Ebola Report Dec 11: Obamacare, 18K cases,Side Effects in Newlink Vax Trial

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http://crofsblogs.typepad.com/h5n1/ WHO 18K+ cases http://www.rappler.com/world/regions/africa/77582-ebola-still-flaming-sierra-leone-guinea …


Donna D in Miss says:

I have a YouTube friend in Africa. He believes vaccines caused the
outbreaks in his area. He seems a very intelligent man. 

Ladyshystar says:

An ear infection? It’s been years since I had one of those. I wouldn’t even
have thought of it. I am glad that you went in. Good DEAL on the end
prescription cost. When I was completely uninsured I found that our local
electric co-op (SKYRECC) had a free discount card that saved me over 75% on
my prescriptions. (They also offer discounts at many local businesses.) It
literally saved me. My neighbor is fully insured and she chooses to use the
co-op card because she saves so much MORE. She has COPD and just 1 inhaler
cost her $125. She uses 2 each month. Just something that you may want to
check into. What is going on now with this E thing is very interesting. I
have this odd feeling that we are currently experiencing the calm before
the storm. We are staying on course, and “waiting for the other shoe to
drop” as you said. So far it has been a mild winter for us, but we still
have January, February, and March to make it through. Come on Spring :-)
P.S. Glad that you are on the mend.

TheTrueRae Smile says:

So happy that you found out what was ailing you and that you are feeling
better. There is no way they would talk me into any vaccines…. Working on
my own immune system works well for me. Be safe sis…. You are in my
Prayers. (((HUG)))

Christine Hansen says:

We were each given an intuitive sense, to make use of it, not disregard it.
Whenever we disregard this sense, we are disregarding our natural guidance
system. The info on the web is too, but even with that we still need to
employ our intuitive sense. The more in touch we are with this sense and
use it, the better off we will be.

I totally agree with you about insurance. I went to the dentist without
insurance and the bill was a whole lot less than if I’d had insurance. I’ve
been yakking about how insurance is a scam business with high paid CEOs.
It’s a control mechanism taking “choice” away from you, not giving it to
you. A visit to a healthcare provider should be between you and them,
simple. Their costs should be affordable. Not insurance, which is an
ADDITIONAL EXPENSE you pay even when you are well. This is not common
sense, it’s theft. Obamacare is nothing more than legalized theft. We
don’t think in terms of legal, we think in terms of what makes sense and
what our intuitive guidance is saying…not the government or any other

These people have made it their job to dictate to other people how they
shall live. With the state of the world, we can see how well that’s working
for us. It’s not. They are providing us evidence, real evidence, about
money, government, corporations, what they REALLY are and how they work.
All control mechanisms. The world does not need control mechanism. We
need humanity to us their common sense, respect for nature and each other,
responsibility and care. This comes from inside, not outside as a threat.
You can think of it in terms of parents raising children. We teach them
how to think, not necessarily what to think so they can be strong in their
own hearts and mind. When people operate this way, there is no real need
for government, corporations, money that makes all the decisions for us
instead of us governing our own lives rightly. Government has made a
profuse amount of laws but they left out the one we most need, the natural
law. We already have that. It’s in our hearts.

They co-opted “giving and receiving” and turned it into “buying and
selling”. I can imagine a world and how much simpler things would be if
they’d left it alone.

It does not take someone coming from another country to spread a disease.
The US government is adept at and uses bio-weapons.

They hide behind the “guinea pig”, “untested”, “trial”, “study”
“experiment” words when they knowingly want to do something intentionally
that would be a crime. They have very knowledgeable well paid hired help
in science and technology.

brightpurpleviking says:

And about prices and doctors…I had to have an MRI this summer and it cost
$1000. I’m still paying for it. A friend told me I should’ve had it done at
a satellite clinic because it would’ve cost half than at the hospital’s
lab. Amazing what cost differences there are. I guess I expected price
fixing! Seems like we just get our deductible paid and it is the end of the
calendar year and it all gets erased. Really, it seems as if all insurance
is catastrophic anymore, regardless of what tier you buy into. Also, I’ve
got friends who have that Christian medishare. They said the paperwork is a
small hassle, but worth it in the long run. I will keep praying for your
job situation. Maybe Christmas will bring something wonderful, job-wise!

BadBrainPrepp says:

OMG…The last time I went to my Good Doctor there were like ten new women
in there. Everyone of them were all mean lookin…LOL, Hope that ear gets
better…My Memaw used to put urine in my ear when it was infected..Aint
that something?

katia says:

Granny, you have lots of decisions to make regarding your healthcare.
Prayerful consideration will lead you into the right decision for you. So
glad you found out what was wrong and that it is being treated.

I was without coverage myself for a year right after I had radiation
therapy and surgery. Talk about being unnerved. Anyway I have a business
account at Sam’s Club and I got a huge discount on prescription
medications. Some of the meds I take are very expensive and would have
been totally unaffordable without any insurance at all. Don’t know if you
have a Sam’s Club around you or not, but it is something to consider.

Also, as much as we like to use home remedies, vitamins, and herbal
supplements, there are times when we must seek professional care. The key
is having an excellent internist who values alternative medicine and
considers the lifestyle choices of their patients.

