Ebola Victim Flees Quarantine To Visit Market

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02 September 2014 An Ebola patient escapes from a clinic in Liberia. He was later caught and returned to the health centre.


Дрюн says:

Burn motherfucker

GRMZK says:

чё-то он больно резвый для эйболита, да и на жрачку парня пробивает. мутят
вирусологи что-то, ой мутят.

Edward G'z says:

33-12!! tenemos un 33-12!!!

mcline007 says:

selfish moron, he puts others at risk

gerri george says:

ask yourselves, why does someone go to market? to GET FOOD! and could it
be that he is not really infected? Stop and think people, how convenient it
is if a ‘power that is’ wants to get rid of you he simply has it declared
that you are positive for ebola and wala you are carted off and housed with
real ebola patients and if you dont have it you soon will.

RezetRoy says:

Sure… he is ill. I think they testing ebola on people.

Анатолий вид says:

В США изучали этот вирус, 2012 г. финансирование остановили, а в 2014 г.
появляется мутированный вирус, совпадение?

trevina lawrence says:

Oh my God I live so close to Dallas Texas. And also does this guy think
that the people who run the market are really just going to be face to face
with an ebola patient?!

Portgas D Ace says:


Michael C says:

ignorant man. He was worth shooting if he started to run.

stavros varoud says:

NO Ice Bucket Challenge FOR THEM…

machippy says:

kill the fucking retard 

Ogene Charly says:

God Have Mercy

verrrr1 says:

The way these people are walking around and their reaction to the man in
the red shirt, it’s just as if he is a ferocious leopard walking through
the town.

Joshua Garner says:

Do you really think he’s infected?

Amber Phillips says:
TheIkawatay says:

Shit just got real 2X!!!

balalunga1 says:

The beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse!

jimmy jon says:

real bullets should of been use 

Jim Jones says:

Barack Hussein Ebooooola

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