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Ebola Update: Now In Nigeria | Ebola Videos

Ebola Update: Now In Nigeria

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http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/25/us-heath-ebola-nigeria-idUSKBN0FU1LE20140725 http://www.latimes.com/world/africa/la-fg-sierra-leone-ebola–20140724…

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Vlad Tepes says:

This is very frightening. The government needs to quickly implement a
policy that requires anyone leaving the country to be tested for Ebola.
Yes, it will slow business and daily routines, but containment efforts
should obviously take precedence. Oh, I almost forgot. Has anyone watched
the film “Outbreak” with Dustin Hoffman? It portrays a scenario which is
nearly identical to what Styx is describing. I highly recommend it.

Kevin Town says:

What are you?…some kind of Satan lover?…You of all people should worry
about death if your on Satan’s side.

5dnibiru says:

was wondering your take on the july 27 date?

harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

A very good upload, I can tell you’re an intelligent bloke, I’ve been
following this ever since March and alarm bells were sounding as soon as I
heard it was in Conakry. I’d like to hear another update by you as of
today’s events (14th Aug)

T Riddle says:

Ebola might spread fast but the conspiracy theories are set to spread like
wild fire.. watch out!

AWx51 says:


SackKickingFatMan says:

My (non existent) God! This is awful! And to think I haven’t really heard
much about it recently. Thanks for the update and I dig the necklace

jefe Anson says:

It’s a morphaviris

Mandalore863 says:

Well shit

Kris Jones says:

maybe they take off their hazmat suits to piss in reservoir and splash back
caused it… btw there are several types of ebola, some are harmess to
humans, be careful to double check because it is easy to think that one is
a new mutation of another. 

Braden Keesee says:

Love your necklace

i hate my new jacket says:

i love listing to you your so knowledgeable . and listen to your every word

ShatteredSoul〈/3 says:

Love the video. You have made more fucking sense than the CDC announcements
and news coverage. I don’t care what or who you worship that’s not
important. I appreciate the time you took to educate us. Thank you.

Uchy says:

Erm, a little bit true, a little bit uninformed. I live in Lagos. The
doctor in Nigeria got infected (and badly) because the hospital was not
informed of the case as he arrived from the airport. The patient got into a
fight to escape from the hospital and the doctor physically restrained him
as he yanked off all tubes exposing bodily fluids to the doctor. The female
doctor knew she was sacrificing her life to save millions. Don’t reach
conclusions unless you have facts. We are aware that Ebola is bad and we
are doing everything to contain it. Of the 14 confirmed cases, four died,
five are fully recovered and discharged and we have had no more deaths.
This is exactly a month after the Liberian arrived with the disease.

Tom Yh says:

satanic john lenon ? lol

DDY Luu says:

Facts have been established about the lethal strength of Ebola virus. Ebola
virus should not be underestimated. This virus has come and now lives in
man. The pandemic situation in west Africa should not be neglected or taken
likely because its a third world country region. Plans towards containing
this epidemic should be expeditious especially through health alerts public
awareness programs & training . All nations of the Earth are vulnerable to
this disease,because if the spread goes exponential, no nation will go
scout free-its a matter of time

People should be Alert and highly vigilant around there neighborhoods and
work places at all times looking out for symptoms that describes Ebola.
Frightening Massages about Ebola should be avoided to keep down fears and
panic. Everyone person should be considered a potential carrier. All hands
are needed on deck to report immediately any suspected potential carrier of
the virus. All Ebola embodiment’s cannot hide long enough….they will all
be arrested and brought to quarantine.!!! Airports, all vehicle drivers,
transporters, hospitals, clinics, market places, hotels , schools live
stalk farmers, rural areas, villages and hamlets MUST BE ALERTED,
Ebola infected person is spotted May God help us.

