Ebola Virus Disease

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EmpoweRN.com Hi Guys! Thanks so much for watching my nursing youtube channel: EmpoweRN. In this video my team and I did our best to help you understand the Ebola Virus Disease, which has …


Jannie Sternberg says:

Very useful video. Thank you, Caroline :-) love from Copenhagen, Denmark

Paige b says:

Love seeing that you have new videos up! Especially current topics, such as
Ebola. It may be interesting to include any particular research article(s)
you found that would intrigue healthcare professionals and healthcare
enthusiasts. Easy to say that the five contributors collaborated extremely
well on this video Caroline!

Sha Hugh says:

Thanks for this video. ..learned a lot

empowern says:

Ebola Virus Disease, for Nurses & Nursing Students!

Carolina Garcia says:

Super informative! thank you!

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