Ebola Virus Disease Lecture-13 EVD: SIGNS & SYMPTOMS | BiologyCoachOnline | Jonathan Jeffreys

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Ebola Virus Disease affects most every organ system in the body. Signs and systems, however, can vary from organ system to organ system. EVD was once referred to as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever due to the fact that severe bleeding is by far the most defining characteristic of the infection. The incubation period for EVD is between two and 12 days. In most cases, though, first symptoms of EVD are evident within the first ten days. This lesson is part of the course, Anatomy of a Pandemic: Ebola Virus Disease in the 21st Century, created by BiologyCoachOnline, Your Source for Virtual Biology Education, for nursing, nursing assistant, medical assistant, and advanced science and college biology students. Instructor Jonathan Jeffreys uses vivid illustrations and clear and concise dialogue to define incubation period, explain the progression of infection, and describe signs and symptoms of EVD infection.

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