Ebola Returns to the Congo: 19 Dead

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Athanaric says:

Where is my Ebola-Chan meme folder…

Peppermint Catsass says:

Congo st. Oakland Ca. I believe it.

sypoth says:

Styx, Ebola evolving is actually highly unlikely, this is because we have found the exact same stains of Ebola in Dinosaurs that we have today, it is a paleo virus ND quote possibly the oldest virus still around to this day.
But yeah there is work going on with how to react ti another super flu like the H1N1 Spanish varient, why do you think there was such a panic with the H1N1 Swine varient? Two completely different types with the same coding, the pricked is making people aware without the media whipping up a panic, knowing it's lethality rate, and engineering a vaccine for it, we have a hard enough time making a vaccine for the annual flu based on predictions imagine trying to predict a once in a century flu.

Paige 1996 says:

You remind me of a cross between John Lennon and Shawn Cassidy lol which coming from me is a compliment. Been binging your videos today and I love them.

JRock 636 says:

Here is my sad face :)

Johnnyc drums says:

What happened to the Ebola bitch who went to Maine?

fumanchu168 says:

Ebola-chan has nothing on Flu-Oneesama

Frank Burns says:

Call the local witch doctor. He'll fix you right up by shaking some chicken bones above you and telling you to say two "ooga boogas" and call him in the morning…assuming that village has any of that white man voodoo known as the "phone."

John Doe says:

California is welcoming Ebola with Open Arms …We mustn't discriminate..

Raphael Quaglio says:

Quarantine will stop all pandemics unlike in the old times before total quarantine was possible.

Swordofswordom says:

Ah jeez, we doing the whole Ebola-Chan thing again?

A Sojourner says:

We had some ppl who came back w/it. Before they arrived everyone got special training to handle this. Ebola is considered a Level 4 biohazard so, yes it's a little frightening. Even at the big university hospitals you just don't see people with diseases like this.

Waterpenny says:

Ha! As if Obama didn't smuggle thousands of cases right over the border at Tijuana in late 2016 and again just prior to Trump's inauguration:
"Swarm of "African Migrants" appear in Tijuana, Mexico; Being crossed over to U.S."

"African Migrants in Tijuana; Update"

DaveKtver says:

Time to send in Black Panther…..

paul andrews says:

I love how like 10 people die and the media is like “massive Ebola epidemic reeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

Schmaiah goldberg says:

i'm from algeria i watched dazons of your videos…man you are like a new prophet you teach me alot

Recluse says:


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