Ebola treatment proves difficult task for hospitals

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CNN’s Drew Griffin explains why only a handful of American hospitals are truly prepared to accept Ebola patients.


Jasara Kirrilroy says:

Be aware when the elitists force a vaccine upon the unsuspecting public,
they aids in their agenda of eugenics and agenda 21. This is why Bill
Gates, a eugenicists, has a patten for this man made virus, with horrid
side effects and no long term studies. He has already donated 50+ million
to ebola, and has programs in Africa already set up. Also remember the
locals in Africa firmly believe that the virus appeared when the westerners
went over, over a year ago, testing numerous different diseases. For pete
sakes they still argue back and forth weather it is air born or not…. Red
flags people…

pryncessable says:

Really who would really want to work with this deadly virus in their
hospital? You have to be on high alert all day. You mess up, you get the
virus. Worst thing is health care worker goes home the virus shows up a few
day later now their loved ones are at risk, anyone they come in contact
with. This is serious! I don’t even want to be in the hospital too long,
do whatever procedure and get out quickly and yes wash my hands with hot
water, use tissue to hold door knobs! 

Spudgy Pang says:

Whatever you do, don’t take the soft kill vaccine on the back of this lie.

Angel Asmodeus says:

If a person goes to the hospital thinking that he might have Ebola virus ,
Why would he just get up and walk out after the hospital declaring he had
Ebola , Doesn’t make much sense …. Something fishy going here 

Lisa Legg's Channel says:

Perhaps they should give the people in west Africa some Obama care too!
Perhaps it will stop this epidemic from spreading across the globe! LOL!

BugSplat says:

If the government brings people to the U.S. with Ebola, and allows flights
from the Ebola zone, They should be Liable if an American catches Ebola in
the U.S.! They should be charged with TREASON if we have an Outbreak here!!

Anne M says:

I dont feel safe at all. staff downloading stuff off of computer???? Vomit
and cough droplets will get onto somebodys skin with no prob, and now only
a handful of hospitals can even intake these kinds of patients…wow

gorgeousRON15 says:

The only treatment for ebola is taking vitamin c 1000 MG a day or more-
don’t worry there’s no overdose of vitamin c.. and Pray to God :)

Jeff Riles says:

Most hospitals are under staffed due to budget cuts 

T.J. Vliet says:

and it can be incinerated end of that bullshit

shaunaanne100 says:

If this is even remotely accurate, we could be fucked. 

Ricardo Fabela says:

haha….. ” MISTAKE ” LIES!

Wendy Frances Milone says:

I’m not here to comfort you. I reserve my talents for those who deserve my

Travis Ruiz says:

Personally this is why Healthcare in America needs to improve from the
Hospitals to Insurance companies. Most Hospitals are not even ready for
Biological or even Nuclear war( NOT THE EXPLOSION BUT THE RADIOACTIVE
FALLOUT). Some Hospitals in America turn people away, if they have Staph
Infections because of Insurance cost and to increase profits that forces
Patients sometimes to go 100 to 200 miles to an Hospital to receive
treatment. Now Imagine if this was Ebola, and factor the the bullshit of
the American Medical Industry and the strain of the current economy and we
may have complete hard reset of American Society.

T.J. Vliet says:

if the only way to get this disease is to come in contact with someone that
has symptoms, then this guy knew he was around sick people, specifically
ebola, he was let through on purpose…. they think we did this to them….

Wendy Frances Milone says:

Hatred is sickening. I avoid both.

jufri rayyan says:

Jewish bullshit news…. You jews ceated this anti NON SEMETIC desease to
depopulate the world… didn’t you? Fucking jews…

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