Ebola to infect 1.4 MILLION in four months !

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Ebola to infect 1.4 MILLION in four months !


Aero Mech says:

The conflict behind the USA and its inherited leaders. Im sure you have herd of the EBOLA “crisis”…. There have been many strange signs leading to these current events. A few years ago FEMA started developing camps or “FEMA Camps”. They said the camps are there “IN CASE” a natural disaster or an epidemic happens. At that same time people found black coffin like boxes. Ordered by FEMA by the millions saying each box can hold 4 average people. Keep in mind this all happened in 2010-2012 timeline. 
   In recent years Obama signed a congressional order stating he could imprison any US citizen “showing” respiratory illness… That could be from a slight cough to the flu… When EBOLA hits America the government could detain you… But where would you put all these sick people? The hospitals are already understaffed and are not ready for a virus of this magnitude. Thats when the good ol’ FEMA camps and coffin come into use. 
   Wile all thats happening people without an illness will turn to robbing and looting to survive. The government will have “no choice” but to call MARSHAL LAW. Thats how the USA will fall along with the WORLD. We are the world currency. This paves the way for the NWO and the one world currency. 
   There is no way to stop this from happening… Its the destiny of the world. But if you at least know about it you can prepare. This is only a few facts. Look more into it and you will be amazed… “Nothing is hidden from you, its just that your not looking hard enough.”

zero matt says:

can you say 28 days later. lol 

perkunlitewski says:

I'm not afraid of Ebola….waiting for the cold cold Winter! LOL….or maybe they're wrong?

perkunlitewski says:

I think Obama should be isolated cos he is flying to often to Africa, LOL
Anyway I think that we will see before ww3 more regional wars, starvation, epidemics and economic collapse. The situation after that will that bad that elites around the world will push the buttons. Maybe that's the plan…collapse everything…and countries will use nuclear weapons …finally!!

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