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Ebola report: Oct 25-26: Local BioTerror Team, 200 incidents/releases in US labs yearly | Ebola Videos

Ebola report: Oct 25-26: Local BioTerror Team, 200 incidents/releases in US labs yearly

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http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/millions-at-risk-of-ebola-infection-according-to-freakishly-accurate-prediction-model/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1997182/?page=7 (study…

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brightpurpleviking says:

Thank you, Sue! Great info as usual! Stay warm and healthy :-)

Donna D in Miss says:

Thank you! Stay warm!
The small pox vaccination stuff, was very interesting. I bet you are right
about, some people, already having been given it! 

BadBrainPrepp says:

Thank ye ;)

katia says:

Thanks again Granny. Interesting observation about the possible
vaccinations, which would mean this has been well planned out. However,
would they supply the rest of humanity with the same vaccine? The 5 yr-old
boy in New York has tested negative (great news) but they will continue to
monitor over the course of the next few days and retest. Remember Kent
Brantly also tested negative initially. The serum of survivors is key and
was a mainstay of treatment in times past. I believe I read somewhere that
Z-mapp is basically the same thing, using neutralizing antibodies, but the
cost is huge and it is not readily available. They should be getting serum
from all survivors and then screening it for other deadly diseases and
using this as a first option along with prompt supportive measures. Timing
is key. As for the nurse in NY, I believe her treatment was inhumane.
Yes, she needed to be quarantined, but the conditions were deplorable.
This is America, not Africa. Paper scrubs, no heat, a nonflushable
toilet. However, I am in full agreement with Christie and Cuomo and I
applaud them for making very tough, unpopular decisions. They were
basically screwed by the administration along with the other state airports
that were basically made Ebola filtering stations. They realized
immediately that they had to do something to avoid a disaster. 

shoot4thstars says:

My thoughts exactly about the pre- vaccinations. I thought about that very
soon after watching the invincible mindsets of these people. It’s the
simplest explanation. How did they climb the ladder and get such highly
respected jobs if they were lacking upstairs? They may be used later to be
an example for all of us not to worry when it comes time for us to get our
enforced vaccination. Of course, what we get may not be exactly the same as
what they got :/ 

navythomas8 says:

Foo Quet Thailand, I have been there! Thanks for the shout out! Another
Great report! The only reason I commented on Info wars, is based on what
they overblow everything they can. I do disagree that they do that on
accident. as of 28 Oct 2014, There are now 9 states, with the mandatory
Quarrantine of one type or other.

bearzhere says:

How can they expect us to think anything other than they WANT this to
spread? Seems they are doing everything they can to let this happen! You
have to wonder what is their REAL goal in all this insanity? Thanks

ooonurse33 says:

Just got our chimney cleaned yesterday too…had a nice hot fire last night
and cooked supper on the cook stove;

Not sure if the state by state Ebola mandatory quarantine will work….if
it were me I would just fly in to a non quarantine state and go back to the
quarantine state by car….will work until they close all the borders
(which is pretty impossible, think Resident Evil)

Will Thrill says:

Hey *Granny Sue* I dont know if you can reply this this or not, My settings
says, I need to update my internet browser. Hopefully by this weekend.
About the 5yr old boy, They said he’s fine.

TheWordprophet says:

Is it just me…or does it seem evident that Nina Pham was never sick from
Also, the NY doctor who supposedly recently came to the US, and then came
down with Ebola symptoms…his picture was shown to his neighbor by CNN and
other reporters, and she looked at it and said, “That’s not him.”…
Could it be that all these MSM Ebola cases are frauds, to fool the people
into thinking that your government will save you from Ebola?
With a miracle vaccine that will kill you?

skybirdbird says:

the who stated that it is not considered unethical to give untested
vaccines to people…

Health Natural Guide says:

5 TERRIFYING FACTS ABOUT EBOLA http://www.mmmeeja.com/s/2bW8

swtrb05 says:

Also the rumors for the SC started from the Infowars page. I live in SC so
I called the Greenville Memorial Hospital where it was suspected the case
was at . They evaded questions…however it was obvious I was not the only
one to make the call. The next day in the local news there they sent out a
report stating that the rumors were false. And reassured the public that
they would immediately announce and inform the public and the media of any
confirmed cases—so lets hope that is the case. I do doubt that there is
a patient there at this time however, as I feel it would have been leaked
out by now with more verifiable information, or they would have had to
admit it with the attention that was brought out about it.

swtrb05 says:

On the Fox news channel a VA representative has come out saying that they
are actually talking of bringing ebola patients here to treat…no mention
of them being US citizens _….ridiculous.

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