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Ebola Serious Red Alert!!! Executive Order 13295 Ebola Quarantine Americans | Ebola Videos

Ebola Serious Red Alert!!! Executive Order 13295 Ebola Quarantine Americans

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amd03288 says:

If you’re homeless, you get detained. Now, if you cough, you will also get

Suzanne_RCDM says:

Population reduction at work?!

Celeste Gray says:

Our God is greater

Wolf Rankis says:

When the SARS epidemic hit Asia, I was in Hong Kong when it started and
later that month in Beijing. The Chinese have “lock down” to a science.
Every village was sealed off, military check points every 10 or so
miles—-BUT, do you know what, it was the most responsible thing to do
under the circumstances. We honestly will have a “zombie Apocalypse” if we
allow a serious pandemic to go un-checked. The question becomes “is there a
legitimate sickness being spread?” If interstate transport is stopped, and
the hand to hand exchange of money or goods is prohibited, I might be
inclined to believe it, with further corroboration. In the absence of other
legitimate and sufficient corroboration of the official motivation for
martial law or something similar, I would probably be skeptical.

ctwatcher says:

250,000-500,000 die of regular flu every stinkin’ year. Calm down and
don’t let this bother you. There has been about 400 CONFIRMED. All will
be well for most. No fear.

Mit Kribop says:

It’s about time for the END for these Satanic pig bastards! Praise Jesus!



Theresa Mischeski says:

Hail king Obama! Islams Greatest son, He infiltrated The USA and now runs
it! Welcome to The NWO people, God is your only hope and I am not joking!
Things are coming that will shock us all worldwide :(

Doug Kent says:

the church has been deceiving the world into believing a gospel, which
could not be further from the truth. Jesus Christ real teachings were about
loving and respecting nature the earth and that religion was of the devil
,,,The quintisential wolf in sheeps clothing a cult of hypocrites…. and
he pointed out to the masses the ridiculous teachings of the pharisees and
religious scholars of the day…..His truthful common sense and his
teaching caused large crowds to follow him. This was a threat to the
established bullshit artist.power. so they killed jesus and made up the
gospels of matthew mark luke and john to fool men into a hopeless trap. A
trap set by the devil himself…they made up stories about miracles and
fabricated the resurrection… then they banned all other gospels about
jesus and made the possesion of them punishable by death… after that they
went about murder on a massive scale.In an effort to kill anybody who
“”believed”” Jesus…. The leaders of the church had groups of armed thugs
going door to door stoning ,burning, torturing or decapitating anyone who
“believed” Jesus.real teaching and refused to accept the bullshit gospels.
And in doing so condemned themselves and all of mankind to thousands of
years of war hate rape greed lust jealousy.and violence.instead of peace
cooperation,, good will. and compassion ..jesus knew that we are all sons
and daughters of god and that every living thing was important and that all
living things even god himself are related,.. the great tree of life unites
us all .and that a good man is a friend to all living things not just
himself at the expense of others .That is the truth…

Jackie Welsh says:

Here is the kicker on this bullshit…this was put into place with
BUSH…and he is just following up..which tells me THEY KNEW THIS ALL

Robert Whatley says:
Tammy Sanford-Banks says:

Ya know what disease, what respiratory disease is not on the Obamacare,
medical health, detention list, of this executive order? MERS. How ironic.
I middle easterner diagnosed with MERS, a respiratory disease won’t be

Chris Willis says:

Apparently ebola is transmitted via blood and other body fluids. It is not
thought to be airborn. Yes, it has a high mortality rate–but it is not as
if it is as easy to transmit as the common cold, etc. Seems to me the REAL
weapon here is fear. If people panic, that is when the shit will hit the
fan. Road blocks. forced vaccinations. (who knows what is in those
vaccines) quarantines. maybe even martial law. Everyone needs to keep their
heads about them, learn all they can about this, practice hygiene and
common sense. Don’t feed the fear.

kristyn ricca says:

where is the proof that this is real? ive been looking for credible sources
and not finding shit…a bunch of here say…i know a bunch of different
sources are saying this, but most is conspiracy theorists that are posting
this, we need to make sure all the sources arent wrong…seriously, it
sounds a little radical and vague mission…if someone can give me a link
like c span or wiki, something

factinator33 says:

The find a way to mass produce it and the put it on the jets to disperse it
in the chem trails. Talk about it treasonous son of a bitch

robert boose says:

good video, hope you do a update later…

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