Ebola Report Nov 29: 16k infected, 7k dead, Vaccine a “success,”Robots in Disaster City

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http://crofsblogs.typepad.com/h5n1/ebola/ ECDC update: 15935 cases as of nov 23 http://www.wdsu.com/health/un-number-of-ebola-cases-now-tops-16000/29978926 h…


brightpurpleviking says:

One of the leading virologists testing the Ebola vaccine said that they are
guessing the vaccine will only give the recipient ten months, at the most,
of protection. I would never take such a risk for only ten months of
coverage. Does that mean those who recovered from Ebola might only be
immune for a short period of time? Yikes.



havfaith S. says:

Thank you for working over the holiday.

Summer Rose says:

I just love loving kitties :)

Woodsygirl62 says:

They had underwear on sale?!!! where?! LOL. what president said that about
Mali..theirs or ours? Because if it was Bath house Barry, he has no clue.
If you’ve been listening to the HH Report, they say it will come back with
a vengeance when the regime and those involved wants it to… I believe
there’s lots of stories out there, but they are not being released, or
they’re being pulled by editors before press or broadcast..because someone
is telling them to… Thanksgiving night D, Hagmann had a lot to say about
everything that’s going on while they push Ferguson, and one thing is
reporting on what the govt wants pushed, and they will bring Ebola back to
the front, when they are ready? Keep up the good work. I think after New
Years’s there will be more news. IMO.
Your cohost turned her butt to the camera…now what does that say…lol. 

Will Thrill says:

Once again great report. Yes, one of the Hospital in Baltimore where I had
my doctor appointment, the rumor was they were monitoring suspect Ebola
patients. But all were negative. Oh, by the way, I love Mince pie, I buy
one at the Amish market all the time. 

songbird7777777 says:

Another great report! Thank you, Granny Sue!

SALIMA jeffali says:

Big dog robot is also called a mule.
If ebola patients are expensive and hospitals don’t like take them that
does not bode well for us. We are so focused on finance as a nation. I
wonder if we would do as well as Africa has handling a epidemic. Their
culture is much more family oriented and interdependent. Our focus is self
sufficiency, independance, and acquisition. This is not completely a bad
thing. Many of us are prepared for a crisis but where is our compassion
and reliance on each other? When I view our Nation as a whole It seems to
me that community cooperation and love for one’s neighbor is a thing of a
by gone age. Values of a time when we were a more conservative and rural
nation are being lost. We will need to find our compassion and spirit of
cooperation it if an epidemic ever manifests on American soil. The time
for Hospitals to fight this is now. Before the triage tents come out and
the cost can no longer be calculated. I Know that sounds so alarmist and
clearly, I know nothing about money. This whole thing has more to do about
money than I understand and innocents always pay the price for it when cost
weighs so heavy in consideration. 

Paul Marsh says:


Keep warm :-)
Cambridge, England

BadBrainPrepp says:

I got your card it was so sweet ,Thanks…I am going to send you some seeds
too. I have been tending to some Turkeys with sinusitis. I have finally
found good meds for them. Tylan 50 believe it or not , but there getting
better. Thanks!

na says:

Thank you!!

KerteszK says:

Hi Sue! I went to read the articles that you sourced and only the
neurotalk.psychcentral.com showed up, plus the two entries you left us in
the comments section. Could you repost them on your next video please?
Thank you.

scgmarriner says:

Thank you Granny Sue.
God bless you and keep you.
Pie sounds good

VoiceOfKaan says:

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