EBOLA & QUARANTINE | ASL – American Sign Language

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What is the sign for EBOLA and QUARANTINE in American Sign Language (ASL)? Watch this video and find out!


Daniel James Barfoot says:

Now Today this 2020 for CORONAVIRUS '

ASL THAT says:

Credit for these signs goes to Ayiu John Wuol who vlogged about Ebola here on YouTube. He does not use ASL, however, like any other language, we adopt words from other languages. The sign for EBOLA and QUARANTINE shown here in this video and in Ayiu's videos are making its way around the US! Many Deaf people have approved that sign already. So here I am sharing it with you in a comical sort of way, with some exaggeration. However, as we all know, facial expression is critical to ASL, I would encourage you to use it when signing these words. 

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