Uchechi Uche says:

get some of your facts right, Lagos is not the capital of Nigeria. Secondly
put some of your statements in context and stop generalising. Pick a
country that has had an outbreak of the ebola virus and state what facts
you know about that country and stop confusing us with your misquotations
and subjective yet myopic views. You may mean well but do a proper research
before speaking again please

Mercy Alu says:

Why didn’t you mention in your video, that a United States Citizen, Patrick
Sawyer, due back in 2 days in his hometown of Minnesota where he lives with
his wife and children, came out of the stupid country of Liberia, flew on
an American passport through two connecting flights, to visit the far away
country of Nigeria. He was intercepted at the Lagos airport. Why don’t
you mention that? Nigeria pretty much took the bullet Patrick Sawyer was
bringing to the U.S.A. He is the person you are talking about who landed
in Lagos, Nigeria with Ebola. He pissed at the health workers when told he
had Ebola. 

warmech1580 says:

Its being spread by Satanist Elites who want to drop the population of the
world to 500,000,000.. It could just be that the Satanist Elites are making
a mass sacrifice to their Master..

Kelsey Scott says:

HIV swept the globe and has killed more than the black death. It is not
airborne. It currently infects a population of the world the same size as
the entire population of Canada. We can’t stop this from spreading to the
rest of the world unless we basically wall off Africa. 

ronald dehart says:

god help us……………..

Bulletman7 says:


midnit19 says:

hey man have you played Plague Inc on pc or mobile i recommend you do

Tacks Givenn says:

There is a chance that it will become airborne? Where did you get that
information? When was the last time a virus became airborne and killed 99%
of all it infected. You’re just coming up with this stuff as you go along.
You want this epidemic to happen on mass scale it seems.

Maxine Nickolls says:


afk lfg says:

Seems they should be able to easily contain this stuff in this day and age.
Between fast communication, travel restrictions, mod med, haz mat, and
quarantines, it would be a lot easier to put this on lockdown, compared to
100+ years ago.

allen poe says:

you know some one gave this to that man you just dont go out one day and
say o i go ebola no you just don,t get ebola some one gave this to that man
knowing go and well what they are doing 

forrest blocker says:

Compelling and well presented. Thanks.

johnmelvin ward says:

This is god plan I guess

Jacqueline Lennie says:

A large amount of electricity kills a man a small amount kills a virus a
bacteria a parasite. cleans the blood, check out dr robert beck blood
electrifyer, it works the science of it is so simple,

Brad Busch says:

Just imagine if this guy was still incubating the virus when he arrived. He
would have been roaming the city when the virus became contagious. If Ebola
actually starts to spread in Nigeria, it may as well already be a global

dyno mike says:

Soylent Green is people you damn dirty apes.

in2dionysus says:

I infected everyone who ate my beet soup! Would you like some salt with
that? Plague has been there for along time, ask the prairie dogs? Beet soup
for sale? I knew you assholes would not ask me for my beet soup, have some
ebola, ha; yeah it probably did not start like that! Gonna be a long
process to get rid of it!!!

rokbebop says:

an ebola apocalypse is not the kind of apocalypse i have been hoping for.
it will be like the stand, only messier. il be randal flag, you can be the
trash can man

Jacqueline Lennie says:

A large amount of electricity kills a man a small amount kills a virus a
bacteria a parasite. cleans the blood, check out dr robert beck blood
electrifyer, it works the science of it is so simple,

vorevox says:


christian Tolboe says:

That necklace tho
You satanic prick!

Keatano says:

To answer your question on why the “trained” medical staff is getting
Ebola. Simply put, African people destroy. I have seen it over and over
and over again. It is a natural thing. Give them something that works,
and, they will break it over a few days/weeks/years and then get upset.
When asked why they will say it is because of white people this thing
broke, and that we are responsible for this. Then we will feel “sorry” and
try to help. The black organisations will see this school we build for
them, or the hospital……and guess what, they will BURN THE SCHOOL TO THE
GROUND, including the books. Why do they do this? Really!!!! It happened
over and over and over in my country. 

Mr Blue Lamp says:

I agree with you

Bill Pretwick says:

There will be much disease and pestilence. Much chaos and disorder will
descend upon the many lands you inhabit. A great calamity will strike the
Earth. Now I tell you before it come, that when it come to pass, ye may
believe that I am he. 

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