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Ebola Quiz – How Much Do You Know? | Ebola Videos

Ebola Quiz – How Much Do You Know?

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Ebola fear is spreading faster than the disease itself. Is all that terror warranted, or is an overreaction and abundance of caution doing more harm than goo…

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Joshua Kim says:

…i don’t get how this is still an issue. I mean yeah, when it first broke
out…but ebola is one of those diseases that is rare and hard to transmit
over long distances. Maybe if people would stop using alcohol wipes,
disinfectants, antibiotics when not needed… i have been sick only a
handful over the 22 years of my life. that’s a little less than once a
year. and i did not use any antibiotics for any of those illnesses…though
the strep i had a couple of time i should have. but the point i’m getting
at is i have been eating stuff off the ground, rubbing my eyes with dirty
hands, etc, etc and only a handful of times have i gotten sick.

bit excessive but i think i proved my point.

Explicit Tech says:

Your chances of getting cancer is higher. And going through chemotherapy is
no joy ride, I can tell you that. Been treated with chemo for over a month

Zachery Oberg says:

Actually it was 6 people that contracted it in the US. We had an outbreak
before either in 1989 or 1990 where 4 people died from it.

The Internet In One Place says:

I can jerk off to this

Nathan Aranha says:

Just a suggestion but maybe you should do multiple choice questions for
these quizzes

Arturo Aguilar says:

John has the ebola

Nv Marijuana says:

Is john sick or something 

n00bF0Sh0 says:

Is it just me, or does John look like Stephen Amell?

MLGTroy1 says:

so john thinks people can die once a year from a shark but on jan 1st there
like yeah i died from a shark but im here now no big deal

Drawback says:

People seem to sound wiser when their voices are fucked.

jesushatesyoutoo says:

No one is talking about Ebloa now that the elections are over, very

a1b2c3e4 says:

I have a thing for cracked voices !

DarKool81 says:

vast improvement on the ISIS video

Classy Midget says:

I love Hannah Cranston!!! <3 She should become a permanent host.

Vecord says:

It’s all hype. I saw kinda concerned in the first few weeks and when people
just stopped talking about it, I stopped thinking about it and caring less,
since , like you mentioned, very unlikely to contract(is this the word i
was looking for?) ebola.

claudiaquat says:

What are the chances of being hit by lightning while being attacked by a
shark with Ebola?

Wargargble says:

hahaha john 2much vodka i guess :D

elitemathlete says:

He knows a lot about ebola for someone that doesn’t have it. The people
are just concerned.

Tanner The Turtle says:

I guess I lost my degree

elitemathlete says:

I know a lot about that country.

10babiscar says:

can people stop calling it E-bola it’s ebola like ebony or element

Emi K says:

Tyt should have a podcast because I want to be able to do something while
listening to them talk because I love TYT!

David Rowland says:

you should still be worried for ebola, its a virus– virus multiply- and it
could mutate-

Ulisses Costa says:

Just another disease created in lab just to make money selling vaccines.

Heiner Privat says:

Okay, heres my issue with this. You should frame the last questions
differently. “How are *your* chances” ? Uuuhm in the case of Ebola, that
really depends of how many Ebola Patients im working with, doesnt it?
In the case of Lightning, it depends on how often im leaving the
safety of buildings/cars. In the case of sharks of swimming… Sooo…
The question should be, how are “an americans” chances?

Sonny Hanes says:

I take back everything I said. Lisa you are an awesome host.

Luctus N says:

Jeez John, you forgot the biggest symptom. Death.

Rafael Narvaez says:

Hey John your new co-host is really beautiful you should hit on her. It’s
too dangerous to go alone take a Wookie.

GingaNinjaSNSD says:

I live right outside of Dallas and I don’t know anybody who was freaking
out or “preparing for the threat”…. One of my best friends got a tattoo
right near Pham’s neighborhood the day before she was diagnosed and my
friend didn’t even freak then. People are way too fearful of Ebola.



Chika Nweke says:

is john sick? he sounds hot when he’s sick

Siobhan McCrudden says:

I think it would be really cool if you guys did more questions on recent
topics in the news as I believe people could learn a lot more this way, bit
just a suggestion 

Teju B says:

Are you guys beging serious? I love watching your videos but Ebola Quiz. I
just hope that your viewership isn’t as stupid and ignorant as the average

MrAmanaman99 says:

4:41 johns face after an aweful joke

jakey1995abc says:

Question 6 to 8 are stupid since your chances of dying from lightning
strike and shark attack can barely change, but your chance of dying from
Ebola could easily change if there were to be an outbreak…

Ano Nymous says:

God sent Ebola to earth as a punishment for our sins!

Gang Sters says:


אבי חאינה says:

John get well and fast!! :)

Schrodingers Dog says:

I didn’t know that Kim Kardashian has been married 3 times. Not that I
cared about the lack of knowledge in this case.

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