Ebola Virus (EVD)

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We’ve probably all heard about the Ebola outbreak in Africa around 2014, and know that it’s quite a terrifying pathogen. But what does it do exactly? Let’s go through the basics!

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drew dominguez says:

Didnt know about almost any of this really! Thanks!

Alien Geek says:

Congo is where the polio vaccine was tested. Coincidence?

Ben Caruso says:

Another beautiful video. I love you

Gissell Jimenez says:

Dave you enrich my brain and feed my hunger for knowledge not matter the topic….I truly cant thank you enough!!!

Alex Stewart says:

People losing their shit over Covid and Ebola Virus has a 50% death rate.

Andrea Shin Samuthyakorn says:

Explanation on why the virus can't be called a living organism is due to its relatively small scale with no parts to be called a living thing. Viruses just hijacks cells. Virus are RNAs or DNAs that are mostly part on cell's nucleus. Imagining on how small is that, you may be rethinking about it if we should really just call it a living thing but not organism? Who's with me? You may disprove this fact/s if found irrelevant or fake. This is just my personal study and own perceived understanding on viruses though. So just relax if this is wrong.

Andrea Shin Samuthyakorn says:

A vaccine for a specie of EVD. HAHAAH there's way a lot of types does the virus huh?

Andrea Shin Samuthyakorn says:

I wonder how to make a strand of RNA and DNA that can make the virus hurt itself? So much to learn microbiology. :)

moe perry says:

I want to thank you, I started watching your channel because its fun to laugh at flat earthers.

However my wife is going for her masters in nursing, you've helped her with microbiology in the past.

So thank you!

blødeina Angël says:

Triste 😢😷

YouMockMe says:

Calling it EBOLA is racist

Like we don't call COVID: Wuhan
Just sayin

Exojahblade says:

Ebola has a vaccine now? About damn time, took them long enough.

Jordan Horn says:

Hey Dave, just wanted to say I'm a big fan. Not just of your tutorials, but of your vehement defense of science against pseudoscience. Sagan would be proud of you.

diary of a lame ghost says:

this gives me hope for curing covid

al- Badri says:

Would be great if you acknowledged the people whose material you used, David Goodsell’s painting of the structures for a start

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