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Ebola – Transmission, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment | Ebola Videos

Ebola – Transmission, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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An overview of the transmission, presentation, and treatment of Ebola, including some experimental therapies like ZMapp. Proper infection control practices a…

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Felipe Langer says:

As always, great class, Dr. Eric!

I’m a Brazilian medical student, and I’ve been watching most of your online
classes since last year. If you don’t mind answering it, I’d like to ask
you: which software(s) do you use to prepare your presentations? They
always seem very clean and straightforward, but some of the
graphics/illustrations made me think which program I could use to make
something similar in some of my presentations.

Congratulations for your wonderful work, certainly many medical students
and physicians around the world share the same admiration I have for your
knowledge and talent as a teacher.

Dario Camacho says:

Thank you, there is a lot of conspiracy theories around and having this
kind of resource to explain to my friends why those conspiracies are not to
be taken seriously its really helpful.

anil bhandari says:

You the star.

Zanther Stone says:

I believe there should be two levels of PPE for each type off precautions
category. One for normal interactions and another for extended or
physically demanding interactions.

The disposable gown and surgical mask do a great job. Heck you don’t even
really need it in a normal conversation but it’s there in case the patient
sneezes/coughs or you touch something else then try to rub your eye.

The problem is, if you’re dealing with vomit and feces and sweating in your
PPE and stretching and shuffling around eventually Ebola might get through.
This those can wear the higher level suits.

I wouldn’t see it cavalier for a doctor to walk in, talk for a few minutes,
take some lung sounds, etc with old PPE guidelines. But it would be asking
for trouble to be turning the patient, leaning across him, wiping diarrhea,
be near him during vomiting, changing his sheets, starting IVs etc with
only gown mask.

Just my thoughts! Thanks for informative video!

Nick voropaev says:

Dear Eric,
I would like to know what type of immunity people have after recovery, and
how long it lasts (immunity)? And thank you very much for all your videos.

Badrud Doza says:

Thanks Eric. I was looking for such an informative piece since the

Hersch S says:

1]fomites may have chance of infection.What is the survival time of ebola
virus on such fomites? [suppose if that fomite is a diamond ring and that
too given by your father-in-law and your wife may get enraged over it’s
corrosion by chemicals or the worst scenario -incineration.
2] Do we have to dispose the fomites or disinfect the fomites? What are the
method of disposal or disinfection of fomites?
thanx in tons for such an awesome work you are doing!

12GaugePadawan says:

Great information as always! I do have a quick question though. If an
infected person sneezed or coughed, could this aerosolize the virus?

docspatil says:

Dear sir, I love your video lectures. I request you to prepare lectures on
difficult topics like inborn errors of metabolism and storage disease ,
vasculitis etc

Idel Fernandez says:

Thank you for these and all your videos.

C McB says:

Thanks. Liked your summary best.

بشير الأمين says:

very nice, really this is great effort 

Rozan kamil says:

Ebola virus

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