Ebola: Should You Be Worried?

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http://www.healthnowmedical.com – Learn the facts about Ebola and the true risks to you and your family! From a doctor and author who specializes in root cause medicine. – http://www.healthnowmedical.com/contact


jdstep97 says:

I cannot help but to wonder if he had not lied about his exposure if he might have been able to save himself.  Thank you for this information.

The1RobynHode says:

What do you think about the classificaiton of airborne vs. close-contact to the public? Ebola is considered close-contact, correct? This means it can easily last seconds in the air during a sneeze or cough of a person active with ebola. Also, what is your take on the air conditions being closer to the internals of the human body? I would suspect that higher humidity and higher temps contribute to Ebola's rise during the past summer: West Africa's climate is just that…high humidity + high temps, so I would imagine this is why Ebola prospers there. 

Tobias Brown says:

I see what you're saying. Big pharma is like a blood sucker on the body politic. The slime bags.

Cesar Gesundheit says:

Very informative and concise. You're amazing. Thank you! :)

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