Ebola Replication

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This is a presentation I did for class on the replication of Ebola.
Song is YR Love by Holy Other.
Inee Ader
Adam Downs (Animation Supervisor)


Alexis Meyer says:

where did you get your information to make this video? I am having a hard time finding this info.

Malena Caceres Gonzalez says:

It is a very interesting video…Thanks.

Randy Meyer says:

How it steals from the host cell when it buds is way cool.

Jacquelin Mueller says:

thanks for your video. i was looking for a more biological explanation to this.

Elvis Diaz says:

you seriously saved my life with this lol, been looking everywhere for a simplified life cycle vid thanks a lot!! :)

Inee Ader says:

the ebola virus really does look like a worm, so i simplified its form in this video :)

ShineyM says:

Thank you :) Is it coincidence that you made it look like a worm? haha

Inee Ader says:

True. this was for a class presentation though, so i spoke a bit in class while the video was playing. i had it on mute, so that i could comment on it during my presentation. i only added music so it wouldn't be completely silent when people saw it on youtube haha :)

mustanglp50 says:

cool video, it would be cooler however if you got rid of the music and added commentary, just some constructive criticism keep up the good work!!!

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