Ebola Report Nov15: 337 in Mali, Case in Cameroon? Negative test in Alabama

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http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/why-we-dont-know-the-real-ebola-mortality-rate-in-the-u-s/ http://globalbiodefense.com/2014/11/12/role-long-distance-trave…


TheTrueRae Smile says:

Oh how I wish I had pears to can… My favorite fruits… Pears and peaches
and I had neither. I did can plenty of apples in every way I could think
of!! Three trees worth I might add. Thankful for them … Very Thankful.
Great report… Thank you so much Sis. Very thorough as always. I get more
news here on “E” than anywhere!!
Your pears made my mouth water, they look beautiful …

Debbie M. says:

I agree regarding these tests. They are not accurate. There has to be some
sort test that is more accurate.
I spoke to soon about me not being in the polar vortex. It’s mighty cold
here in southeastern Michigan also…..brrrr.
Stay warm and God Bless ya Sue. 

Paul Ebai says:

Ebols in Mali yes. US red cross and
MSF did it in guise of vaccinating locals. Then. Injecting kids with
The germ
IN Cameroon None.maybe Us and france are busy currupting the Leader there
to. Do their usual
False vaccination. Campaign. Then Ebola germ is injected into locals.
Bill gates and MSF did a vaccination. Campaign in Chad and
2000 kids immediately. Were killed
America doesnt. Report.they suddenly rushed to loan the government therecas
a bribe not to
Tell the world just as usa just rushed to lend. Liberia and sierra
Leone a bribe. The must exist some
Decent america n out there who would say enough is enough and
Sue theirr government. Not doing
Any thing makes all america n
Culpable also. 

navythomas8 says:

Got a new EBOLA patient here in Omaha, He is Critical. May not look good.

brightpurpleviking says:

I just watched the video link for the Nebraska article. Amazing man! I hope
he survives this horrible ordeal…and freaky that two Ebola tests came
back negative while he had full symptoms. Is that because Ebola has
morphed, or is it poor quality testing? We will never know, I guess. Just
strange that he never went around any Ebola patients. Hmmmmm

Don Hawkins says:

Grannie Sue,you made my day w/ those ‘pears’-I ate them as a youngster in
the mid south! Nothing like a orchard this time of year–every kind of pear
God bless you!

Lonnette Harrell Glorydancer says:

You are adorable! The pears look wonderful. Thank you so much for all the
research that you do to keep us informed about the Ebola pandemic. I look
forward to it every day!

Debbie M. says:

OMGOODNESS Sue! Luv, luv, luv the pears



Woodsygirl62 says:

I agree.. it isn’t over. After the first of the year is when we will
hearmore. It is tied very much to Obamacare and making money.. and people
will do horrible dasterdly things for greed.
Its cold here and cloudy, suppose to get rain/sleet/ice/snow.. rain turning
to snow lol later today and tomorrow. We are just staying in. I’m thinking
seriously of baking. keeps the kitchen warm, and smells wonderful we don’t
care about calories 😀 Stay warm, read your book. 

Metallicgld12 says:

The Granny Sue Show is one of my favorites on Youtube. HD picture quality,
pristine audio, and information you can rely on with credible references.
You’re doing an outsanding job Granny Sue and I really do appreicate this
informative channel. It completes my Youtube Experience. BTW, those pears
look delicious–prepared by expertise and perfection! I’ll be back. : )

SALIMA jeffali says:

Thank You, Texas sent National Guard units Thurs. to build
buildings/operational facilities in West Africa. My Husband says that
Morocco could not handle a Ebola outbreak because they do not have the
medical facilities or resources.
I do believe that the fact that we have Air Travel now vs. the 1300s makes
pandemic viruses harder to combat. With Bubonic plague it’s numbers of
infected would increase in the summer and come to a halt in the winter.
There were, I believe, three separate outbreaks that had this same ebb and
flow… summer/highly active winter/few cases. temp. and humidity play an
important role in the life and evolution of a virus. Now we have air
travel and a virus can be exposed to both summer and winter conditions at
once. It is now summer in Australia for example and it is winter here.
I’m not a scientist or anything, I’m a historian and do feel that the
advent of air travel has more ramifications than we currently understand.
Congratulations on getting your pears canned. I’m new to homesteading and
all our fruit trees are still young. We are limited here to low chill hour
varieties. The winds and the cold last night were intense for a
subtropical region such as this. I hope my little orange and lemon trees
make it. Stay warm, much love from my family to yours. 

L chavez says:

Thanks so much for all your doimg, the pears look yummy! Lu

Sean Novillo says:

I’m still hear with you Granny Sue.

TraditionallySouthern says:

Thank you Granny Sue for all you do. The pears look wonderful! Your work
is greatly appreciated.

havfaith S. says:

I’m listening daily, sometimes 2 times. Ebola and our failing $ are my big

Will Thrill says:

I’m still with you Granny Sue, I enjoyed watching your Ebola reports.

Rick Nof says:

I just ordered Autumn Nights from Amazon. Looks good!

sugarhiccup034 says:

Great vid…what beautiful looking pears! 

SelfSustainedLiving says:

Your pears look absolutely devine! 

Shannon PhillipsBuckley says:


skybirdbird says:

your pears look beautiful granny… thank you for your continued attention
on this!

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