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Ebola report Oct 30: Something doesn’t smell right, Goading us into quarantines | Ebola Videos

Ebola report Oct 30: Something doesn’t smell right, Goading us into quarantines

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http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/29/ebola-epidemic-turning-point-wellcome-trust http://www.sciencemag.org/content/early/2014/10/29/science.1259595.f…

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TheTrueRae Smile says:

EXACTLY!!!! How right I think you are. i too have been thinking on the same
lines. Something stinks in Denmark as they say….. We must not fall for
this… Sis, it is wrong!!
I have had this feeling ever since I started digging deep in the research
of this. When I listen to the news cast and listen to the people who
reportedly are at first hand status with this virus, the pieces do NOT
FIT…. There is something very wrong with many things. As a nurse I can
tell you, having had patients die in my arms because we could not help
them, there is no way on God’s green earth I would subject anyone, to
something as direly dangerous as Ebola. I watched her face and her body
language as she spoke today and my hair stood on end. I saw deception!!
Plain and simple… Pure deception. The face, smile, the cops behind her
like a presidential escort, and the way she dismissed the reporters…
LISTEN at HOW she speaks and her head movement when she says “I have to
call….” OMGosh…. Totally scripted response in my opinion. This is a
show for our eyes…. Now she has been out riding her bike, and reporters
up and in her face without protection…. watch for the continuation of the
Casie Ebola Show! it will be a cliff hanger I bet! Quite frankly, she does
not carry herself or in this case, act like a licensed nurse….again MY
OPINION. I will be checking … bet your boots on that. SOMETHING STINKS of
Great reporting Sis…. I thank you very very much for all you are doing.
Now I am on to more research…. Trying find puzzle pieces. (((HUG)))

wolf champlin says:

Doctors without borders knows who this Casie is and her pass within the
cdc. Quarantine what quarantine what spread of what,what virus,maybe the
truth will come out after the nov 4th elections. It’s as if I’m watching a
magic show.

Judith Crawford says:

hi sue
I would like you to watch the recently posted video ” finally the Christian
church wakes up to the truth” what we are experiencing presently is
enormous, I have been studying this obsessively for 2 months now and have
had what I can only describe as ” an awakening” from which things will
NEVER be the same again!!
World events have been totally orchestrated to fit into an agenda and
people really need to wake up to that and PDQ because we do not have much
time left seriously.
You continue to be a great grounding presence in my life, I look forward to
your posts, and can see that you are awakening too, our only hope truly is
“love and light”

katia says:

GrannySue, you might be on to something with the quarantine situation and I
believe your right about Hickox. LOL, I would also like to ring her
neck. Acting like a spoiled little brat. I felt sorry for her in the
beginning, but now no. It’s no big deal to self quarantine at home if need
be as opposed to being quarantined at some facility. 

Ladyshystar says:

Well, I have many thoughts on this right now. I do believe that workers and
those who have been exposed should be quarantined. However, as I have said
previously I believe that they should be quarantined in Africa before they
are even allowed on a plane to fly out of the Hot Zone. Of course that
would be too easy. Just like stopping Air travel until they got a handle on
it would have been too easy. if they did this, it would NOT open the door
for mandatory quarantine to be implemented here in the U.S. would it? After
observing this Hickok woman and listening to her interviews I am of the
opinion she is an Op playing a role. (I agree with Ms. Rae. and Ms.
Crabby). The fact that most of her Social/Business Pages were scrubbed
immediately says a lot to me. Also where is the Duncan family now? AND the
CDC still continues it’s flip flopping double speak dance. Not to dive too
far into the land of Whoo, but one question that really jumped out at
me was “Is this really the Ebola that WE KNOW that we are currently dealing
with?” From looking at the “patients” skillfully presented to us by the
Press, and their “recoveries”, I am leaning towards NO IT IS NOT. When
observing E patients in Sierra Leone through many documentaries, those
people did not have the constitution to “TWEET”. When and if they recovered
they are not the glowing picture of health that we see in the recovered
patients here. They all have yellow eyes which is a sign of liver and
kidney damage. (Yahoo put up a slideshow of pictures of E survivors from
the Africa region that was very telling to me.) Re: our current
administration, I say everything by design. When the right hand moves watch
the left one. It is election time. They want our minds skipping rope
instead of being able to focus. TY Granny Sue.

