Ebola survivor: Get help if you have symptoms

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Ebola survivor, Nancy Writebol, discusses the first Ebola diagnosis in the U.S. and threat of the virus.


Nairod2 says:

Most governments banned flights from the infected zone, why didn’t the US
gov toke more precautions…

Brii 1000 says:

Canadian doctors made a vaccine for Ebola (which has bites of Ebola in it)
that worked 100 percent to disinfect Ebola from them. Now they’re trying it
on humans. 😀
Who knew we were that smart? (BTW I’m not Canadian.)
(Btw by ‘we’ I meant humanity…) No offence tho. Yeah I’m not afraid of
death… Soooo… IMMA BE STRONG WHEN I GET EBOLA! Yeah, there is no cure.
Its not like the flu. God knows what she ‘did’

Heats1Fan says:

Small world but Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, all these places
haven’t attracted the disease, but we do. Smh fucking horrible government.

pryncessable says:

Why was he allowed in the country from Liberia when it’s infested with this
deadly virus? C’mon America this is serious!!!! Imagine the doors he
touch, the plane flew in, who sit neck to him, people who handle his bags?
Omg! Gloves up everybody. I try not to touch public door handles. I always
have Wet wipes, or Lysol wipes small packets in my bag.

Wine Tosee says:

What a weird couple. 

Anne M says:

what medicine is she still taking if there is no cure????

Jaziel Herrera says:

He probably knew before he got on the plane that he had Ebola … the only
way to save his life WAS to come back to America! 

Garrett Dalton says:

You sound like dale from king of the hill. Everything is due to the
government isn’t it lol.

I have been washed by the blood of the lamb, so i can sin and go to heaven. says:

this woman is soo boring to listen to hoooly shet

ShaiIsAFlyGuy says:

yay white privilege…. aka not.

Angel Asmodeus says:

If these people have been cure of Ebola , why isn’t the medicine being
handed to people who has Ebola else were ? Heck IF I knew I had Ebola , I
would be first to step for trial test 

halojump123 says:

You FCKN Cun-t. Go back to your Africa. 

Garrett Dalton says:


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