Ebola quarantine chaos: Police fire on desperate crowds in sealed-off Liberian capital zone

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Four people were injured in clashes when soldiers opened fire and used tear gas on demonstrators in the quarantine zone in the Liberian capital, Monrovia. It…


morningmayan says:

Wow those poor people how sad:(

Radionut R says:

A quarantine the area is just that . If you are in area you should know
why. And the police are doing As they should shooting those trying to
escape the quarantine zone. to keep from spreading the disease the police
will do what ever it takes

clitmint says:

Resident Evil 5: Nigger Zombie Outbreak

aaugoaa says:

this is just awful, look what happened to that poor boys leg.

Владимир Порфирьевич says:

it’s sad,but we should do something with those people…sadly Ebola right
now can’t be cured, but we can be reduced Ebola spreading…we must to get
rid of those people, for our own and their families good (and for all
humanity) we should reduced the risk of spared in the world, this horrible
disease should be controled

Comrade Kearsey says:

This video is just attracting racists, For fuck sake man, unarmed civilians
are being gunned down and your sitting there calling them niggers. 

(´・ω・`) says:

this is very very sad

Mark Kempton says:

Liberia has ALWAYS been hell on earth though…

Luke Foisy says:

Looks like a deleted scene from world war Z. 

IronicallyVague says:

The first Horseman rides?

ttlkhaoz says:

RT must be the channel that attracts the most racist on all of YT right
after David Duke.One would expect these comments from these Hitler- Stalin-
Communist- worshiping, Anti-Semitic,Sociopath Russian Troglodytes but the
Audience seems to be diverse here.

Sieg Makrela says:

Proponuję tych dzikusów z ebolą przenieść do Izraela
tajnym kanałem powietrznym ;)

Richard Garza says:

Bet the americans got there hands on this one… the hype is being pushed
in this country also. CHECK THE FACTS! Do not believe everything the gov
tells you.
We have got the oligarchs scared, and starting shit, as to employ more
And, as we know… the sick fucks have got to spread their tyranny
Stay strong, you strong people! Stay beautiful too!

m michels says:

Another ploy in the making by the Western Savages. Paying Alahuh Akbar
screaming demons in the Middle East, financing right wing thugs and
retarded nazis in Ukraine, Blaming Hams while ritually killing children in
Gaza, Inciting racial division in Babylon Streets of the JewSA, PItting EU
gainst Russia in criminal lies and sanction, fabricatingflight
disappearance, devoeloping race-specific Synthetic biological warfare etc.
And the white simpletons and racist white supremacist here wiyh their
childlike and moronic little ego telling you how great their small penises

B Dub says:

Man, that place is hell inside the quarantine…..this is completely out of

Mr RayPhotO says:

RT’s camera guys are the best!

imatelly says:

see how stupid humans are. deadly infectious agent and people cause this
most people reading this are stupid anyways so its not like im making a

kim0mandelli says:

It’s funny and cool, until you are one of the civilians among the crowd
being murdered by police.

Anton Ruso says:

Let’s ask God to stop ebola, only all together this can be done. Come on
people, whichever God you believe in, just ask him, He is always tuned in.
And while you at it also ask for the war in Ukraine and Gaaza to stop.
Feel free to ask anything you desire, it doesn’t hurt. Of course refrain
from asking aloud in crowded spaces.
If you ask me I believe that Sun in co-work with water, earth and wind are
the givers of life, hence Gods. Gods watch our actions and weave the webs
of destiny according to how we act on things in our daily life. Believe it
or not ;)

fEARLESS S-B says:

This is better than stomp the yard dances

Adam Jordan says:

this is africa

HistoryTruths says:

“28 Days Later”

Adam Wilson says:

holy crap this is becoming really awesome

Skyler Thomas says:

And thank God for immigration, globalism and multiculturalism, huh? Instead
of keeping them and their diseases strictly confound in their own parts of
the world we get the privilege of allowing them into our parts of the world
so that we may share these new wonderful diseases with them. It will be
great, it will be just like AIDS and West Nile Encephalitis all over again.

del carta says:

Welcome to the hunger games, District 12

ap72sentinal says:

this place is proper third world shit stain of the entire globe

morris eduarte says:

Resident evil 5 

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