William Rose-Digi-Money-Promo says:

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harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

I think that Kasi Hiscox (?) nurse actually has Ebola and she knows she’s
got it, which is why she’s getting her last bit of fresh air outside before
being locked in quarantine and fighting for her life. She knows she has
nothing to lose. Just my hunch…

navythomas8 says:

She is scamming for something. You may very well be correct, that she is
trying to Parley this into an appointment.

havfaith S. says:

Wonder if she really was working with Ebola patients? Could that be fake?



Flayme Fashions says:

I agree with the preacher- we are at the door and standing on the
threshold. I’ve felt that way for some time now(about the last six to
eight months). I don’t feel any fear at all but very much aware of all
that is transpiring in the world and wondering how exactly the prophesies
are going to play out now.

Like you, Miss Granny Sue, I smell a rat in all of what is happening
especially with Obama and Kaci– there is simply no logic behind these
events other than they have this all planned out and are plotting our
demise. I do believe the fema camps are meant for us(Christians
especially; they already have the guillotines oiled and ready). I sense
that the “labor pains” as described in the Word have greatly increased just
recently. I’m ready; come Lord Jesus!!!

Thanks Granny Sue for all of your work and reporting!

emurphy66 says:

So, we’re watching 9 cases in Michigan, where I live, and people are still
joking about it and acting like it’s impossible for us to be touched by
Ebola, and those who were panicking are giggling, too, now. And all they
know is the mainstream government news; we’re ready, it’s not airborne,
which all sounds like propaganda. This is not the proper response.

L chavez says:

This stupid kasey girl is with the CDC, in the EIO or EIC dept. It’s
explained has the CIA of the CDC. She then went to Dr.Without boarders. So
maybe we can then connect some dots. Nice report, as always. Bless ~ Luisa

Carolyn Dunning says:

Many thanks for your concern and warnings, totally agree that media are
indoctrinating us to accept idea of quarantine. You mentioned vaccines in S
Africa, did you see this?
Jane Burgermeister is posting regular updates on Ebola on her blog:
much love from France, take care

dina eddy says:

See DAHBOO77 You Tube to see more about this nurse. Apparently she works in
the CDC and they tried to scrub everything, but he and some other’s has

havfaith S. says:

Yes, I think you are right. I wanted quarantine until I saw everyone so
healthy after being so sick. Now, I worry about being played for a fool.
Look at Nurse Kaci, how she is playing with us all. How she works for the
CDC. Normally, the CDC would not want this kind of negative publicity.
Something wicked this way goes.

songbird7777777 says:

Again, thanks, Granny Sue! Great report!

bonnie beme says:

The only way to get to that point is to BRING IN THE ebola patients and
spread them to all hospitals across the nation. Then they can quarantine
so many workers at a time, destroy the economy of each hospital, then the
people will be screaming for the gov to take over and “save” their

katia says:

Sue, this is the video of Obama’s speech on Ebola on 10/29/14 that I
discussed with you earlier. However, the part where Obama congratulates
the one doctor behind him has been cut out, and of course, the close up of
the guy sweating profusely. To my recollection, this happened at the very
end of his speech. This highlights the importance of watching these events
live if at all possible before any editing takes place. I actually was in
another room just listening to the speech and happened to get up and walk
into my bedroom just minutes before this happened.


Also I wanted to point out that the CDC had an Ebola Fact Sheet, which has
since been archived. I bookmarked the site back in July 2014 and on page 2
of the fact sheet under how the virus is transmitted, the CDC stated that
all strains of Ebola have demonstrated the ability to go airborne under
research conditions. At some point when I went to click on the link, I was
redirected to another page. Someone on YT found the archived version of
that fact sheet for me. I’ll provide you with the both links below (the
archived version and the new fact sheet). Once you find it, take a
screenshot of it as I’m surprised it is still there.

