Ebola: The Full Story

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iisdan says:

Stop eating animals & quarantine ourselves for any symptoms of any major
virus … But humans are too ignorant and dumb to do this so have fun with
the next couple hundred viruses that come from the same origin 

War Rock says:

Just nuke the fuck out of Africa.

Eve A says:

Maybe you’ve seen that one already, but in case that you have not ….

Ebola: The Full Story

Truxonisi Wenseslao says:

I really appreciate the subtitles you put on every video you have in your
channel, it’s very useful for non native speakers as me. My first language
is Spanish but I also speak English in an advanced level, and your videos
are useful for me to learn more about science and to practice my listening
skill. Thank you so much! By the way, thanks for the information of Ebola!

Sumayya Zahid says:

i feel bad for the people who actually get ebola!

sir zophiel says:

I luv’d how you ended the video… the douglas adams quote from
hitchhikers… ‘Don’t Panic’

Jordan O'C says:

Bill gates is giving $50 million? I swear he has like >$50 billion, why not
donate more :)

DeeDee Waters says:

Ebola: The Full Story
The science and information about Ebola.
#Ebola #science 

summ murphy says:

You know how amazing it would be for me to actually see and study the Ebola
Virus. I bet most people would be like “No way in hell” but wow..I’d love
to look down at it, experiment with it. Just the thought of studying that
virus makes me..I guess the only word I can put it is “happy” It makes my
insides tingle at the thought that most things about viruses have not been
discovered. For some reason I have a building curiosity for these types of
things. I mean isn’t it fascinating that viruses are technically not alive
and yet they cause so much destruction.

Kaleb Trout says:

NO u don’t want the flu shot the flu shot doesn’t even match up to the flue
right now so ur just injecting poison into you

Todd Smith says:

I am very curious as to why this guy DISCOUNTS Richard Preston’s FIRST HAND
EXPERIENCE in the Ebola outbreak for which he was THERE back in the 1970s.
The organ liquification and bleeding from orifices, and such. The book “The
Hot Zone” was not fiction, nor was it “based on actual events”~it was a
FIRST HAND ACCOUNT of an early outbreak. To jump into this video and, first
thing, discount Richard Preston is near blasphemous! He was THERE during an
outbreak. He Explorer the bat caves believed to be HOT with the disease. He
was WAY AHEAD of the rest of the world on this disease and this guy
discounts his experience? Why? “The Hot Zone” takes no artistic liberties.
It is NON-FICTION. Yet it is the scariest, most haunting book I’ve ever
read! This video disappoints

Linus Qvint says:

Why whould you eat a fucking bat in the first place?!

Higgins2001 says:

…but the news tells me I should panic! you know, obama! big
government! conspiracy! 

It's Okay To Be Smart says:
Corbbin Goldsmith says:

Thumbs up if you would vote for him to be president.

cyrax x says:

i will name my pet ebola if i have any one day.

TheFarnch says:

The largest Ebola outbreak… pretty damn small compared to other

Wilik says:

take a deep breath, trust in science, and get to work

The Summer Solsta says:

It’s only thousands who have died. Not the millions and millions you think
have died.

Nirvana Kurt cobain says:

I have ebolalala she has ebolalala we all have ebolalalala

Alwin Priven says:

does it infect the middle east?

Shaan Sawrup says:

I’ve never been to another continent…… I’m going to Europe in June

Josh Abbott says:

I have had all of those symptoms all at the same time after u had been to
Chad and u was scared I had Ebola and I’m serious. But I was checked and I
didn’t have it. Just coz u have these symptoms at the same time doesn’t
means it’s Ebola it could just babe flu

IShallUseFire! says:

My opinion? I live in scandinavia, we’re pretty much immune to the virus.
A: free healthcare
B: really cold climate compared to West Africa 

TheYAYLOLers New Channel Name! says:

6:10… No. Don’t look at Europe

Abel Lawliet says:

Sooo, don’t hug sweaty Ebola patients.
Got it.

iamihop says:

Fruit bats are “at least one” of the reservoirs? 😀 Are we considering
individual bats as reservoirs, now? lol. I can’t believe that cracked me
up. There’s something wrong with me…

Bradley Thornock says:

I know I am a little late with this and it might seem trivial but there is
a difference between quarantine and isolation. Quarantine are for those
individuals who have been exposed to contagious disease but are still
asymptomatic while isolation is for those individuals who are sick. I bring
this up because in the video Joe is a little loosey goosey with the terms
and in the news you hear people who have been exposed complain that they
are being quarantined even though they are not sick, which of course is the
very definition of quarantine 

Jollykood468 says:

I’m to die to young

Max Bond says:

I live in Cyprus, that’s south of turkey, the day before yesterday i
randomly started getting hiccups, it normaly stopped, today, same thing,
should I be scared?

bobtheman1y says:

Why don’t we just kill all the animals so we can’t get sick?

the amish tech support says:

fuck fox news.

Amara Dunham says:

Yea……. Ebola has been around for over 70 years….. And I wonder why
America knows what is now… Obama…

The Failing Computer says:


Arcane Warrior says:

I searched semen and feces on google images because I didn’t now what it
was, now i’m gonna have nightmares

Llathrum Marine Mechanic says:

Still the fact that trained Doctors and Nurses in full coverage bio gear
got it should tell you it is easier to catch than is being said. To add to
the issue the CDC is not being more aggressive with in coming flights and
people who have been exposed.
Hello people we could see this flash through the US as fast as Nigeria,
great hospitals or worthless Obamacare be damed.

Koraima Sotomayor says:

Great video, thanks!

BTW Joe, I´ve reading on the web that this “crisis” about Ebola virus is
indeed an alibi to increase influence of army on West Africa for an
internal political crisis. Do you know anything about it? Does anyone know
anything about it?
I´m sceptic about that explanation… 

Pedro Duarte says:

Today i was going up the stairs behind one of the pritiest girls in my
class. We were alone because we were late for class. She looked back at me
and said hi, i said hi too. Then right at the end of the stairs she fell
down on purpose so i could catch her, and so i did. It was an awesome
moment and she did it in a way that i could tell that it was on purpose.

SOOOOO Do you think i´m overthinking it or do you think she likes me.
Feel free to ask me questions about it.

Cian R says:

You’ve made me feel better about this thank you 

utkua says:

David Quammen ? Isn’t that the guy says “Mosquitoes defend bio diversity”,
he means, by spreading malaria and killing people who happen to live in
poor countries ? A true humanitarian I guess, definitely not a psychopath. 

Pablo Hablo says:

It’s ok to be smart, but it’s also ok to be clear. This video does not
clearly convey that, while Ebola is very unlikely to become airborne, it is
also likely to be contagious while aerosolized, e.g., via sneezing/spewing.
This has been proven in lab animals, and recently acknowledged by WHO, and
eventually conceded by CDC. Hence, prophylactic quarantine by caregivers,
like the military details in Liberia, is highly commendable.

airborne- viable while dry, able to be suspended for long times in wind
aerosol- viable within water-containing droplets.

Rodrick Thompkins says:

every body calm down its no like soon as you say Ebola your going to get it

khenricx says:

I would be scared if Ebola mutate :/

James C says:

This is hilarious, even in first world countries people are out of shape,
weak, vitamin and mineral deficient. A fit well fed-Including vitamins,
minerals, waters, fats, carbohydrates. Would simple crush Ebola. However
even the people in first world countries are deficient. It’s hilarious how
many medications are made when simply they is a cure:Water, and Rest.

Cassandra Lambert says:

FINALLY!!!!!! Thank you 

iisdan says:

That map is misleading, it should be amount of health spending vs

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