Case in point, I have a friend who recently lost her job and her family
coverage. Her husband became ill with what was initially thought to be a
stomach virus. After 4 days of abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and night
sweats, I encouraged my friend to take her husband to the ER. We have
hospitals in the area that don’t bat an eyelash at no coverage and you will
be treated. He resisted for a few more days thinking it was a virus. When
he couldn’t take it anymore, he went to a local hospital. CT scan of the
abdomen revealed a ruptured appendix. Need I say more? He was admitted,
treated with antibiotics and a surgical drain was placed as he had
developed an abscess. He is better, but there is further testing and
procedures to be done. Cha ching! Had he gone right away, it would have
been a simple lap appendectomy. Cha ching either way, but in emergency
cases, state assistance can be sought and you can make arrangements to make

Angela Angell says:

Glad you are feeling much better, Sue. I also am happy you caught a break
on the RX. Funny how the prices change when they know you do not have
insurance. It’s like they gouge the insurance companies then the insurance
companies gouge us. Without insurance the rates are so much less. There
needs to be some cost regulations or guidelines to go by so that big pharma
can’t rip off people. Too bad there is so much corruption everywhere.

G.T. Lochmann II says:

The thing is,people in Africa are seeing,witnessing and understand what is
going on.I believe/trust the words of the African people.Our MSM has and
continues to lie on a daily basis,they can’t be trusted.It’s obvious that
the people of Africa know something we don’t and my heart,soul & mind are
with them. Take care–Granny Sue.

brightpurpleviking says:

So glad you’re feeling better. I’m on day three, still have a fever and no
voice. Lots of interesting news you’ve got there! The vaccine news keeps my
ears open since bad vaccine reactions hit a lot closer to home around here.
Thanks for the update, and keep warm and strong.

Shannon PhillipsBuckley says:


SALIMA jeffali says:

I totally agree about insurance being a rip off. Catastrophic is the only
ins. you really need if you are a person of good health. Do they still
have that kind of Ins.?



A view of reality. Reality says:

Hi granny. I have been watching your posts just havent commented in awhile.
Just wanted to remind u that sierre leone has the largest supply of
aluminum ore in the world and your reports are absolutely vital. When the
time comes that they spring the news on us that ebola is spreading here in
the u.s. you will have the most knowledge on whats going on. Its s only I
matter of time. And they will say oh sorry guys we messed up or whatever
there lame excuse will be. Lets not forget freiden lied to all of us in the
beginning. And they continue to lie everyday. I could go on and on but I
wont. Love you take care and god bless you for your dedication and
compassion for all of us. Oops my tinfoil hat fell off got to go. ;)

VoiceOfKaan says:

An ear infection?
Who knew!
Praise God for the incredible reduction on the meds you needed!
You are looking much better.

havfaith S. says:

My friend is on a Christian plan and loves it. Sorry, you have become a
friend to many of us. I talk back at you all the time during your videos. I
am sure, I am not the only one doing that. You are greatly loved by your YT
family. Sorry for the many posts today.

Woodsygirl62 says:

Glad you went to the dr. and got thru it without giving an arm and a leg.
:) Obamacare or the mess, will take down the medical /economy when they
start depopulating with.. Ebola. They are also working on killer storms and
radiation from Japan. Still praying for yas.

TheWordprophet says:

Cursed be the infection from your ear, in Jesus’ name.

KerteszK says:

I am so glad that you are on the mend. Wow your medical system is so
complicated! I don’t blame you for trying to get around it the best way you
can. Thank you for the report. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kathryn Justice says:

I am glad got are still doing the ebola reports. I thought everyone but me
forgot all about it. 😉 

Cheryl Jenkins says:

Hi Granny wishing you and all yours health and happiness and hope everyone
in your heart improves over this special holiday time. GOD BLESS AND KEEP A
WATCHFUL EYE OVER YOU AND YOURS, as you’ve watched over all of us. Thank
you Cheryl

Donna D in Miss says:

We have the same public announcements here. They are going to force it on
us. We have a income based clinic near here. I went to it two years ago,
one time. In the last 6 months, they’ve sent me all kinds of paperwork,
about Obamacare. It’s crazy 

Will Thrill says:

Ms Sue, I’m surprised that you not on the Social security program, when
they offer Medicare. When go to the Doctors, you don’t have pay nothing,
maybe no more then $5 or $10 for an office visit. And they also have this
Humana program. When get your prescriptions, its almost free through

TraditionallySouthern says:

Thank you for the Ebola report. My husband ask me why there are no reports
on the news about Ebola? I told him it is still alive and thriving thanks
to your reporting!

havfaith S. says:

Check with your pharmacy if your county has any drug reduction programs for
those uninsured. This is not charity. There maybe a program you qualify
for. We were without insurance for 1 year and I used a local drug help
program. It was not a give away, more like a % off coupon.

songbird7777777 says:

So thankful you are feeling better, Granny Sue! Another great video!

Donna D in Miss says:

Very glad your better. I’ve been under the weather myself. This is the
first time I’ve been on YouTube in awhile. 

Cheryl Jenkins says:

This might sound crazy but what if the globalists Bill Gates etc..
depopulationists plan to kill of people in Africa, and other areas that the
Fukushima radiation hasent reached. The USA only has 7yrs left before
ADULTS START GETTING RADIATION SICKNESS. Here’s the doctors article that is
saying this.

havfaith S. says:

My husband had a terrible kidney infection and was in hospital for a week.
The bill was $50,000; insurance reduced the bill to $14,000. Now if they
just charged everyone the $14,000 and we had insurance for major events, it
would be affordable. We pay mostly for the paperwork games, not the great
medical care.

Cheryl Jenkins says:

Wow my 79 year old mom and I went to her doctors appointment today and it
took almost 2 hours cause of the computers having problems. My mom is
scheduled to have stent surgery, I am concerned.

Tribulation Now says:

Granny Sue ツ Ebola Report Dec 11: Obamacare, 18K cases, Side Effects in
Newlink Vax Trial http://youtu.be/uCQD8Kj9GSY

havfaith S. says:

Vit C, collidal silver, trace minerals. My daughter loved ear wax candles,
Might want to research that. Get better, we need you.

havfaith S. says:

Sorry, wrote too quick. That program can go in your pharmacy records for
next time. Hopefully, a long time from now. 

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