Ebola Survival Equipment Found Locally For $25

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We wanted to see if we could find items locally that would protect our skin in the event of a chemical spill or infectious disease. Although not perfect, it …


Living Survival says:
The Daily Shooter says:

I work in the Haz Mat industry and we need more PPE vids like this. We
always use a 2 man team. If your alone. Setting up a bleach shower first
will help eliminate the virus before disrobing. Great job bro

guns4funcajanajustin says:

Nice kit and you cant beat the price. Not bad thumbs up!

SoulSurvivorX2 says:

That’s a great custom idea for Halloween :)

nathan rubio says:

So it’s gloves, before you put your suit on, tuck your pant legs into your
socks than don the suit. Mask, eye protection, hood. Then second set of
gloves, tape seals. Booties, tape seals. Tape under neck at zipper.
N95’s are filters, surgical masks are barriers….but this is the internet
and YouTube. Experts everywhere. 

FastActionBlades says:

awesome bro. Man, I keep forgetting to sign up to the website. I don’t do
a lot of YT at home, I gotta remember to do this.

Paper Tiger says:

Great demo, quite a process ツ

20dollarbandit says:

+Living Survival check out the polish gas mask, excellent choice for $20-30
bucks. Combined with a level b suit (the one with built in booties and
hoody) you are in pretty good shape.

Fishermanguy44 says:

Looks like it works pretty good for 25$ 

PitFireOutdoors says:

Great test man! I’d throw in a small spray bottle with bleach. Spray off
the “pudding” and the area around you were you undressed. I’ve worked in
vet clinics where quarantine areas were needed. We always bleached our
boots, shoes exiting and entering the area. Helped lots! Thanks for the kit
idea, this now on my next weeks “supply” run! 

MountainMan says:

very good points and tips!

Kristyanna Virgona says:

before you took off your gloves you should have lowered the zipper then
taking off one glove you should have lifted the sleeve on the arm you took
the glove off and slip your arm out of the sleeve then take your other
glove off and take the rest off.

JOEY082j says:

Instead of using my hands to pull the sleeve off I would of just placed the
sleeve of my suit under my shoe and just stand up. It will come right off
without use of your hands

555 Gear says:

Haha, what a disgusting thumbnail. I’ve kept respirators in my bag for
years now. A suit isn’t a bad idea either.

TheTacticalDefender says:

Great video! I work at a hospital and I think it’s time I start taking some
items home with me. Something is better than nothing I guess. Thank you for
taking the time to make this video.

James Ladnier says:

Good job bro very useful incase Ebola gets bad 


Awesome video, and good information!!!

20dollarbandit says:

Great vid funny I just put together level b hazmat suits and respirators to
my kit. I grabbed my gear from newpig.com just in case guys want slightly
better gear. 

Ibpn says:

there’s a video on YT that shows an overturned truck and a cop approaching
it on foot. to help the driver. the truck was leaking ammonia the cop
didn’t know or realize he was in a hazmat situation the truck did have the
placard showing, within seconds he was on the ground and dead. the name of
the video is “ammonia kills cop”. as much as we would want to help in an
emergency situation you first must evaluate it.
ps it turns out to ba a training film I think, but it makes a good point.

BUZZEY15 says:

Those mask are effective for about 20 minutes if that.. and in saying that
the mask should be the last thing off, so you should put the mask strings
in the hood and also consider using dish washing gloves as the outer gloves
prehaps and then the other gloves under?

stg5ive -- Real Life SHTF says:

I can smell it from here

acexprt says:

Pro tip: double up on gloves so when you are ready to take off the clothes
you can take off the first layer of gloves and have a “somewhat” sterile
pair underneath.

Teds Outdoors says:

Great vid! I will hopefully get all of those items. I’m glad I don’t live
in the city. Thanks-Ted

Rich Schwartz says:

Thanks for the vid and the comments after are definitely worth reading all
where more information can be shared. 

Ringo Star says:

Nice video, outsiee the box thinking, I work in hospial anytime there is a
high risk patient we double glove for extra protection and when your done
you can take off the outer gloves and remove your suit, gloves are the last
to come off

Ps put your mask and goggles before the suit so the suit will come off more
easily, also you can use a surgical hat to stay clean



derplinkster says:

great vid thanks for sharing but i would want someone to bleach me down as
i take it off.

bizzarrogeorge says:

Chocalate sauce? Looked like chocolate syrup to me. Must be a regional
thing. Good demonstration. My concern is the decontamination process. What
is your plan to do a decontamination of entire uniform prior to removal?
And what happens if you are wearing all of this, trying to make it home on
foot, and have to relieve yourself #1 or #2? 

hancock brewer says:

Good video my friend.

matt44991 says:

really? really? really? really?

Optionsaregood says:

For $25, it’s a good start.

MK L says:

EXCELLENT VIDEO!! Well Done! Thanks for sharing! I hope you make More Like
this to share. Many are not aware how to dress and disrobe with the Kits…

Living Survival says:
Derek Everyguy says:


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