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Ebola Report Sept 9: “latter day plague,” Italy, Preps, Syringe attack | Ebola Videos

Ebola Report Sept 9: “latter day plague,” Italy, Preps, Syringe attack

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http://time.com/3310226/ebola-guinea-liberia-sierra-leone/ 49% increase in week http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2014/09/09/oxford-study-…

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lori brak says:

they sell gloves in boxes of 50 for a few bucks at the dollar generals and
cheaper store, I bought them to care for a sick pup, they were around 5

brightpurpleviking says:

What about the fourth Ebola case in the USA? I think he is being kept in
Atlanta. It was actually a small blurb on the news as an afterthought,
almost, when talking about the patient in Nebraska.
THANK you for the wonderful information at the beginning of your video.
There are so many lists and recommendations that I was getting overwhelmed.
I wanted an actual medically trained person with a healthy dose of respect
for Ebola to give her advice…thank you! I will start gathering things to
protect my family.

Jo S. says:

GS…I don’t think it will be here in Winter.. It appears to only thrive
in sub-tropical areas….

Debbie M. says:

Oh Sue this video is so very informative. Thank you millions for this info!
Lots of things to remember and you brought a lot to my attention. Yes I
have a cb radio in our van and will be setting up a home base unit as well.
Dollar store rain ponchos might be something to have a few on hand also. Oh
cheap dollar store shower caps also. Take care-Deb 

skybirdbird says:

this is great info granny… you are the best!

Darby Dupree says:

Vitamin C and Colloidal Silver! Have you tried ACV to lower your blood
pressure, Spinner? Husband is using it for about two weeks and we can see
a difference. Take about 2 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar pour
into a cup add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and add a little water (about
1/4 cup) to it as it fizzes up and drink it down. Keeps the ph in balance

harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

Another info packed report thanks for sharing more valuable info.Please
don’t change anything in the way you broadcast your videos they’re great as
they are!

Armageddon time to die says:

I feel the best defense against “airborn’ ebola is high amounts of pure
ascorbic acid (vitamin c, possibly 20 grams a day, then if its coming
close, up to 100 grams a day in hourly divided doses (100 grams is approx 4
ounces) that’s a lot of “c’ in your blood, but it has to be divided equally
throughout the day and night because the 1/2 life of c is very short. The c
can be mixed in water, the taste would be like lemon aid, it can be sipped
throughout the day and evening..this formula should work on ANY virus. I
feel the virus would have a tough time getting a foot hold against your
white blood cells..that’s how it attacks. Also and even more important is
the use of OZONE, ozone is 1000 times more powerful than chlorine
bleach..they use it all over the world to purify drinking water, BUT that’s
not how I’d use it, II have an ozone generator that purifies the air, the
unit blows the ozone throughout the house, and if the ozone comes into
contact of ANY virus it kills it by changing the humidity in the air into
hydrogen peroxide, that’s what kills ANY virus, PLUS as you breath the
ozone in (perfectly safe) the hydrogen peroxide coats your entire mucous
system (nose, lungs, mouth and even enters your blood as you breath..now
you have vitamin c AND the hydrogen peroxide circulating in your blood 24/7
(weak solution). If the above doesn’t work, nothing will..but I have just
given you a formula to kill Ebola before it kills you. I am baffled why
these so called doctors don’t know this..think about it..both formulas are
totally harmless and deadly to ALL viruses. Remember,viruses are beyond
microscopic, so it doesn’t take much to kill them..hydrogen peroxide and
ascorbic acid in your blood should give your white cells a fighting chance.
Mary should agree, she’s a nurse. P/s you will not find this combination
anywhere else in the world, 

Richie Mann says:

I’m afraid that their hubris will kill us all. They think they’re so good
at what they do that they can bring patients infected with the deadliest
disease on Earth to America without any consequences. If that’s true, then
I would ask these egomaniacs: how did these doctors got infected in the
first place? If you’re so perfect and error free, then how did these
Americans catch Ebola?

Rootie Woodard says:

Thank you! You are truly one of Yahua’s set apart ones a watchman on the
wall for us blow that shofar! Smile

songbird7777777 says:

Thanks again, Sue for all that you do for us! You are an angel!


We knew months ago this is the plague of revelation and even put you on my
ebola page on fb and have put my vids here but now is time to get ready for
those who are sleeping and – lol, just catching up! Glad you are finally
realizing it

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