Ebola virus enters India

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India witnessed its first case of Ebola at Delhi’s International Airport today. the patient is a 26 year old youth who returned from Liberia recently. He was infected with the virus there however he says he was cured in Africa before coming to India. His blood samples tested negative for the virus but his fluid samples tested positive for the deadly virus. He is currently under quarantine at the isolation ward at Delgi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

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Jerry Whitley says:

Could any one translate what she is saying and why aren't they reporting this in the us

Shivam Dalmia says:

Not existent in India
Just carried it from Liberia

global warming says:

Chutiyo comment krne se pehle news ki date dekh lo.

giriraj verma says:

bhut hi viral virus he

status only for you says:

Ya allha sab ki hifasat ata farma

Priyanka Mishra says:

Kitne log mare gaye abhi tak india main ebola ke karan?

Somveer Mourya says:

ये तो बहुत खतरनाक वायरस है

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