Ebola Update: 15,000 Cases, Mali Resurgence, DoD Reduces Troop Presence in Liberia

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Updated Death Totals: http://time.com/3582804/ebola-death-toll-surpasses-5000-worldwide/ Mali Gets Re-infected: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/13/health/mali…


Fillip Hulles says:

Not knowing who has it and where it has been/going is definitely a cause of
concern. If we left it alone, this could impact us tremendously as it has
even already. Unfortunate western Africa isn’t developed and acknowledged
like most of the modern higher educated countries. Great update man! This
really helps pass on what’s going on. 

Carol Kelly says:

Interesting report. I find it unusual to find correct information on you
Two points however; Firstly, the American press was told to quit reporting
suspected cases of Ebola. The press don’t really have to obey that ruling
– freedom of the press etc., but if I was one of those nurses suspected of
having Ebola and the press was out there reporting on private medical
information I think I would sue. I don’t think its disinterest by the
public. If I was a woman who shopped in a store that was visited by one of
returnees from West Africa and I was put off work based on rumour alone I
would sue. The bottom line for the press is money – not good reporting.
Secondly, those nurses went on strike for a second time because they were
not being paid their hazard pay. This is something that worries me. These
countries are receiving massive amounts of financial aid from counties
around the world – the money is not being used as intended. Does this mean
corrupt governments are stealing from the world effort to help. If this is
the case, donations may dry up so, its best if that truth is kept hidden.
I have read very recently that there has been some limited success with
The best sources to keep up with the continuing crisis Ebola are: WHO, MSF,
and the CDC. You can google updates weekly,

Superior 666 says:

Ebola chan is offended by the lack of attention from the media. 

harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

Long-awaited update! Thanks Styx, your reports are always rich and
entertaining despite the topic at hand

Aliksander Persia says:

Do you think keeping it from the media is a coldly calculated plan to get
the U.S. infected? In my opinion, if the U.S gets largly infected, the
world will shortly be affected/infected

apagoogoo says:

when i watch the vids of lava creep from hawaii, i think of ebola. it’s
moving very slowly, and looks like it’s not moving. but under the black
surface, it’s 900 degrees and still moving.

MrYumerican says:

Alright US population. Send troops to west Africa or send them to Iraq? I
choose neither. Do west Africans still not believe Ebola exist? 

Vladimir Vostokian says:

Tens of cases in Mali.

AnObserver says:

I really enjoy your Ebola updates and commentary, Styx. Thank you.

Phil Mike Hunt says:

I’m scared styx……

Alex Plante says:

Nice horseshoes

michael w ever says:

the traditional burial customs are spreading it 

Charles Martel says:

Ebola-chan meme comes nowhere close to Doge meme. Sorry chumps.

[G]-Paradise says:

Most people only believe MSM (Main Stream Media) thus in order to prevent
mass panic it’s with hold from those sources.

Gayle Lowery says:

So appreciate your reporting! News is hard to come by. Mums the word.

BootyCheeks says:

I am not very convinced that it will get that bad in murka. 

TastyCritters says:

De-population agenda+ D.U.M.B.s=
Bad news for the rest of us.
We will never know the true numbers…ever.
Ebolachan is a ninja. 

zorbatheok says:

whatever happened to that case in your backyard? 

Brandon Collins says:


nothinghere says:

So scurry!

solutionnotpuzzle says:

and i for one haven’t lost interest. i’ve read hundreds of articles already
but it’s become more and more difficult to find out what’s happening most
news organizations seem to be unwilling or unable to report what’s really

zorbatheok says:

it will be announced via cell phone alerts like flash flood warnings. At
that stage its too late

michael w ever says:

i read obama ordered the press not to report on ebola anymore 

michael w ever says:

yes why is the media hiding ebola news? weird

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