Ebola quarantine center attacked in Liberia

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And turning now to West Africa… where an Ebola quarantine center in Liberia has been attacked and looted by armed men.
Paul, the country has been a major hotspot in this latest outbreak.
What exactly happened at the medical center?

As many as 30 patients under observation for the deadly disease were reported to have fled a quarantine center in the capital city of Monrovia… as it was being attacked on Saturday evening.
But there are conflicting reports on that figure… as a senior health official said… all the patients were moved to another medical facility.
The group of young men armed with clubs, reportedly called Ebola a “hoax”… as they stole medical equipment and even mattresses from the center,… which were likely infected with the virus… raising concerns of an expanded risk of infection for the local community.
Liberia has seen a growing number of Ebola cases.
The latest W-H-O update said… 1-hundred-16 new cases were registered between Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.
The strike is seen as a huge setback in the struggle to contain the Ebola,… which has killed more than a thousand people in West Africa, so far.


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