Ebola: Rwanda bolsters DRC border restrictions

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The health ministers of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda are meeting on Tuesday to work out a plan to fight the latest Ebola outbreak.
It is hoped the discussions will lead to the adoption of a joint strategy which can be presented to the World Health Organization.
Al Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker is in the Rwandan city of Gisenyi, on the border with DR Congo.

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jim c says:

These stupid fkn doctors "For Open Borders " are going to spread this pandemic, and be responsible for millions of deaths, all for job security ???

Susan Ananda says:

Why do they have Ebola there? Why is there no Ebola here?

lexi don't reply says:

Scary disease

Purple Shirted Eye-Stabber says:

I feel like Wakanda is based roughly on Rwanda

DoungelBoy says:

No more peace and harmony in this world. There’s sickness, disease, riots, arm race, Cold War, cyber war. This world is tired of human beings!

Jimmy and the Resurrection says:

Oh my people my people what are they doing to you!!!

busby pero says:

What they need to restrict are the white people who are sticking them with needles. Stop that and you will stop the Ebola as it was made in a lab by whites. This is beyond debate.

Warrior says:

Only discovering 50% of cases. Tutakufa sisi wote. ☹☹

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