Ebola Virus Flown Into Dallas Texas – Man From Liberia Tests POSITIVE For Ebola – NWO

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Ebola Virus Flown Into Dallas Texas Man From Liberia Tests POSITIVE For Ebola Planes From Western Africa Keep Flying Into U.S. And Now Ebola Virus In Dallas …


RainbowStarGumDrop says:

I am sure this is a ploy for population control. o..o that’s what some
people are whispering on the net. >.> Because why else allow infected
people into a healthy population. It does sound like home grown terrorism
to me. Where the big boys in office don’t care about the general public.
This government stopped serving us a long time ago. No one where I live
takes this seriously but we live thirty minutes away from dallas. O…O
Soooo I plan on moving and the other people can do what they want XD I will
go to the country where I will be less likely to catch their deadly

Anne M says:

fleas tested positive for the plague in Arizona now too….

cruisinkev1 says:

Friend…all of this only makes sense …”if”… you understand Genesis 6.
If not, you’ll spend the rest of your life scratching your head
asking…”why, why, why….”

Marie D. Henry says:

They should have listened to you Charles…. No kidding. Marie

scott KA says:

Big Pharma wants this so they can sell vaccinations. The GOV will make us
take them by presidential order. Big Pharma owns the GOV! Be afraid.

pauline pardue says:

perry is not serious or he would have stopped it sooner

Mike Brown says:

why texas well i think they see texas as a big threat so they most likely
want to start there first, thats my thought.

pauline pardue says:

CDC is helping spread it.and started it in africa

Kathy Cook says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

pauline pardue says:

they want it here agenda 21

Blazin Stars says:

marshall law in texas tomorrow


wonder who made the virus 

stryder922 says:

I’m sorry where was the fucking TSA agents ……

bhoyt62 says:

Fox host to CDC director: Obama lied about ‘things’ so maybe you’re lying
about Ebola

Charles Walton says:

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