Ebola vaccine trial in Geneva suspended because of joint pain side effects

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The clinical trial of a promising Ebola vaccine has been suspended in Geneva after some patients complained of joint pain. Some 60 people had been injected w…


Tobi Larone says:

Are they going to force these vaccines on America as well as Africa?
giving vaccines to perfectly healthy people where ebola isn’t even present
is a bad idea.
Who knows the long term effects these vaccines cause.

Ebola was nothing but fearmongering from the start and it’s to scare them
into taking vaccines. 

Vierotchka says:

The Geneva University Hospital is one of the best in the world. I salute
and respect the volunteers.

keghamminas says:

Plenty of prudence is needed before causing a second medical problem ,
issue from a bad Ibola vaccine ….medicine and immunology are not as simple
as one might think ( Up today ,there isn’t any vaccine against AIDS ) .

the surgeon says:

fraud …a vaccine aimed to kill you …

Theobold Jamzen says:

Maybe some CHIKUNGUNYA Virus got mmixed in ….
check it out under BIOTERROR BIOWEAPONS …

Aymii keegan says:

Joint pain ?? 

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