Ebola, quarantine, and the increase in preparedness

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I copied all these people because I want comments from both sides.

This Ebola crisis is bull shit.

How many people have come from outside the country with it? Five, six?

How many people other than health care nurses have caught it here? Zero. 20,000 people die from the flu every year. Why don't we quarantine for that? It unlike Ebola is an airborne contagion and much more infectious. Nobody is going to be smart enough to jump on that band wagon.

How many people have been turned away from hospitals at the initial infectious period? One

How many people here died from Ebola? One

How many families had to live in an apartment with direct contact with a contagious person and afterwards stay in the apartment for another day before being moved to a safe environment? One

How many of the family members of the deceased victim living in that apartment became infected? Zero

He was treated like the control on an experiment and allowed to possibly infect his family after he became contagious and allowed to die. He was the only patient that didn't get the blood plasma and somehow they ran out of vaccine when his turn came. Everybody else has survived when properly treated here.

When that nurse in Maine passes her 21 days, (and she has tested negative twice) the US will be declared Ebola free. This crap was drummed up for political reasons (blacks in Africa have Ebola, fear them) and by Christmas it won't even be an afterthought.

Please point out my errors. I don't swallow as gospel everything from the left or the right. I try to be as informed as possible. Hopefully I will get some feedback.

Citizen Watchdog says:

I am gonna change my screen name today because I see so much stupid evrerywere. I don't feel I can represent the Christian faith and be ungarded in my responces.
Okay= If some fool is unwilling to go through a needed 21 or 28 day Quarantine and my child gets sick, I will be unwilling to forgive them and unwilling to hear or respond to their begging for their end.

Mossy500A says:

Quarantine may be unpleasant, but it is necessary, especially for something as ugly as Ebola. No one in their right mind would let a fire go on unattended, so why do it for someone who may be carrying a deadly disease?

cathylake1 says:

Yes G he was almost  "12 Monkeys" irresponsible, very odd. Sometimes I think they are tying to infect us. Also yes I have noticed some family members  halfway prepping. But even halfway is better than nothing. 

kawikahokulani says:

Aloha GSL.
I never thought I would be in agreement with both Governors from New York & New Jersey, and an Army General.
But dammit, they get it.  QUARANTINE WORKS!
F the CDC, F the POTUS….these 2 Governors & the Army General overseas are NOT going to let someone come from the Africa Ebola Hot Spots into the USA without going thru a mandatory and well supervised full quarantine period (21 days minimum).  The Army General overseas is having everyone go thru a 21 day quarantine at an isolated base in Italy (if it is the base I am thinking of, it is also on an island, so even better isolation), before returning back to the United States, including the General himself.  And last time I checked, there was at least 4 more Governors doing the same thing.

Nigeria had no where near the resources we have, and they had plenty of cases to deal with, both survivors and deaths, and Nigeria has it under control & contained.  Nigeria stopped it using basic common sense methods of isolation & quarantine.

Arrogant assholes who would risk others like this bowling alley doctor and Dr. Nancy Snyderman and this Nurse Kacy (who did have a high temperature), they need to get the seriousness of quarantine driven home thru their thick skulls, because too many repeats of this kind of arrogant shit and people are gonna just start shooting quarantine breakers.  And you know what, I don't have problem with that at all.  We do it for animals traveling overseas, either you put them thru quarantine, don't bring them, or they get put down.

Peace & Prepare
Pax et Paro

JustDanO says:

If someone makes the decision to risk their life to help others thats great but they NEVER have the right to make that decision for the rest of us. So because individuals will continue to put themselves ahead of society, we must quarantine all these people from the moment they get on the plane to get here. They have proven, individuals cannot be trusted.

Red October says:

If you are infected with any disease and responsible thing to do as you stated…..is to follow the protocol that you are fully aware of…is it better to be SAFE than SORRY? Why risk infecting others because YOU as in individual are uncomfortable as person who previously had rights to go where pleased, when you felt like….THAT ALL changes once your in a situation that could affect many others.  It's selfish for any one person to think that way and feel that they can roam around once they may have been declared infected…….until further investigated.

h20fowler2012 says:

The quarantine is a good idea. Obviously we can't trust people to do the right thing. I'm surprised the doc from NY didn't have an Orgy after his bowling games and riding subways. I haven't seen any interest in preparedness from non prepping folk.

EmergencyNightNurse says:

Even if the federal government tries to downplay the hazards of Ebola, our military is initiating a quarantine on all of the soldiers it's sent into the area. (think of it as an Italian vacation for twenty one days).  Perhaps they understand something that eludes the Ebola czar… Or maybe it's because he's a political flunky that doesn't understand the gravity of the situation…

GSD Alpha says:

Yeah, I think people exposed to ebola in West Africa need to be quarantined. They sure haven't shown any common sense! I mean, plane flights, cruises, and bowling? Good God. The NJ nurse was a flaming cry baby, but she was in truly dismal surroundings: a tent in a parking lot? If ebola is really only transferred through bodily fluids, why can't the individual be isolated in a real room until they start the fever thing? The local hospital here has a whole floor empty. Or maybe that'd cause panic. There's got to be some state building sitting empty somewhere, a closed school, something. But quarantine them!
On the prepping thing, people are talking about being scared to go to the store. That means they're thinking of stocking up so those 3 trips a day become a trip every coupla weeks, maybe 30 days. I'm not the "wacko prepper" in the family now – ha!

dougbass654 says:

You have common sense, so you would be in favor of those protective measures unlike that fucking imbecile doctor who decided to have a night out on the town smh. If I could get my hands on that nincompoop Ebola would be the least of his worries. Come to think of it, maybe that's not such a great idea, ,, if I could get a beed on that humongous dolt is more like it. I've been telling people to get extra food and water too. I haven't hit them with the prepping idea yet, but I figure once they get the ball rolling it should be a natural progression,,,, hopefully.

imsuckingwind says:

The nurse that was quarantined in NJ was tested twice and the test were neg. for Ebola ,but i also think shes being unreasonable and was quite hysterical,considering the dire consequences and the seriousness of infecting others.IMO most people are only concerned about themselves and could care less who they infect UNLESS they are mandated quarantined.Most people i come in contact,cant be left to themselves to do the right thing.Its really a battle i wage with in my spirit between the State quarantining people or self quarantine.responsible people do the right thing idiots dont… 

dantz34 says:

Hi General, a lot people are paying attention and turning to prepping due to the fact that ebola is a real deal and a tremendous killer. As you and I may talk about emp or some sort of government default as a reason to prepare most people don't get the dangers or the reality of the issue. We are the tinfoil hat group. So welcome brother the water is fine

FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden says:

I always boil my bat stew at a rolling boil for at least 10 minutes to be sure to kill the ebola!

Bruce Wayne says:

Your honor and word are much valued.
Yet the image you chose is a bit over the top.
I agree with mandatory quarantine.
You are correct, my neighbor got into prepping because of this Ebola, and it has opened up a floodgate of conversation with them.

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