Ebola Report Oct 29: CIA fake vaccine program, Infected with no symptoms? Whats up with Kaci?

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http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/news-stories/press-release/alleged-fake-cia-vaccination-campaign-undermines-medical-care fake vaccine prog in pakistan h…


Joanna MaGrath says:

Good Read? http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm or a horrific
___One US Soldier infected/death from Ebola/Katrina Virus will decimate the
military & family members. >< http://youtu.be/esjcDL5DRqU><

themanshere74 says:

Master Chef. I drink two cups in the back yard every day. Good stuff!

Ladyshystar says:

Hey Granny Sue. I too am perplexed over this nurse and her actions. Of
course many things surrounding this situation do not add up. I did hear one
bit of news from Scott Anthony. I have been saying that they should
quarantine them there in Africa before they even let them on a plane and
needlessly risk infecting people. He says that is exactly what our military
is now doing. (I wonder if they read my posts. LOL 😉 21 day quarantine in
country, but away from the hot zones before they fly out. Then 21 day
monitoring after they return. So why are we not doing this for the medical
staff? TY :-) 

katia says:

Granny, I think you fill find this article very interesting. Lancet
reports cases of close family members taking care of Ebola patients without
developing symptoms. These family members were then tested and they indeed
had infection, but they had a very strong and effective immune response, so
they did not develop symptoms. At the time of the study, conventional
viral cultures did not reveal disease, (low viral load due to an efficient
immune response) so they developed PCR and then they found it. Case in
point here is they could still transmit the disease unknowingly to others
via blood transfusions and sexual intercourse. I’m thinking of Duncan’s
family here. Dr. E.M. Leroy one of the docs involved in the study has said
in light of the recent outbreak, that the CDC needs to reassess their
guidelines based on this study.


Rootie Woodard says:

In the evil world we live in, these immigrants are not only being
prostituted, but used in rituals, also eaten. Children 12 and under are
GONE. Border patrol says vans pull up to border gather those sick with
Ebola (hemmorahgic) are taken and the border patrol are told they don’t
need to know who they are or where they are going. Also a large convoy if
rigs that say Conway were going through Virginia, hmmmm

wolf champlin says:

Granny sue, something not right. First off what’s the difference of the
spread of the disease in America compared to the spread in Africa it seems
to be so much faster in Africa.It seems to me that it should have spread a
little bit more from person to person with all the infectious contacts
among people like the two nurses and Duncan who was hospitalized and died
on the 8th the first nurse showed signs very quickly after that,like maybe
two weeks if that.with fever which tells me the virus is active in her
blood the same goes for the second nurse that took two flights. Also like
our good doctor Craig traveling all over town. Should there be more cases
but where are they, maybe the America people genes are stronger then the
Africa genes or maybe the clocks are still ticking that’s just my opinion I
could be wrong. God bless stay at the ready… 

Jesse Jamison says:

I think it does make sense that the US nurses, infected with Ebola,
recovered rapidly. The victims of this disease seem to get treatment a
little too late. Our nurses looked rather healthy throughout. The victims
in Sierra Leone looked really ill. My opinion. I heart Spinnerky!

Judith Crawford says:

I am glad that you have been given that information about the masks, ebola
or not I have been watching Dale Wigingtons lectures on geo engineering ( a
must watch) which has brought to my attention the nanoparticles present In
the air due to chem trails, what with that and the ” Antares” rocket
failure spewing more chemicals into the atmosphere, I feel particulate
masks are going to be the must have accessory for our immediate future.
I am guessing that you have a bit of Campbell in you btw?

navythomas8 says:

Kaci is a money Grubbing Scrub. I for one can see her game plan.



stacie baggett says:

We are sooooo mislead by our MSM. So misleading. A friend advised me to try
and get some news papers from other countries and just look at how
different it was. If we don’t count on each other for information before
the cut our internet we won’t know.lol

katia says:

Granny, I was thinking the same thing about waiting for news to break or
“calm before the storm,” but I think there is possibly a media smack down
going on. Did anyone see the president’s address to the nation about a
call for more healthcare workers to go to Africa? Was on CNN around 4:00
PM EST. Very interesting. He had a team of healthcare workers
(doctors/nurses) behind him that had just gotten back from Ebola stricken
areas, apparently supposed to be on a 21 day watch. They focused and
congratulated one doctor in particular who volunteered for Doctors Without
Borders and when the camera zoomed in on him, he had beads of sweat all
over his forehead and was looking a little pale. I didn’t know they had
all just gotten back from Africa when the speech was ongoing, but at the
end of it, the CNN anchorman made that announcement. I just thought that
was so weird….

BadBrainPrepp says:

We are being manipulated yes…

fcmacken says:

Hi Sue, I have come to the conclusion that this administration wants the
American public scared for several reasons. A lower voter turnout at the
poles in the midterm election is perceived to help the Democrats. False
flag events will make the public more prone to take the clandestine
vaccine. The acting out, by a crisis actor, of a rebellious attitude
to self isolation, showing it could get one put in police confinement.
Staging crisis actors to fool the public of a looming threat is a trademark
of this administration. Making the public fearful of infected people being
shipped here from a foreign land. so they will be scared to leave their
homes. The individual American is smart, but the masses are stupid,
ignorant sheep that can be manipulated and herded like cattle to

bobbi pearson says:

love you granny sue! its like you”re in my head sometimes. thank you so
much for all your hard work. my prayers go out to you and your family. keep
up the good work.

Sean Novillo says:

They the government want every thing very quite for the midterm elections
then all h e ll will break loose with this Ebola.

havfaith S. says:

Sue, not only did they recover fast, but don’t they just look glowing with
health? They don’t look like they lost any weight. Nurse Nina was walking,
not weak. She was not in a wheel chair. I have been hearing this is a false
flag, now I am wondering myself. Think Africa is real, not sure about these
nurses. The CDC nurse has me again wondering what is the administration up
to? She has her connections to the administration. Where is Duncan’s
family, lost and forgotten? 

Judith Crawford says:

Hi from Scotland Sue!
Have the CDC suggested the use of particulate masks, if they are saying it
is airborne surely this would be a good measure?

Rootie Woodard says:

I’m in Tampa, FL and there are 8 people being monitored, a whole school
shut down and one closed for awhile because of enterovirus, this too much.

TraditionallySouthern says:

So many lies we are told. My thought about irresponsible Ebola exposure
should be treated just like a person with the Aids virus. All Ebola
traveled persons who return and lie about their Ebola exposure then become
infected while carelessly exposing others should be prosecuted the same as
someone who has the Aids virus that intentionally infect others. As a
nurse, I am appalled this nurse refuses to be quarantined for the safety
of fellow Americans. She sounds more like a politician than a healthcare
provider. Her license should be revoked!

Woodsygirl62 says:

You conspiracy nut you lol
Don’t know about a waving flag… false flags ..maybe. I think, yes, its
real, but .. we are being lead , possibly, to believe things that distract
us from the real story??? Now who’s the nut. We need to put our trust in
God and certainly not lamestream media. And some alternative media..

Sean Novillo says:

Hey Ganny Sue keep up the good work!

Rick Nof says:

Anyone else having trouble playing this video? Computer is fine, I can
play any other video…just not this.

havfaith S. says:

How about the sewage, is that being flushed? Patrick Timpone had a guest
speaking on this the other day. 

Tribulation Now says:

Granny Sue ツ Ebola Report Oct 29: CIA fake vaccine program, Infected with
no symptoms? Whats up with Kaci? http://youtu.be/BJreqBOm2ak

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