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EBOLA Update: Mali Child Dies Contact With 57 Missing People | Ebola Videos

EBOLA Update: Mali Child Dies Contact With 57 Missing People

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Ebola spreads into Mali as a child sick with ebola rides on a bus with 57 people and then dies http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also http://h.churchapp.mobi/paulbegleyprophecy also http://www.ibti.

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ChildrenofchristMIN says:

This was the plan for everyone to die hint Georgia guide stones…… If
they wanted to stop it everyone coming in with ebola would be euthanized
and flights would be closed in and out of here!

jankof76 says:

We are in Agenda 21 pastor……We are in WW3 pastor. A lot of people keep
waiting on WW3 to break out…but this a different type of warfare against
the people using chemicals, poisons and diseases..the nukes will come
later. These governments are demons and shape shifters that looks like men
and women. Fact is a lot stranger than fiction. They want us dead
pastor……bottom line..

Serge Therrien says:

Church, claim Ps. 91 over your loved ones and yourself. Jesus Care si THE
BEST coverage ever! Praises be to God for HIS protection. AMEN!

niels ravnsborg says:

The ”CIA Plague”…?

Jane Faries Garcia says:



So what are the estimated numbers WE as the people who are awake and know
what’s going on??? Is it in the 100’s of thousands?

Thistley Girl Saor Alba says:

Wait til next week for news on ebola – AFTER the election

PJ Smith says:

Control the information and control the masses. All one has to do is look
at the numbers being self quarantined in their own states and it will start
painting a very sad picture of how completely dishonest, and down right
criminally negligent Obama and the CDC are being right now concerning
Ebola. If we new half the information we should about the extent that Ebola
is getting out of hand it truly would be the broad road to destruction for
the current administration and those agency that are not managing Ebola the
way in which 97% of all other developed nations are doing right now. Lam
stream media is in full Ebola spin mode. Any thing concerning Ebola is
being protected by covering it up and miss information. Just look at all
the leaks popping up by medical staff around the nation as they leak
information they are seeing being done now. Very chilling indeed. You
better stock up quickly for winter. It doesn’t look good if top doctors are
leaking information that the are being told to not call Ebola cases Ebola.
Just one of many starting to drip drip drip out. I prey that this is not
the case but based on past experience concerning how easily and often Obama
and others in our government lie to use these days, I fear we are in for a
major event. 

david abraham says:

I do not like the way Google Plus messes with my comments…

califgirl11 says:

Believe and live!! God bless!

Joe Glickman says:

And if you die you can be raised from the dead!

letsthinkitover1 says:

Put the bodys in sink holes rather than burn them. And africa is still not
burning all of them. Brethe near or touch bodies is death sentence. Where
are they taking them the dissapearing ones?

T H says:

I believe, the Mega Rich are with-holding their wealth, while they do every
thing possible to encourage spending and the enslavement of society (those
who do not worship them “there Image” or their NWO “the Beast”) for there
own personal gains. Even to the point of mass genocide of others. They care
not for human life, because they are not human. Only empty shells filled
with darkness, that they call enlightenment. They are filled with many
parasitic spirits; they are vain and full of self lust. Self-serving
spirits, who are filled with self-righteous pride. And their numbers are
growing, encouraging each other and building upon their own sins. Their
house will not stand long, as they build upon sinking sand… There Future
Vision (False Profits) is so bad, that they keep having to bail each other
out, while sitting on a pile of the wealth, that is mostly blood money.
Legally stolen with greed and dishonestly, before man! But now before GOD.
He sees all. What is a profit; but one who tells of the future to come;
there for a false profit, is some one who tells you a lie about the future.
Jesus told us the truth about the future. Father God will make sure of it.

Cherry pie says:

I know this sounds awful but they need to burn the dead.. They need to burn
down infected houses, and clothing ect.. The people need to be quarantined
desperately and not in make shift tents.. Its no good covering up drs and
nurses when the patients are exposed to the open elements.. I’m not
surprised its out of control..!

Jaja Garavaragan says:

I was looking at the moon just now and I saw the blood all around it and it
seemed like it was approaching earth.

3772242 says:

oh my gosh, how are they going to find all of these people….. why can’t we
arrest obama why isn’t he closing the borders????

Cathy Forbes says:

Keep up the good work pastor. 

jankof76 says:

All the gov’ts around the world is in on this. They want 7 billion people
dead….if that don’t disturb you nothing will.

david abraham says:

elieving in the Son of the Most High… Would let you see the tribulation
and prepare… Producing the good fruit… Thanks God for all you have done
and for all the truth seeking Christians out there.!.!.!

Joe Glickman says:


arentheus arentheus says:

and don’t forget did anymore people ride on that bus after the 57 or did
they figure out the child has ebola and disinfect the bus right after the
57 people rode did the bus do anymore routes because if it did there is a
chance more then 57 people are at risk because the virus can still linger
even after the person who had it leaves the bus

jankof76 says:

People need to get rid of all the distractions that Gov’t has put in front
of you to make you blind. TV , music, sports, news..puts you on a path that
lead you away from the most high. Turn you hearts back to god and
strengthen yourselves cause you are gonna need it.

Snowfirel says:

My spirit box people just said, “genocide” :( and there are millions of
people that were unbeliever’s in Jesus when they were living on this side,
and are now standing in these very long lines over there waiting for their
turn to enter into The Light of Jesus. His is the only Light over there,
Jesus is still working taking spirit people into His Light one at a time
when they repent, but they really need our prayers in order to move forward
and even get into one of those lines. Jesus forgives people when they
sincerely repent even on the other side.

carfreelori says:

this proves that we are not over reacting to want banned flights, because
as you see ONE very sick, unfortunate child came into contact with more
than 87 people! Not to say these people will definitely contract ebola..I
hope not, but you know I don’t want that russian roulette coming to my
state! I’m not afraid, and I’m not panicking, but I am very tired of
hearing Obama frame common sense and appropriate caution as fear!!!! I
want to say, “stop it Obama!” You aren’t even telling us the full story on
how ebola may potentially be contracted, so you’ve created a mistrustful
atmosphere, and you’ve been negligent in not banning flights from the
epidemic countries. It’s not true that they’d find their way here from
another country because 99% of African countries have closed their borders!
And so in any case if they flew from w. africa to another country it would
show on the passport and we can just not have anyone allowed to fly into
the U.S. who has west africa on their passport!

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