Original Link with a redirect.

Archived version: Scroll down to “How is Ebola Virus Spread” It will be
page 2-3 of the PDF. That statement is contained on page 3 under How is
Ebola Virus Spread, (continued).

Ladyshystar says:

P.S. We have SNOW coming Granny Sue! Forecasted low of 25 in SE Ky. for
tomorrow night. Rain should start around 9AM here today and turn to SNOW w/
Ice around midnight. Then we have 9 hours of it. I still have not had to
start a fire yet. We have had sun during the day and I have been
dehydrating, canning, and cooking a lot which heats up the house to toasty.
I had a friend stop in yesterday. She walked into my kitchen and said Holey
Moley WOW! Staying on track. Still Praying, Preparing and watching the dog
and pony show.;-) Stay Warm Lady. Love to N. Kentucky. :-)

L chavez says:

Correction; she WAS with the CDC before Dr. Without boarders. Sorry

1122kiwi says:

With this Kasi gal…I feel she should have voluntarily quarantined and not
turned this into a legal issue. She should have more concern for her fellow
man. She is Ebola free and I hope she stays that way….the US is
practically Ebola free and this is due to the extreme precautions taken and
my hope is that the US will be Ebola free and stay that way but with folks
such as Kasi then the US could one day lose its control with Ebola. I found
where there is such a thing as Silent Symptoms and to me this would be the
concern of this Kasi out and about with her boyfriend and on bikes. I
honestly feel that this Kasi was fearful of her boyfriend running around
free while she was quarantined and that he might go out on her and this is
why I think she started the fight to go home, I really feel this was her
true issue in wanting to go home..

SALIMA jeffali says:

I wanted to clarify by the gov. “doing their job” what I meant was.. they
are covering their rear ends in whatever way they can even if they are
playing into Satan”s hands without even knowing it. 

fcmacken says:

Bingo! This administration’s madness has a method!

1122kiwi says:

On the other hand you had a person mention if any of this is real….and
you know that is a good thought. Folks over her seem to be recovering
quickly without blistered skin, weak and rugged looking, they seem to come
out looking like a rose and this is questionable. Facts and fiction are
just getting harder to separate these days….never knowing what is real or

T Kerr says:

It also smells funny that a video of the president of Africa went viral. A
few weeks back.
Well he passed away at 77 the other day. No known cause!!
id bet he had much more to say. 

SALIMA jeffali says:

I just tested my link and it did not come up. Just search Prisoners and
RFID and its the first article. 

skybirdbird says:

i think you are right gs… the whole ‘spectacle’ is quite amazing… as
scott anthony has said in his vids i think they are conditioning us for
some future event… i totally agree with your summation!

SALIMA jeffali says:

I would like to add that Quarantine and its promotion ties into promotion
of RFID for low security prisoners and at a later date, disease outbreak.
What is a FEMA camp if not some kind of low security prison. My Dream
(1993): In the time that the outbreak happens there are 3 technologies in
place. 1.) White military style biuvac tents are given to hospitals for
triage spill over in the case of natural disaster. (this happened 2010)
2.) RFID chips in low security prisoners. (injected behind the shoulder
blade…yet to come but getting closer) 3.) High feild resolution and
PORTABLE MRI. I saw it being used in the field during combat. (so
advanced, who knows what the timeline could be. I think scientists are
working on it.) Please take Sue’s advice to prepare your heart and your
home. The Gov. is acting in all ways as if they know it is a matter of
time. That is their job. Scientists have said for years that it is not a
matter of if an outbreak will occur but when. Whether there is malicious
intent on the part of the government is a matter of speculation. There are
others besides me that have had dreams that suggest that the government has
a sinister part to play in all this. For now there is no proof so we can
only continue to make connections in the news and pray to be shown through
dreams or visions. That is what Granny Sue is doing for us… the news
reporting and making connections. Super important since dreams are easily
dismissed as dreams not prophetic visions. I for one, have great respect
for her for doing that.

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