Ebola quarantine issued for NYC doctors 에볼라 바이러스 미국 상황

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The most populous city there is on edge over Ebola concerns,… this after the infection of a doctor in New York City… who recently returned from Guinea.
To allay fears, the governors of both New York and New Jersey have ordered a mandatory, 21-day quarantine… of all medical workers… and any airline passenger… who has come into contact with victims of the virus.
A health care worker in New Jersey,… who returned home Friday after treating Ebola patients in West Africa,… was the first to be quarantined under the order.
She has reportedly since developed a fever… and is being evaluated.
The World Health Organization says nearly 49-hundred people have died of Ebola in the current outbreak.
The overwhelming majority of cases have been in West Africa.


c3pfett says:

Does not work. These people just do what ever the hell they want. She's stuck for 21 days and she should be. It's safest for society. The needs of the many…..

c3pfett says:

This woman is all upset because she's been quarantined. Well lets look at her fellow medical personal. We have a nurse that flew from Dallas to Ohio and back. A Dr. that roamed around NYC. And a lab tech that decided to go on a cruise. All after being possibly exposed to ebola. All of them are medical personal that are trained to stop the spread of disease but they all just did what they felt like. Oh, yea. And lets not forget the reporter that decided to out for burgers. Voluntary quarantine do

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