Ebola Virus: Hospital Contacts US Health Officials, CDC & W.H.O

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For the first time since a man died of Ebola virus in Lagos, First Consultants Medical Center, the hospital where Mr Patrick Sawyer died has been speaking about all it did to ensure that the spread of the disease was curtailed, and the infection rate eliminated.

The hospital admitted Mr. Sawyer came with symptoms suggestive of malaria; the symptoms were fever, headache and extreme weakness.

The hospital said that even as the victim was confirmed positive for malaria, but came out negative for hepatitis, B and C and HIV tests, it started to conduct further tests since Mr Sawyer was not responding to treatment and was developing hemorrhage symptom.

The statement added that although Mr Sawyer denied being in contact with any person with Ebola, it decided to test him for Ebola, bearing in mind that the victim was coming in from Liberia, where there has been an outbreak of the disease.


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