Ebola virus disease (full documentary)

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Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is the human disease caused by the Ebola virus. Symptoms typically start two days to three weeks a…


K Inward says:

Thanks for upload. Well done to the team of Zairian doctors who were not
prepared to sit and watch Ebola wreak its ravages on their own nurse. I
find the behaviour of foreign doctors in this instance totally heartless.
So what if there is a remote risk of contracting hepatitis when the disease
already contracted has a mortality rate of 90%? If the transfusions have
dramatically lowered the mortality rate, then there is no logic in the
foreign doctors’ response, they simply cannot admit that a treatment that
was not invented in the West can actually save lives.

Marie Rock says:

The Ebola Virus started in The Congo and right next to The Congo resides
THEE WORST DICTATOR to walk this earth & is much worse than Hitler! His
name is PAUL GADAFFE a man who now is in charge of Rwanda who did his
military training in the US and is given heap loads of OUR TAX MONEY under
the disguise of ‘FOREIGN AID’ The UK give the majority of this money, this
man is guilty of WAR CRIME, GENECIDE! He has the blood of multiple
thousands of men, women and children on his hands YET he is allowed to
carry on and has not been charged with THIS ABHORRENT WAR CRIME! Now just
think about this – The Ebola Virus started in THE CONGO, it is named after
the river that runs through the THE CONGO, it is my belief this NASTY
the Ebola Virus which is now becoming a GLOBAL PROBLEM AT A VAST SPEED! 2
ppl in America have died from it already, the UK are making plans for not
if but when it arrives – to me this also smells of EBOLA BEING THE WEAPON

Tesla Sherri Meilink says:

Why did the CDC stop looking for a cure? It has struck several times. 1967
it was discovered , then went dormant. Then it struck in 1976 , 95, 96,
Because possibly maybe it just laid down and went away (dormant) ? So now
this justifies , (carelessness and stupidity of CDC ) not to stay focused
on maintaining preventative measures or a cure any longer just
because it has gone away? EBOLA came to America in 1989.
It can come again to any small community or any kind of area and now is
more than ever mutated and AIRBORNE ! . This is insane. About 1000 deaths
per year from Ebola have occurred from 1976-2013. Now its up to almost 3000
since summer of 2014..
F%#@*ING WOW !

Lana Larue says:

We must Educate Ourselves. Take Precautions. And Pray. Wouldn’t hurt to
start buying Bleach and Protective Gear.

Ebola virus disease (full documentary): http://youtu.be/jTR1-bFtvvw

Kyle T. Laflamme says:

We must Educate Ourselves. Take Precautions. And Pray. Wouldn’t hurt to
start buying Bleach and Protective Gear.

Ebola virus disease (full documentary): http://youtu.be/jTR1-bFtvvw

John Sparks says:

There’s an albino in there 

evpointfinder says:

Hmmm. So the white witch doctor comes running in to try to stop the
transfusion…probably knowing it would work. 7 out of 8 lived. Yet today
history is repeating itself…and when the first transfusion to Dr. Kent
Brantly was suggested the CDC barked at that too. 

John Blessed says:

There are evil, sinful people in this world that are possessed and
influenced by he devil and his demons, that hate African black people…

Racism is hate against about human being for no reason but the fact that
they look different. Racism is a sin against God because it is hate for one
of God’s human creation.

joshua rodriguez says:

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it…

Tesla Sherri Meilink says:

Today is September 15th , 2014 and here we are staring at an Epidemic that
could have been avoided.

LeeBronze09 says:

The transfusions worked and they don’t keep going with that because they
want to make a “drug” and capitalize! Now look what we have, smh.

Kenneth Cooper says:

should start video at 10 minutes in and take notes on the next 10 minutes
than compare to current media and press releases

nadstek Aussie Pies says:

If the people are willing to eat Rat’s, Insects, and monkey’s, then they’re
Gambling with their lives and others at 15:45

so wrong to eat animals and creatures who lives on eating disease carrying

donnk says:

240p in 2014? were there only potato cameras in africa?

Fr Louie Goad says:

Revelations: The Fourth Seal has been broken.

Sanjeet Ladhar says:

Did the airports stop people from coming to the Uk so that the virus
doesn’t spread?

Andreas Leo Faulstich says:

In the short term most important is the information an cooperation of the
population to prevent new infections.

sam dee says:


wernell kuan says:

the only cure is eat 3 cooked in shell duck fertile embryo

TheEnderNinja says:

wondering if i have ebola cause i have red rash

akcunningham1 says:

Anyone know the date on this video?

Kenneth Cooper says:

I wonder do these doctors scoff at the idea of interfusion because big
pharma would lose money becase antibodies from a surviving host could be
used across the scale of known viruses aslong as the two subjects share the
same blood type and illness

Differentf Nakrish says:

Look at this statistics:

According to the UN,
– a suicide occurs every 40 seconds, which is more than the number of
deaths per year in wars and natural disasters.(2014 info);
– In USA there are
– 2.6 million deaths per year from vaccines;
– 700,000 deaths per year from medicine of which 7000 in hospitals;
– 3,000,000 injuries and 41,000 deaths per year from car accidents;
– 30,000 deaths per year from guns;
– In UK excessive meat-eating ‘kills 45,000 each year’; in US

ebola is virus produced by the pharmaceutical companies so that they can
get money for inveting the medicine or vaccine against it, but then what
happens? They kill even more people with their medicine…

People only need to increase the strength of their immune system by quality
food, there is no need of any medicine, as the say goes: “let your food be
a medicine and the medicine your food.”

Jenjen Goldfinkle says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

John Blessed says:

How old is this video?

Lonnie Craig says:

As a FEMA /Hazmat member, since 1989; The doctors & Lab-techs I work with @
the army CDC research center insist (its airborne).There were 4 strains, &
now (5) that we are aware of. 

Hollywood7068 says:

I was so glad too see that nurse survive this disease is horrible it is the
next AIDS if we don’t stop it right away.

mujtiba jhanzaib says:

We must Educate Ourselves. Take Precautions. And Pray. Wouldn’t hurt to
start buying Bleach and Protective Gear.

Ebola virus disease (full documentary): http://youtu.be/jTR1-bFtvvw

New Documentary says:

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