this and I mean it! If this does break out the way I feel it will,
there will be NO WHERE to hide for Our Government Officials! They will be
systematically taken out! They are to blame for what’s coming and for what
they continue doing around the globe! This is not the wake up call I was
hoping for the People of this Great Country,yet I feel it is inevitable!
People, Please start making PHONE CALLS to your Representatives! Never
forget WE the People are the Leaders of The United States of America not
the united states government! Charles, You and Yours Take Care and God
Bless! God Bless The United States of America! Lord We Need You!

katkat14kk says:

Maybe when all the airline workers and pilots and stewardess Come down with
Ebola it will ground all the flight maybe high ranking officials will get
it serve them right

Anne M says:

to top off everything I dont think this person is a US citizen, he was here
visiting family. Since they cant control the disease in a 3rd world
country, I highly doubt they will get a handle on things here. I mean they
sent this man home initially, then he came back the next day and some
numbnut finally decided to ask this man where he has traveled recently. I
mean that should have been asked the day before he came into contact with
dozens of more people. Not to mention the international airport he arrived
here at..smh

Ladyshystar says:

Yeah dawg, It is totally happening.. NO PLAN.
TY for sharing Charles.

katkat14kk says:

got too share email address too bust a move be willing too make a stand
with a national plan people are scared too get shoot but stupid enough too
die surfing with Ebola

Charles Walton says:
C Martel says:

Liberia, the rest of the world has shown up to save you from yourselves.
Could you do us all a big favor and stop eating bats and monkeys? Also,
stop shitting in the street. It’s probably a tradition in your country but
you are making yourselves sick and the rest of the world is paying the
price. If you do nothing , an aid agency will probably dig a latrine for
you. This is probably what will happen and it also describes the root of
the problem.

Lisa Heinemann says:

Now you know if came here to visit family, he hugged, touched, kissed.

Mike Jon Williams says:

Stupidity seems like a good scapegoat for a plan of some kind. This all
seems very odd. From them brining people over here and supposedly curing
them and using that as a sort of charade in the media.. to this. Just
doesn’t add up to me. Also that cdc press conference was fishy. 

Mike Brown says:

also wanted to point out how much it would cost for a plane ticket from
liberia to dallas it is over 1k at the cheapest after i check on prices, so
by the looks of this guy he almost looks homeless, it is just a thought but
something within that looks suspicious.

Big Arch says:

Honestly i feel its a set up….they talkin about no worries we safe . Man
aint shit safe!! they tryna make us believe its under control…aint shit
under control…..peep this and if it’s under control like yall say ..then
Control them damn PLANES from flying in from West Africa (Red Light they
ass)( MR UNDER CONTROL) Yall aint got shit under control Look’N Ass..People
wake up it’s a set up!

Chloe Stevens says:

But does everyone have Obombyas Care?

chloe lawes says:

Obama and his nwo. Cohorts or COCONSPIRITORS are doing EVERYTHING possible
to kill us .
As per documented on their fucking Georgia guide stones . It makes my blood
boil . I feel so helpless and fear so very much for my grandchildren and
children . Not for me so much I trust god . All I can do is pray for

zorbatheok says:

Atlanta and Dallas are key illuminati intrests

zorbatheok says:

in 12-14 months: “hi youtube im Charles and I have tried to warn you but
now I have a fever and a red tongue I tried and I cared …..”

Summer Rose says:

Ambulance that transported ebola patient in Dallas kept in service for two
days after transporting ebola patient *__* more to come from that vehicle!

Barb Monkman says:

EBOLA is a patented BIOWEAPON and the US holds the patent on it. There is
NO VACCINATION that will protect you, but you may very well contract the
disease if you SUBMIT to being IMMUNIZED. There is a cure however, it is
NANO SILVER similar to COLOIDAL SILVER which is also effective in
eliminating this disease. Join the effort to make these substances
available to those infected or in danger to exposure. NO ONE needs to die
of the primitive man-made concoction.
Message from GOD, Who Needs Light dot org.

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