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Ebola Quarantine of Nurse Ramps Up Nation’s Panic | Ebola Videos

Ebola Quarantine of Nurse Ramps Up Nation’s Panic

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Ebola panic continues to spread across the country as nurse Kaci Hickox was forced into a mandatory 21-day quarantine in New Jersey after she had been workin…

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Donna Marie says:

So that’s what the stupid, selfish bitch looks like.

jeff dahmer says:

Typhoid Mary complained like this person too and infected thousands . This
nurse is fucking crazy

Lee Burkett says:

Here’s the thing:
Look around. There’s no question that the US government can compel you to
do anything it decides you have to do. DHS, TSA, NSA? Ringing any bells?
Hell, we have mandatory healthcare from private insurers.

GunSet OnStun says:

I really could give to shits about her feelings 

Bun... says:

wanna avoid catching ebola? here’s whatcha do.. the next time you are out
in public and you see spit mucus urine or feces… don’t eat it… 

GunSet OnStun says:

Fuck that bitch and anyone going over there

Master Chatter says:

she been Pre-Zombified

Missi West says:

When i saw this you had 45 views in 45 minutes.

Michael Bousquet says:

Christie and Cuomo’s intention addressed the intention/concern of the
majority of the NJ/NY citizens. I ride the path train everyday and i can
hear/see the worries of people who like me commute back and forth to work
everyday. It’s just another safety issue and i don’t understand why this is
so hard to understand. It is not condemning those who are quarantined but
just making sure that the rest, who surround people who have faced ebola
who may/may not have the disease, be at peace. Just leave it be and follow
protocols. We are different from other states and we trust our leaders to
do what’s best for us after hearing our concerns. Give them the benefit of
the doubt and leave us alone.

Wolfee Darkfang says:

It should be in the job description of a health worker to do no harm. If
there is a risk of you having ebola and you go out into public, you risk
doing harm. I know you can only get it by body fluids, but that can easily
happen. There are several ways. Just be responsible.

eve k says:

You asked for a comment ; your an idiot and I know you dont even beleive
what came out your mouth or off your tele prompter.
Even Australia stopped all visas from Ebola hit nations and other nations
have also done a 21 day mandatory quaruntine.
Her law suit is baseless . I wonder what trendy airhead report youll come
out with after Ebola spreads in the USA. No one is prepared for this
Americans are not over reacting so stop reporting straight up lies
Why dont you honestly tell people Ebola can lay dormant for almost a month
so you can test negative on day 5 and on day 20 test possitive with or with
out fever and even after you recover if you recover it can be passed
through semen for up to 7 months so containing the nurse who just came back
from caring for Ebola patients to quarantine for 21 days before she enters
the country wich is why she was in Jersey (newark airport) was not
unreasonable .
Do you people want Ebola to be here ? WHY? Maybe Chris B is right smh
shameless Tell people to keep bleach in the house , stay hygenic, wash your
hands, eat right, rest, and above all trust in God YES I SAID THE G WORD.
No matter who uou are or how much you think he doesnt love you he does so
dont fear Ebola fear stupid news reporters who mislead people with bad
reporting you say trust the science well I stated science so trust it and
check your facts 

madnbadjoe says:

fair legal?
this is the usa right?

Dimitri Vincheov says:

our govt has the patent on the ebola virus:

AND they are PURPOSEFULLY letting people come into the US without banning
flight arrivals from West Africa, not to mention the southern border is
WIDE OPEN…the govt wants us dead #itsonpurpose 

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